February  23,  2016




While President Obama declares that ISIS has “been contained” even as Paris erupts into violence at the hands of Muslim extremists, members of the U.S. intelligence community are speaking out about his support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Clare Lopez, a former agent with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has gone on the record about the Islamic influence of some members of the Obama administration saying the U.S. has now “switched sides.”

She says America now supports the enemy in the war on terrorism, rather than devoting itself to stopping the spread of Sharia law, the stated goal of radical Islamic forces.


Lopez served in the White House during the Reagan administration, served in the field with the CIA for more than twenty years and as an instructor for special forces and intelligence students.

She now manages the programs designed to counter jihad and Sharia forces at the Center for Security Policy.

Although she has been reluctant to speak out in public, Lopez has revealed her serious concerns to a select group of members of the House of Representatives.

Prior to the Obama administration, Lopez says, the war on terror had been an effort to resist the imposition of repressive Sharia law, but after Obama’s election, government policies began shifting to a more favorable position toward radial Islamic stances.


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