"When the guidance of the laws are only seeming and not the real guidance, then see how they turn the State upside down."

The above quote is from one of the greatest classical Greek (Athenian) philosophers that graced the earth popularly known as Socrates. I'm always drawn to this quote whenever I contemplate on the sort of politicians we have in Biafra land. To say that they are a symbol of incompetence or that they are suffering from stockholm syndrome is completely an understatement and an affront to the law of description. They've all lost touch with the events happening at their backyard because they are always too busy at the dining table in Aso Rock. The Fulani government of Nigeria knows that to accomplish their master-plan of dissemination and islamisation of Biafra, they have to infect the leaders with the virus of "busy doing nothing" just like a robber would keep the stupid dog busy with a huge bone in order to effectively raid the house.

The latest among these dormant leaders in Biafra to expose himself is Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi- the governor of Enugu State under whose watch over 200 Biafrans were massacred in Enugu by the Boko Haram Fulani terrorists. Not only did Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi fail to protect the lives of the people that voted him into power, he actually mocked those who lost their lives in the massacre by jetting out of his State to Abuja for a festival of laughter and wine with the Chief patron of those that perpetrated the dastardly act on the people he is bound to defend and protect, barely a day after the massacre took place. He even paraded himself to Abuja on a cultural attire of those that invaded his State to kill and destroy. In fact my suspicion that Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has the gene of Fulani people like his brother in Imo State cannot be mistaken neither is my dilemma on whether he needs a psychological evaluation an exaggeration.
If we are to talk of who should be visiting the other between Ugwuanyi and Buhari, then it is Buhari who has the responsibility of going to Enugu State to console and condole with the people whose loved ones were massacred by his terrorist kinsmen. Buhari should have been the one to commiserate with the Governor under him whose State is being terrorised instead of the Governor jetting out to go meet him. I've never seen a place in Biafra land where someone who is bereaved turns out to be the one paying people condolence visit instead of those people paying him visit or even sending condolence messages, but in the case of Ugwuanyi, he not only visited Buhari to tell him that his planned genocide on Biafrans is being executed effectively, he also joined the party for a job well done. Infact Ugwuanyi's visit to Abuja to meet Buhari shows that Buhari has a hand in what is happening in Enugu State hence the need to pacify him.

Somebody said Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi needs spiritual deliverance but I don't think he needs such a thing because he has shown that he is already too religious. If not why would he declare 3 days of fasting and praying for a people that needs serious medical and security attention as result of the butchering of the Fulani terrorists?

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi cannot deny being aware of the terrorism of Fulani herdsmen in his State in recent times which include kidnapping and killing of clergies, raping several women in the villages, destruction of farmland of the villagers and the butchery of local farmers who pull resistance to their terrorism. Even when Nnamdi Kanu predicted the invasion of these Fulani militants into Biafra two years ago, it is politicians like Ugwuanyi that wanted him stoned to death.

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi's refusal to provide adequate security for the masses which gave room for the Boko Haram herdsmen to increase the tempo of their terrorism in the area has already made him a suspect in the massacre.

Ugwuanyi and his fellow politicians in Biafra land have lost touch with sufferings of the masses and are now desperate to dine with the Chief patron of the herdsmen in Aso Rock.

It is therefore imperative to conduct a sophisticated DNA test on Biafra politicians because recent events has shown that the blood of terrorism has been transfused into their body. Having done such, it would then be easier to fish out the saboteurs in our midst because the impending revolution will start with them.

By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers


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