According to this Nigerian Agba Kalu a war might have started already According to this aggrieved Nigerian. He Said

“We are nonetheless busy on FB blowing huge huge grammar while they are busy penetrating our lands. The warfare that FFK wrote about which you people are expecting in the future has long started. We have been long surrounded. There’s no bush in the South that they have not colonized.

Grazing Reserves Bill is just an attempt to put an official stamp to an illegality that has been going on for many years and officially, bring out federal government funds to fund it. There are arms buried in several forest across the south by these Fulani herdsmen. Nobody checks them, no one stops or question them. They are above the law.

The grazing reserves bill is just an attempt to appear civilized in the eyes of the world and deceive some gullible low thinkers from the south.

There’s no single day the Fulani herdsmen don’t attack a village in this country. All of them shaking hands and smiling with Tinubu, Amaechi, Rochas are part and parcel of this plan. They will eat with you, smile and shake hands in the day, plan against you at night. EL-Rufai is sampling government control of religion in a diverse society at Kaduna.

Once he’s able to implement it they will spread it across the north. Like play, like play that was how Boko Haram started and now we can’t contain it. The average Fulani person does not have sense of belonging or peace of mind until he enslaves and started lording it over you. It is natural to them so, they don’t see anything wrong with it.

Anyone hoping, working or praying for a peaceful one Nigeria should look round the world and point out one single place, nation etc where the Fulanis are living at peace with their neighbours that are not Fulani?

It is pathetic that the psych of our people, especially, leaders and that of the Fulanis are not the same. Our people look at immediate gains and plan; Fulanis look at 100 years and plan. Our leaders look at selfish interest; Fulanis look at collective interest.

Their main focus today is the middle belt and south-East. Gradually, they are encroaching into South-West. They are very systematic and wise in their approach. Their greatest ability is the fact that we keep on looking down on them as illiterates, uneducated cattle rearers. They are the most crafty people in the world. They understand politics locally and internationally far more than us.

The war started long ago. We are already surrounded. They just decided to be doing the ethnic cleansing gradually in order not to attract the attention of the world

Peter Agba Kalu


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