eastern governors
Since the creation of nigeria by British colonial master Frederick lugard favoring the Hausa and yorubas to devour Biafran natural resources for their selfish interest,due to the tactics British used by giving hausas power and highest population,in that process some people of Biafra has been enslaved mentally and politically to hausas and yorubas making them to be feel frightened by recalling them those millions of Biafrans they massacred many hardcore Biafrans has woken up from that metal mindset and many has not due to some are eyeing political position and to get it with all cost,some has being enslaved their self to retain its positions, meanwhile these are people that are originally owners of the land, indigenous people.

Fayose is a fearless governor, governor of ekiti state,he is so outspoken and fearless he say how things are,this is the type of governor Biafrans needs, not incompetent,cowards and fearful governors like them,instead the label IPOB unarmed protesters as criminals,Biafrans praying to their GOD for intervention without knowing that their own brother will order for their massacre.

Instead to protect us they kill us because they are in power but one thing is sure everybody will die one day. I don't know why south eastern governors are scared to condemn evil instead they will kill their kin to encourage evil act in other to be in position and to be praised by their political slaves masters hausas and yorubas,they has refused to wake up and also refused to respond to their responsibility without knowing that they have been enslaved mentally and political, unknowingly to them that they are citizens in nigeria but biological Biafrans,until they embrace their fatherland Biafra or go on in insubordination of Biafra and end up in shame and disgrace.

People has asked so many questions to all those south east governors: (1) what crime has your Biafrans brothers committed that made their governors to kill them? (2) it is a crime for someone to agitate for its freedom? (3)if Biafra comes where will you be? Biafra sovereignty is sure because Chiukwu Okike Ahbiama is our GOD,it is Biafra or death.
#FreeNnamdikanu #Free #Biafrans.

By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka

Editor Udeagha Obasi                                                                                                                                       Published by Uchechi Collins

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