■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 12, Sep 2020

Good evening beautiful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet,  all other platforms of ours is functioning very well. Every other place where people traditionally receive Radio Biafra it should be on this exact moment. Our Facebook is heavily interrupted, but we are live, and we are direct, and we are doing all we can to reconnect on that very platform. 

We are going to pray this extraordinary prayer, we are going to pray it, and this very evening it's not going to be an exception, it can not be an exception this gospel be preached, we must preach it, please. This evening we are going to do that for which we have been ordained, for that which we have been created the only reason why we exist is to preach this very gospel and to restore BIAFRA, and that is what we are doing, and this evening we are going to pray to the most high.

I will pray from the very verse I quoted on the post I made regarding Aisha Buhari's boyfriend, the one that is wearing a mask deceiving the gullible, and the deaf, and the blind, and the stupid. I want to pray this very chapter in Jeremiah for the world to understand that although this Prophet was referring to the children of Israel many many years ago, it is still patent on this very day, very very patent, Jeremiah 5. Anybody who is close to his scripture should go to his scripture very very important because here we unashamedly worship the only one and true God, the almighty creator of the Heavens and the earth Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile.

This evening we pray!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

We are moving very very speedily this evening to let the world understand what is happening not just in Biafraland and the wider damnable zoological republic. To understand that the enemies are wasting their time, and of course to let those who have been bribed by the Janjaweed, Facebook and all that they are fighting a losing battle. It took us a while to come on air this evening or should I say to connect to Facebook this evening but eventually we manage to succeed, and we are going to preach this very gospel. 

I have told the idiots, the Facebook idiots who are in the zoo and some of them who may be in California, all the satanic's and agents of neo-colonialism that even if there is only one person listening on this very platform, then this gospel must be preached.

We have it on good authority that Orji Uzor Kalu went to Mina, and a plan was perfected and concluded to convert all the traditional rulers in Biafraland to sign up to Fulani Janjaweedsm and Islamization, and Orji Uzor Kalu single-handedly volunteered himself to lead that very chart to try to diminish BIAFRA and to do all he can within his power to make sure that BIAFRA will not come in our time. This decision was reached in Mina at the home of Banbangida also in attendance was Abdulsalami Abubakar, am sure that some of you may have read about this very meeting extensively. But there were somethings that transpired in that very meeting which was not made public and this evening we are making it public in the finest traditions of this very platform, of this very Radio Biafra because we are under a divine oath to speak the truth always regardless of the consequences, regardless of who gets upset, regardless of what the enemies might do or say, here we the truth must be preached and spoken and this night will not be an exception.

A lot of people do not know who we are, am sure that they will be shocked as to how we manage to discover the details of this very meeting that they had in Mina to try to stop IPOB, to try to blunt our charge and our match towards our freedom which they now recognize is relentless. They have decided that the best way to go is to fool the so-called traditional rulers and also some P.G (President General) of some communities in our land, they will give them money, and they will sign a document for them, that document will read that they are signing up to defend one Nigeria along with their communities, this is what is happening now, that is also why the two corrupt individuals that I mentioned in Owaza, in Ukwa West L.G.A. of Abia where they were harbouring terrorist in our forest. The Army visited them a few days ago, the zoo army Fulani they went to go and see them to encourage them and to tell them that they will do all they can to defend their so-called communities, and also their use that they have now recruited to go and defend the Fulani or the remnants of them harbouring themselves or should I hide in the bushes of this communities.

This is to let Orji Uzor Kalu know that we understand all that transpired at Banbangida resident in Mina, and the effort to corrupt our traditional rulers to bring shame and dishonour to our people, that he knows very very well we are going to resist. It wasn't my intention to touch upon this very subject this very evening, but I have chosen to do so, in other not only to put the record straight but to put this very matter to bed. 

I understand that I don't know what may be the motivation that the chief whip of the zenith Dr Orji Uzor Kalu has said that if given a chance to speak with me as the leader of IPOB all over the world that the idea of BIAFRA will be dropped. This is not only insulting to myself it's an insult to the memory of parents and also insults to the over 5million people that have died in the quest to restore BIAFRA and this insult will not be taken lightly, but we also have not asked nor have we sent anybody to go and discuss or negotiate on our behalf, we are not interested in negotiating with anybody. The only negotiation I will allow myself to be a preview to or attend will be the negotiation to determine the boundaries of BIAFRA, and of course, to sign the instruments of statehood apart from that I have not sent anybody I will not be sending anybody. We remain determined and resolute in our pursuit of what is right before God in Heaven and man on this very earth, which is the restoration of BIAFRA.

Some people think we are joking, of course, they have thought that since 2012 how mistaken they are. They have sent their saboteurs, they have tried to infiltrate us, some of them have actually made it to some reasonable position in IPOB, but the same God almighty in Heaven that guide this very movement from time to time reveal the true intention of this charlatans. And as we identify them we weed them away, they only have one fallback with a couple of fake, fake Facebook account which Facebook themselves are promoting but they can not succeed, they have not succeeded before now is not the time for them to start.

Therefore we are making it very clear, and allow me to re-echo this very evening that I have not mandated anybody to speak on my behalf, and I will not be seen nor be speaking to Orji Uzor Kalu not now, not tomorrow, not ever. I want to make that abundantly clear that the world may understand where we stand on this very issues, anybody coming to me from the zoo as soon as you open your mouth to say will you consider dropping this very agitation? I can assure you what happened to Ekweremadu will be a child's play. Your corpse will be carried away from wherever you come to meet me that I can assure you, that I can assure you any idiot was seeking relevance, any drunk fool who wants his/her name to be associated with IPOB or myself and you think that the best way to do it is to insult the memory of those that have died in this very movement than not only are you mistaken you are hallucinating, and you are insane, certifiably insane that is who you are.

