The management of the University of Lagos on Thursday ordered the immediate closure of the institution ‎following students’ protests over epileptic power supply and poor water supply.

In a circular issued Thursday, the school said the closure was also due to the difficulties faced by the “large number of students” living off campus to attend classes as a result of the lingering fuel crisis.

“Senate noted that the problem of poor municipal service is a national issue that the governments at both state and federal level are addressing,” the circular stated.

Scores of students on Thursday blocked the major road leading into the university, including access to the school’s Senate building and the Assembly Hall where Rahman Bello, the Vice Chancellor, was attending an event.

Few hours later, armed police officers arrived the school, stopped vehicular entrance through the gate, and dispersed the angry students.

‎In the circular on Thursday, the university management said it was suspending all academic activities on campus to forestall further breakdown of law and order.

The management also ordered the students to vacate their halls of residence immediately.

“A decision to re-open for normal academic activities will be made as soon as municipal services improve,” the circular said.



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