The Russians and Ukrainians are brothers, they've been brothers for thousands of years, they fought together first and second world wars defeating the German Nazi soldiers together as the red soviet army,Russians and Ukrainian are the same blood , same culture,tradition, religion and so on until the west came with their democracy.

When the soviet union fell in 1991 Poland and the Baltics were quickly taken into Europe and NATO, with the help of Britain and America, its like the divide and rule system, breaking the soviet union and incorporating the fall out states into the European union and NATO, ,Poland, the Baltic states precisely, these are Russian speaking territories

Also take Yugoslavia for another example , it disintegrated after the yugoslav war in the early 90's and Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and the Republic of Macedonia , despite having ethnic connections and they are all known as "Slavic Countries"
As we all know these countries today enjoys self determination and independence and none of them have a population of 5 million people

Now in the case of Nigeria which was almagamated by the British in 1914 includes three indigenous nations , Arewa (Northern part, speaks Hausa , Odududuwa (Western part ,speak yoruba and Biafra (South Eastern part, speaks Igbo , without no Ethnic conections, not Culture, Tradition, or Religion and all practises different value system. an hausa man and an igbo man are way too different and not in any way connected, same for a yoruba man to either an Igbo man or hausa fulani man

The British colonised them and almagamated all three in one union and named "Nigeria" By Ms. Flora shaw mind you none of this three parties signed any agreement to this, it was enforced by the british.

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It is 100 years now and the Biafrans wants out again after a first attempt in 1967-1970 in a bloody war which saw a massive Genocide and war crimes against the Biafrans, General Muhamadu Buhari then led a battalion in 1969 that left over 5 million people dead most of which are women and children, most died from hunger and kwashiokor cause by an economic blockade supported by the british


This killing never stopped even after the No victor , No vanquish" declaration when the war ended, The hausa fulani continued to kill Biafrans , not forgetting the marginalisation and islamisation agenda, The world need to know what is happening
now in the region and what is going to happen if something is not done now.

Self determination is never a crime as mattter of fact it is a fundamental human right so is the right of self defence also a fundamental right., if it is okay for Yugoslavia to disintegrate and the emerging states today enjoys freedom and independence why can't Biafrans enjoy the same right? Why do Biafrans have to be enforced in a union with these strangers? over 60 million Biafrans can not be wrong.

Presiden Buhari's support for a palestinian state and also his BIG support for the Sahara Republic in Morocco and his hard denial of Biafrans the same right back home ,choosing to kill and wipe us all out from the surface of this earth is Tyrany

Onitsha killing

On 30th August 2015 harmless women on evangelism was shot by the police and navy, nothing was done about it, What about biafrans who was shot and killed at Onitsha on December 17, 2015 by the nigerian police? What about the killings in Aba on February 9, 2016 by the Nigerian Army? in a high school where over 27 Biafrans who was killed and their bodies carted away in mass graves by the Army which they Admitted to it,the lists goes on and on

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Can you see now that, President Muhamadu Buhari and his Nigerian Security services (DSS) is making a BIG mistake trying to tag the Biafrans a terrorist group in a bid to unleash another genocide on biafrans, While also trying to assasinate Nnamdi Kanu the leader of The Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB) and the Director of radio biafra in the United Kingdom who is currently being illegally detained in kuje prison Abuja against his will despite two courts orders ordering his unconditional release this orders have been toutfully denied by the DSS refusing to release Nnamdi Kanu going against the courts ruling and instead going further in charging him for treason, this is a man who have not commited any crime, does it mean that in Nigeria the right to freedom of speech is not allowed?

IPOB is whiter than white and whiter than snow, and have been peaceful in its agitation, #DSSunderBuhari is just looking for ways to paint us black, and they know that their false accusation holds no ground, over 60 million indigenous people of Biafra all over the world including women and children can not be a terrorist organisation, Biafra is a nation and can NEVER be a terrorists group or organisation

Buhari who is charging somebody for treason , is indeed guilty of the charge back in December 31, 1983 Buhari over threw a democratically elected president, Shehu Shagari in a coup de etat and forcefuly became the head of state in 1984
This same Buhari said in 2011 that "any attack on boko haram is an attack on the north" The same Buhari and his DSS have been silent over the terror attacks by the fulani herdsmen on communities and villages, accross the country, the Agatu community where over 500 was murdered including women and children by the Fulani herdsmen the 4th deadliest terror group, the real terrorist group from the north
and have decided to tag IPOB who have been peaceful in its agitation on a clean worldwide record a terrorist organisation, over 60 million Biafrans all over the world can not be a terrorist organisation, #DSSunderBuhari have nothing to hold on and this is nothing but lies from the pit of hell and hypocrisy at its highest order
The world shoud speak out now against this evil act of President Buhari and his Nigerian agents , innocent peope are being killed everyday and the world is keep silent about it, Biafrans have the right to freedom , self determination is not a crime.

Written and Published By Uchechi Collins

For Umuchiukwu writers


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