February   23,  2016




For so many reasons. I want to be invited for any peaceful protest in Northern Nigeria for the realization of Biafra. I will join. Some of the reasons why I am in support of the Creation of the long awaited, well deserved Republic of Biafra include:

(i). The people concerned want the Republic of Biafra (why should they be deprived of their God-given rights to self determination!?) and why should anybody be forced against his individual, collective or group interests to be part of Nigeria that they did not believe in!?

(ii). Nigeria is what it is today by virtue of its current composition – land, human and material resources, but if any component part feels other wise its agitation for self determination MUST NOT be scuttled or muffled.

(iii). Members of the National Assembly and State Houses of Assembly from the regions that want to break away should raise a motion for a peaceful process of breaking away. We don’t need to shed any more blood or resort to violence on this. We can prove the world and doubting Thomases wrong by going through it peacefully;

(iv). We MUST NOT descend to violence of whatever nature, we MUST strive to make it peaceful. I repeat: We MUST NOT descend into violence of whatever nature, we MUST strive to make it peaceful

(v). I will be the last to ever BEG for Nigeria’s corporate existence as it is constituted today, because I know that ALL PARTS of Nigeria (NOT only Igbos or Niger Deltans) have one form of grievances or the other against the Nigerian State as presently constituted. Since we could not address those grievances the Hausa proverb worth applying here is: “idan hagu ta kiya a koma dama” which literally means: if we can’t go left, the only option left for us is turn right since we can’t afford to standstill !

(vi). I will be glad to visit my GOOD FRIENDS in Biafra, some have even become my brothers and sisters, one day on the passport of what remains of Nigeria. I am sure I will be warmly welcome in a very friendly atmosphere since the source of our current animosity (Nigeria) must have been eliminated by then.

(vii). That I remain the only authentic Muslim Northerner that is genuinely in support of Biafra and I have appointed my self the GOODWILL AMBASSADOR OF BIAFRA AT LARGE.

(viii). That there is no point being as irrational as some parts of the North have been in the past by burning places of worship and economic targets of perceived opponents. If it was bad when Northerners did it, I am sure it remains bad to date regardless of who does it; and

(ix). That the above is my PERSONAL OPINION that I am entitled to as a human being and that I seek NOT for anybody’s support or opposition to it. It is my opinion and I stand by it, period.



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