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The Nigerian government now seem undeterred and dangerously desperate in the suppression and clamp down on Biafran activists across the country just as its madness and hatred for the rule of law is growing tremendously as the day goes by. This Biafran- Destiny Amuche is a 19year old orphan who hails from Orlu in Imo State situated in the South-East of Nigeria. Destiny Amuche and her siblings reside in Port-Harcourt Rivers State where they struggle to earn a living out of the miserable life Nigeria holds for Biafrans having lost their parents.

On the 10th of November 2015, Destiny alongside several other Biafran activists were arrested in Port-Harcourt Rivers by over-zealous Nigerian security agents after the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) staged a peaceful protest against the extra-judicial detention of Biafra leader-Prince Nnamdi Kanu by the terrorist DSS of Nigerian government.

Destiny Amuche and other Biafran activists arrested with her has been incarcerated for the past five months in Port-Harcourt prisons and now likely to remain there till the end of next month. They were expected to appear at a Feederal High Court in Port-Harcourt yesterday the 12th of April but to the dismay of everybody in court, the judge handling the case and the accused activists were nowhere to be seen as their trial suffered a huge setback and was adjourned to 26th of May next month.

The defence council and Human Rights defender who on his goodwill volunteered through his legal team ECULAW to get justice for Destiny and other activists expressed total disappointment on Nigerian judiciary and questioned the integrity of the judge handling the case as well as total dismay on Nigerian police.



Meanwhile an investigation launched by Family Writers has revealed that Destiny Amuche was never part of the peaceful protest embarked upon by IPOB on the 10th of November 2015. The report revealed that the young girl was arrested by Nigerian police who were desperate to please their master Buhari and Solomon Arase based solely on the fact that she works for a Biafran activist who was part of the peaceful protest.

According to Ibeh Gift Amarachi of Family Writers who interviewed a brother to Destiny- Success Amuche, he (Success) expressed worry at the inhuman and degrading treatment being melted out on his sister in prison and its effects on their family with investigation by Family Writers revealing that She is even being sexually abused.

"It hurts my family so much, as presently my elder brother Michael Amuche have suddenly developed mental issues, as he can't take the news of our little sister suffering in that dungeon they call Port-Harcourt Maximum Prison. I plead that the world will allow justice prevail."-Success Amuche cried out.

Thousands of incarcerated Biafran activists are languishing in Nigerian prisons across the country with the Nigerian police, army and DSS secretly executing most of them and burying them in mass graves such as the ones recently discovered in Abia State by INTERSOCIETY a Human Rights group. This calls for urgent attention and actions by international Human Rights activists and organisations to help curb this insanity on the side of Nigerian government who are murdering the Right to Self Determination by labeling it treasonable felony. This is time for UN to break its evil silence on the Biafran issue and warn Nigerian government to stop terrorising peaceful Biafrans or Biafrans shall defend themselves from total annihilation.


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