February   24,  2016



If money can be more important than the 3.5 million lives lost in 1967, l will be happy to see who said that.

Biafrans are still being murdered everyday and Nnamdi Kanu came out to say that the 1967 3.5 million death will not be in vain, he came out to say our people will stop dying.

Now our killers who feel that Kanu is a bad business to them have vowed to nail him, they even told us that our own brothers will assist them kill our brave.

I am happy I will finally see those men, let me see those Ifeajunas’ that I may have a story to tell my children.

No Eastern Nigerian who believed in the East going its way, should apologize for that belief either.  I think that their belief was rooted on solid grounds.

if the people you are forming a nation with treat you in a manner that calls to question your continued existence and survival within that community, it makes sense for you to leave and join another community or form your own.


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