February  24,  2016



Igbos do not need any more apologies -Usafricaonline

If I hear one more Igbo person ask for apology from the Yorubas for any aspect of the Nigerian civil war, I will throw up.  Enough already.  No apologies are needed from the Yorubas or anyone to the Igbos.  The Igbos need leaders who negotiate the future while remembering the past, not leaders who show lack of ability to face the future because their potential allies do not understand the plight of the Igbos.  It is not the duty of Yoruba leaders as Yoruba leaders to worry about the plight of the Igbos. 

I have noticed with revulsion that lots of leaders and non-leaders of the Igbos nag the Yorubas with requests for an apology or a show of understanding of what the Igbos suffered during and after the 30-month Nigerian civil war.
The New World Dictionary of the American Language defines "apology" as "an acknowledgment of some fault, injury, insult, etc., with an expression of regret and a plea for pardon." By this definition, I see three elements to an apology, to wit: (1) acknowledgment of fault, (2) expression of regret and (3) a plea for pardon.
From listening to the people who ask for apology, I have concluded that they tend to see apology as simply an acknowledgment of fault.  I, as an Igbo person, do not want an apology from anyone regarding the Nigerian-Biafra war.

I believe that no apology is needed and none should be requested because the people who fought to keep Nigeria one still believe in the principle of keeping Nigeria as one indivisible entity.  Should they apologize for fighting to keep the principle they believed and still believe in?

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