The Burari led government has failed to deliver its "Change" as promised.
The ecomomy is down, naira is on a free fall, the employed are getting unemployed, businesses are dying off, petrol scarcity is extremely high, Education and Health sector is at zero level,

Nigerians are suffering and loosing patience with the current government,

amongst all Power sector and generating grids are down and lacks maintenance darkness looms everywhere, bokoharam and the fulani herdsmen are on deaths rampage and Buhari is busy travelling around the world.
The people have lost faith and hope in the government.

Below is the Current Breakdown of Power Generation in Nigeria under Muhammadu Buhari.

Olorunshogo National Integrated Power Plant (NIPP) shut-in: 600MW
Sapele NIPP shut-in: 112.5MW
Omotosho (Gas): 190MW
Geregu NIPP: 145MW
Delta shut-in: 340MW
Omotosho NIPP shut-in: 120MW
Egbin shut-in: 440MW
Olorunshogo (Gas) shut in: 38MW
Odukpani shut-in: 59.1MW
It is no longer a suprise that the man behind the curtain is confused and short of ideas, he definetly have no idea of the ailing economy and ways to redeem it, or is the Nigerian economy beyond repair?

Where are the learned experts? where are the economists, the specialists, and the magicians who claim they can turn the economic situation of Nigeria around within a period of one year? Can Nigeria be saved or is it over for her?


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