President Muhammadu Buhari has described British Prime Minis­ter, David Cameron as a lead­er who respects the will of the people even if he didn’t agree with their decision.

Buhari made this known in a statement yesterday by his Senior Special Assistant on Me­dia and Publicity, Malam Gar­ba Shehu, while reacting to Cameron’s decision to resign after Britain voted to pull out of the European Union (EU).

According to Shehu, Buhari empathized with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s de­cision to resign in October.
President Buhari affirmed that Nigeria had enjoyed re­markable goodwill, support and understanding under the capable leadership of the out­going Prime Minister over the years.

“This is a demonstration of courage by a democratic lead­er who respects the will of the people, even if he didn’t agree with their decision.
‘‘By putting the will of the people before his politi­cal future, the Prime Minister proved himself to be a selfless leader with respect for democ­racy and voters’ sovereignty.

“Nigeria looks forward to greater cooperation and con­solidation of shared interests with Britain, despite the out­come of the referendum,” he said.
Cameron yesterday announced his decision to resign in response to the outcome of a referendum that supported Britain to leave the European Union.



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  1. Buhari is not only a confused person, but a hypocrite and useless man. In fact the BREXIT and Buhari’s hypocritical commendation of PM Cameron should compel IPOB and all Biafrans to escalate Biafra's independence from evil and Islamic Nigerian State.


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