February  28,   2016


The Indigenous People Of Biafra  (IPOB)  Directorate of state has issued a press release concerning the news that Ohanaeze Ndigbo are scrambling to secure the release of Nnamdi Kanu, saying its a lie from the pit of hell arguing that they are only doing so to justify the bag of money collected from the Nigerian government.

IPOB spoke persons, Barrister Emma Nmezu and Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya in a press statement released yesterday made it clear that Ohanaeze is only an igbo organisation and have no mandate to speak for IPOB or the entire Biafran nation...

Read the press released statement below...
Press Released

Biafrans woke up on Friday the 26th of February 2016 to read of claims by Ohaneze Ndigbo that they (Ohaneze group) are negotiating with the government of Nigeria on behalf of the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This compromised Igbo- only organization went further to claim that they have discussed with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and convinced him on the need to drop the agitation for Biafra restoration especially as Igbos have business interests worth trillions of Naira which are located all over Nigeria, outside Biafraland. In furtherance of their wicked and malicious claims, this money-minded Igbo- only group averred that they are speaking on behalf of members and officials of IPOB. Curiously, this group in the same publication, affirmed their unshakeable belief in the indivisibility and oneness of the British-created country called Nigeria.
We hereby make it crystal clear that these claims by Ohaneze are terrible lies from the pit of hell. Ohaneze is an Igbo-only organization whereas IPOB is about the citizenry of the nation of Biafra. Igbo is a language spoken within certain areas in Biafraland while Biafra is about a nation of people with a common value system and different languages among which is Igbo. In other words, Ohaneze is group of individuals that came together based on the commonality of the language they speak which is Igbo. On the other hand, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the Leader of ALL Biafrans and NOT just the Leader of a language-based group such as Ohaneze. It is also important to note that IPOB has a structure with clearly identified representatives among whom are the under-signed.
We want to reiterate that those in Ohaneze claiming they are speaking for or know the mind of the Leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, are either hallucinating from the side effects of hard drugs or they are trying very hard to justify the bags of money they collected (as usual) from Buhari and his murderous agents. If Ohaneze knew Nnamdi Kanu and his fanatical love for Biafra freedom, they wouldn’t have come out with such disgusting lies! Also, Ohaneze must know that nobody negotiates for IPOB or for the release of our Leader unless such a person or group of persons are designated officers of IPOB worldwide.
The Indigenous People of Biafra through the Directorate of State (DOS) have put in place a Legal Team and we are in court and our wish is to expose the fraudulent charge of treasonable felony before the whole world. At the end of this court case, the corrupt and compromised segment of the Nigerian Judiciary will be publicly disgraced. Our march to freedom is unstoppable, unquenchable, unchangeable, unquestionable, and irreversible and this is something Buhari ought to know. We have come to die for Biafra if that is what it will take to be free. Our resolve should NEVER be underestimated. As our Leader Nnamdi Kanu
will always say: “Nigeria will kill us, we will kill them but in the end we win.”
Therefore, Ohaneze’s claims should be consigned to the rubbish bin where they rightly belong!!!
Barrister Emma Nmezu Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Spokesperson for Spokesperson for
Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)


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  1. Ohaneze is not the mouth piece of the south east .They are constituted because of their selfish motive, but I want to remind them that they are selling the future of their children and they will not fail to curse you people where ever you are.
    They zoo, Nigeria is therefore not a place of articulation and achievement like what obtained in the western world . We can see that out of the three regions of the zoo, only south east have a purpose to achieve .If the white people can make their place attractive,as long as they are nature like us ,we too can .Iet us removed sentiments and pull our voices together to release biafra.The quest for this mission is not only for lgbo ethnicity in the diaspora .It is high time you ,the other ethnics both at home and diaspora ask yourself questions where do I belong ,Hausa or yaruba ,to make your opinion hard. A stitching time save nine. The opinion that the lgbos want to dorminate is only a seed of division they are planting. Democracy as a civilized world is a collective bargaining to achieve a common goal. I will appreciate If you will make use of yourself as an educated personality.
    Biafra is for all of us and is obtainable within the frame of the United nation laws, which say and I quote "thirty years or there about" any nation that fight a civil war are entitled to have their own Independent. All Ipobs we see that biafra is matured, it required a little effort and will get there.
    Long live Ipobs ,long live biafrans (eseeeeeeee).


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