Buhari on white hand raised

The question on everybody's lips now is how the international bodies against human rights abuse will respond to the continued murdering, massacre and killing of Biafrans who are agitating for self determination.

It is no longer a new story about how BUHARI has unleashed mayhem on biafrans who are seeking for self determination through peaceful protests across biafra land in nigeria.

This is evident enough on how court orders have been floated, walked against and reduced to nothing because BUHARI has refused to succumb to rule of law, there is no day biafrans are not killed in nigeria , their only course is that they want Biafra but BUHARI in other ways has campaigned and supported Palestine states seeking the same self determination biafrans in nigeria seek.

Is this not hypocrisy? Doesn't this show tyranny to the highest minimum? Judges in nigeria are subjected to collecting bribes from BUHARI to rule against Biafra and their failure to meet his demands usually results to threats made to them.

Justice John Tosho has fallen victim of this as he contradicted his own ruling on secret trial against a freedom fighter and someone who agitates for self determination. Nnamdi KANU is been tortured and unlawfully detained by BUHARI despite court orders ruling for Nnamdi kanu's unconditional release from BUHARI'S dungeon prison.
The world must bear witness to this atrocities and order for BUHARI'S immediate arrest


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