Wednesday, March  02,  2016

The Indigenous People Of Biafra in UK went on a protest on the streets of London with MP Angela Rayner joining the protest at downing street and addressing the crowd,


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The protest kicked off at about 10 AM in front of the British paliarment and ended at 5PM

Biafrans in their large numbers turned out and stormed the street protesting the illegal detention of thier Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and also asking for self determination.

Mr. Kanu who was arrested in October in a Lagos Hotel by the Nigerian security agents have since been denied bail despite after three court's ruling  to release him unconditionally , his detention have sparked series of protests accross the world demanding for his release.

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Meanwhile in South eastern Nigeria where protests have said to have been disrupted ocassionally  by the police and several protesters being killed and many others injured.

A recent high school protest in Aba  which was heavily disrupted by the Nigerian armed forces saw about 20 protesters killed and their bodies carted away and burned to ashes and  days later a mass grave was discovered where the bodies have been dumped, after a video circulating the internet alledgely showing the army and police shooting at peaceful protesters this have attracted critics and worldwide condemnation with the amnesty international asking for an investigation into the case.

The Biafran people have long been asking for independence from Nigeria saying they are not Nigerians and they are tired of been marginalised in the country, alledging that "Nigeria"  a British colony have expired  after they were been forced into the almagamation by Federick Lugard in 1914.


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