February  29,  2016


Emma Ujah, Abuja Bureau Chief The massacre of innocent villagers in Agatu Local Government, Benue State, continued unabated, on Monday, in spite of the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari that a panel of Investigation into the Fulani attacks on the villagers be established and the announced establishment of an inter-agency security team to forestall further attacks.

A survivor, Mr. Ada Ojechi, told Vanguard that Monday’s massacre which took place at Odugbeho-Agatu, was one of the worst ever witnessed in the series of attacks by the herdsmen.

He said that the casualty rate was very high but could not put a figure to it because no survivor could take the risk of counting the dead. According to him, the news of Federal and Benue State governments’ intervention made the villagers to relax and that many of those who had earlier fled Odugbeho returned to the village on Sunday.

He said, “As we speak, Odigbeho-Agatu has been razed. The massacre there today (Monday) had no equal because Odigbeho is one of the most important and well-populated villages in Agatu.

Our people were caught napping because we relaxed when we heard what we considered the cheering news that the federal government has intervened. “Unfortunately, the Fulanis knew we had relaxed and took advantage of us to unleash a terrible massacre on us. As we speak, corpses litter everywhere in the village.

I have been trying to reach many of my family members without success. We feel terribly let down by the government that announced a joint security team. We have not seen the security men- be they policemen or military, as I speak.”


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