News have it that Governor Shettima of Borno State has given a marching order to soldiers in the state to kill citizens he invited for Ramadan.

We gathered that the governor invited people of Borno State to come and celebrate Ramadan festival with him inside the government house, but according to our reliable sources within government circle, those who came were told to line up to collect either 25kg of Rice, Sugar or Maize grain which they did. Our findings reveal that, some minutes later, order allegedly came from the Governor that the soldiers meant to maintain law and order in the place should start dispatching them while those who were stubborn were shot.

According to one of the persons who were there to collect the rice, the place turned bloody as soldiers open gun fire on the helpless masses. Another source said, “we voted for them and now see what they are doing, shooting and killing us inside government house.” Reliable sources stated that a particular person was pinned to the ground and hit with wood by soldiers repeatedly for doing nothing.



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