Even though IPOB leadership has unanimously agreed and signed to peacefully fight for the restoration of Biafra. The question remains; as Nigerian government is warringly fighting to stop IPOB; as they have armed their soldiers to kill, shoot at sight, arrest and force every Biafran to disappear. How long will this peaceful approach be sustained hence the international community is not doing anything or doing little to save lives? Let us stop hiding from reality; the agitation might be peaceful for now, but time will discourage it except UN, EU, AU etc act now, as we are defenselessly dying every day and the world seems to be unaware or blind; the count-down to another Biafra war will dawn.

I used to be a staunch believer of one Nigeria even when MASSOB was at its peak; I never believed in MASSOB’s ability to restore Biafra. I saw a group of unserious people, catching fun and doing business with agitation. They have dealt badly with my friend a certain time for wearing Biafran cap; he was warned never to wear the cap again because he is not a Biafran, to them, only members of MASSOB are Biafrans. I have spotted them for many times, I had encounter where they asked me to join; but how will I join when I am not a thug, when I can’t kidnap and when I don’t have the heart to molest people in the name of a freedom fighting.

The Biafra agitation was a shambolic and disgraceful exercise, there was plenty hope of getting Biafra, but all were lies and deceit. The observer status, the recognition by UN and all sorts of story, I wondered why the Nigerian newspapers allowed such deceit and lies to be propagated through them. Uwazurike dealt us a blow until he was arrested, we were jumping up that his arrest will be a breakthrough for Biafra but little did we know it was a breakthrough for his pocket. Lives were lost and properties lost, despite everything that went on; Biafra was sold out by him and that was the end of Biafra under Uwazurike.

The deceit continued and we agreed but slightly truth broke out and Biafra agitation was demonized; Biafrans gave up the dream of Biafra and we rearranged our home to face our misery in Nigeria. On 23rd of February 2015, a voice was heard on a radio station “I am Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra worldwide and also the director of Radio Biafra. I will serve you and shall be whiter than white and whiter than snow; I will never know corruption and corruption shall never know me. It is this time Biafra or we all die, if you want Biafra,prepare for death”. A strong-willed and reverberating voice; mean and determined; his vocal was firm and his words were correctly spelled out; his grammar so pure and his message so penetrative.

I was unfortunate not to be the first to hear him, I heard him on that very day of Presidential election where I came to vote. “Boycott the election, boycott everything boycott-able” gladly and confidently he reverberated and I was moved by this young man. My friend had told me “come and see what a small boy like you built, he can broadcast from anywhere; it is like a phone, he goes everywhere with it” Not until I knew he was not a small boy and not even a small personnel; I trusted myself that the young man I heard his voice was a trained and fearless soldier.

Within a period of six months; his message spread like wildfire; people keyed in and within eight months he took unimaginable prominence. Nobody sleeps without listening to radio Biafra and despite his awareness that he needed only men ready to die for Biafra; he was able to get millions of followers. On the altar of freedom of speech he anchored his agitation; he said many things and I knew he was looking for attention. He urged his followers to always be law-abiding, believe in God, obey the commandments of God and be very peaceful. If this man really came here for war, would he actually be this disciplined and righteous? I knew right from the beginning that he was only intellectually based and today I have been vindicated.

By October 2015 he had gathered all Biafrans from Southsouth and Southeast together; millions of people across the globe had accepted his message and turned his followers. He officially was recognized the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra in world convention of Indigenous people. He had finished his tour to IPOB families in Europe and carved a road map for Biafra restoration. He accomplished everything needed to be accomplished and announced his coming to Biafra land. On his way to Biafra land; he was arrested in Lagos by secret police and information reached at once of his arrest; amazed by how the information got out, Nigerian government quickly arraigned him but then he has beaten them to everything.

