February  28,   2016


Amnesty International Condemns The Brutal Killing of Biafrans: Sends Team to Nigeria

Amnesty International has condemned the brutal killing of Biafran demonstrators in the South East and South South zones of the country.

They have called on the Nigerian government to respect the rule of law and stop using excessive force against demonstrators.

Lucy Freeman senior researcher for Amnesty International in London speaking to the London International Business times said their organization has sent correspondence to Nigeria who has documented instances of the Army using excessive and brutal force against innocent civilian demonstrators.

Freeman said, “What is happening in south-eastern Nigeria is not a conflict situation and the law enforcement model that has been used is not appropriate,” Freeman said. “It is not appropriate to use lethal force on protesters, even in case of a violent protest”.

Amnesty International further said, “The Nigerian government is obligated to carry out investigations that have to be independent, impartial and effective,” she said. “It is not enough to deny allegations and people need to be prosecuted and brought to justice.”



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