March 04,  2016



5 persons was kiled in an ethnic clash between some Hausa and Yoruba groups

Sources revealed that the fracas was spurred by some ethnic differences, majorly between the Hausa and Yoruba ethnic groups.

The rift is said to have started after an Hausa motorcyclist knocked down a pedestrian who is reportedly Yoruba person. The accident caused some Yoruba area boys to beat up the Hausa man and from that point the situation escalated into an all out ethnic conflic leaving atleast 5 people dead.

Channels TV reports that residents of the area have remained indoors for fear of being attacked.

There are speculation that an ethnic clash might be the cause of the fracas which began in Agility area of Mile 12. There were conflicting reports as to the number of casualties recorded. Initial reports put the death toll at 4,

but The Nation reports that about 5 people were killed while many others were injured. Reports from The Punch however, states that the death toll is as high as 6 and there are fears that it may rise. As of the time of filing this report, no one has been able to give reasons for the crisis.

The fight is said to have started about 2 nights ago, following an accident involving a motorcycle.

A motorcyclist reportedly ran into a one-way route within the area and he was almost lynched for knocking down a pedestrian. In a bid to get motorcyclist to take the injured pedestrian to the hospital, the situation degenerated. Sources disclose that the rider was an Hausa man and the injured was allegedly Yoruba, hence, the friction began. Traders in the popular Mile 12 market were attacked with their goods destroyed


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