Yes, this man that wanted to cause a war in Nigeria has been arrested, now we can be at peace. Let him take his settlement and go to bed like Uwazurike” A friend told me when the news came out. We waited for him to take the bribe or accept offers but to no avail. When Nigerian government found out they were holding an innocent man; they were caught in the middle; they can’t move back and they can’t move front. This is the end of the road and Nnamdi Kanu has won; instead of to throw in the towel; the government choose to illegally and at all cost have advantage over the case. This undue advantage is the count-down to another Biafra war. Who is now causing a war?

Now it is clear that Nnamdi Kanu needed attention and never war; he has gotten the attention that will give us Biafra but Buhari’s led federal government want to wage another civil war of extermination on Biafra. This Biafra war being nursed will be squarely averted and for these reasons Buhari is guilty. After the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu; Biafrans peacefully and lawfully went to the street to demand for the release of our leader. Buhari shot us, we were massacred thrice in Onitsha. First was on 30th August, the second was December when we protested at head-bridge; third was when we celebrated the order of High court for DSS to release our leader. The massacre in Onitsha left a wound and reflected our 1967 genocide. Vengeance is breathing in every Biafran and yet we have endured while we are killed.

In Aba we were massacred when we came out again to protest; we had no arms, no sticks nor a knife. We only carried our flags and sang songs of motivation on the streets of Biafra; we were only telling Buhari to release our leader in a civilized way. We were killed, Buhari massacred us; our seven years old school child was his victim. This replaces the pogroms that resulted to the civil war, we are being massacred and how long shall we endure and watch them kill us? On the second massacre in Aba, we had gathered in a school compound to pray; they came like battle ready men and massacred us. They arrested many whom they killed and displaced with chemical weapon in mass grave. We have seen horror yet we have remained peaceful, how long shall it continue this way?

In Port-Harcourt, we had come out to protest peacefully; they shot at us like we are criminals or at war. In Bayelsa, they arrested and molested us. In Delta, they killed us and arrested us; forced us to disappear and today we live in fear. In Enugu they killed us and arrested us; forced us to disappear. Our mothers, fathers, children and youths were murdered. We are not cowards but this is the count-down to another Biafra war that shall be more aggressive and fierce. We have approached the court to get justice because we do not want jungle justice (war) but the court has not done enough. When the court gave us justice; Buhari opposed justice by not releasing our leader against the order of the court.

When we approached the court again, Buhari through Tsoho denied us bail. When he went on to rule that human beings shall testify against us instead of masquerades; we applauded him that we are seeing light of justice. But just before the end of our joy; he turned back and told us masquerades will testify against us. Our effort to get justice from the court proved futile; while we are being killed and jailed; the government is supporting others doing the same thing we are doing. This is injustice extraordinaire but it is only a countdown to another Biafra war.

Buhari after killing us has not shown any remorse, he has only warned us never to try his military that he would not tolerate us. He made it clear that he would kill more of us if we dare demand peacefully for anything. If peaceful demand is prohibited then war is guaranteed; because with Aljazera he has shown we are a species of terror, and he is ready for our extermination which we shall oppose. His military and institutions believe that killing us is the way forward. We are not ready to quit and they are not ready to stop killing us and this means we shall not die a fool but die defending ourselves. In the end of this count-down, this war shall explode but let Britain and the world sees we have not caused any war; but only defended ourselves.

We have been provoked and chased to the wall; we have stayed against the wall while we received their bullets and machete cuts. We are defenseless but will defend ourselves in due time and hence attack is the best form of defense; we shall surely give it the best. Buhari is hopeful Britain will supply him another weapon but he has forgotten Russia and US under Trump will not accept genocide on Christians again by Islamic Nigeria. We are calling for a peaceful resolution and never wanted war or any violence; hence EU, UN and other relevant bodies have kept quiet; it will not go on this way until we are no more but shall match Nigeria arm to arm. Buhari can go on killing us and jail our leader but let him be rest assured that vengeance is on the way.
By Ifeanyi Chijioke
For Family Writers


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