Fulani caliphate will not be built in Biafraland. Even the one that Orji Uzor Kalu gave them in Lokpaukwu that too will disappear we don't want them anywhere occupying any piece of territory in our land illegally It will not happen, Hausa people may have been foolish to allow themselves to be overrun, Yoruba may have given them a part of Ilorin or should I say ten local government areas in Kwara state that nonsense can not obtain in Biafraland, no inch of Biafraland will be conceded to Fulani Janjaweed we are making it abundantly clear so that the world will understand us. 

This is the era of saboteurs, and we must all be very very vigilant and extremely careful as to how we approach individuals and issues going forward, a lot of our people either through ignorance, wickedness or share stupidity is part of this conspiracy for Fulani to overwhelm us, plant Islam forcibly in our land and change the way of our lives forever and ever, as they did to Hausa people, to Nope people, to Gbari people, as they did to part of Yoruba land Oduduwa people, they also want to do to us. But we are not going to allow that to happen not now, not tomorrow not ever.

It is very very distressing and shocking Biafran people who are in the police and in the judiciary, especially in Abia state, are in the business of extorting money from people who have been arrested illegally, detained illegally, tortured illegally for fighting for their freedom. What is happening in Umuahai High Court in the judiciary of Abia state is a disgrace, what is happening in the prisons, in Afara in my village is a disgrace, what is happening within the police in Abia state is a disgrace.

You arrest innocent people there is no evidence nor proof of wrongdoing,  and what you people result to is to extort money from us. The Chief Judge of Abia state, the director of public persecution in Abia state, the Judges and the magistrate you have in Abia state especially in Umuahai your days are numbered That I can assure you will not be forgiven, what people are doing is that the judiciary in Abia state is in concert, in cahoots with the police to arrest people and bring them to court, you can't believe what has been happening in the past few days. These are IGBO people in court in Umuahai demanding and asking for money, an exorbitant amount of money all the way to half a million to release people who did nothing wrong. 

The court has given them bail to perfect their bail these people they are IGBO people not even any other part of Biafraland, extorting money from their own people, in other words, encouraging the Fulani terrorist police and Army to be arresting people so that they can be making money in Umuahai High Court and at the prisons. Even the fool in Umuahai prisons Afara is also in on the act because this evening I want the world to understand, that is how our madness starts, and when it starts let nobody blame us, and as I am very very happy now that no idiot can come up to blame us for what we are doing.

The controller of the prisons services in Abia state believe it, or not is Alhaji Kunle Sanusi he is a Yoruba man, do you know what happened? We went to court yesterday and today to perfect the bail of people they have granted bail, people that did nothing wrong absolutely nothing wrong. This idiot in prison Alhaji Kunle Sanusi will be charging our people #2,000 each before he can allow them to walk out of the prison gate. Extortion of the highest order, extortion from the police, extortion from the judiciary, and extortion from the prison service, in other words, is a plan. 

Whenever they see our people, they arrest it's a plan. A well-orchestrated plan to make money for themselves, and this is the side of the IGBO people that I don't want to see when our want to be good they are very good. When some of us want to be evil, we become worst than Lucifer, and we are going to set an example with those of them in Abia state judiciary, those of them that specialize in conniving with the oppressor to extort money from their own people. People fighting for your freedom it's a shame and a disgrace in Abia state, and it won't happen again that I can assure you, we are waiting for them to come.

Anyway, the police can go about harassing and abducting people unsuspectingly so to speak, but one day their luck will run out, all of them their luck will run out very soon if you are in doubt ask them in Enugu and they will tell you. And we are not going to stop, the dragon flag has been raised and will never come down, it's not my duty to tell you what is happening let the enemies tell you what is happening to them both those within and without. 

As a movement I am telling you this Wednesday evening that we must maintain our discipline, discipline is key because our enemies are going to come with all manner of devices to distract us, to get us to feel important even though we are not important, our enemies are going to do everything they can within their powers. They will use finical inducement; they will try to boost your ego when even they know you are nobody, you are nothing. To get you to try to serve their purpose and to serve their course, you must resist such temptation, and I must tell why with good reasons this evening.

Remember Avengers, our brave brothers who were doing marvellously well? Do you know what happened to the leadership of the Avengers? They killed almost all of them,  because of apkiri ogologo (longer throat) they want money. They said oh come let's negotiate, the commanders of Avengers will go to that very meeting on their way back they will be taken out by snippers one after the other, that was how they destroyed Avengers because they abandoned the freedom we were all pursuing to consider financial payment, any day our minds goes to financial inducement we are finished. 

Why am I saying what am saying? Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa they gave him money abandoned property in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) in the end they killed him the same zoo Nigeria killed, the latest one that they have killed his name is Gana he is from Benue, he is Tiv, and you need to understand his story very very well. Do you know that he was working for the Fulani Janjaweed? Until the same people that he was working for got to his village. As soon as they got to his village, he realized his mistakes, and he started fighting the Fulani, and they arranged amnesty for him on his way to go and collect the amnesty money, he was killed by Fulani soldiers. The same thing they did to our people in Avengers, the same thing they did to Isaac Adaka Boro, the same thing they did to Ken Saro-Wiwa.

People must understand this, anytime that devil, that spirit of Judas goes inside you and you think you are working with them, and they will tell you don't worry can't you see Orji Uzor Kalu is he not doing very well? He is our boy we groomed him he is working for us, can't you see Hope Uzodinma and you will think you are like them? You must remain like them. Any day Orji Uzor Kalu raises up to say I am fighting for the interest of my people of course you know he will never do that, that same day they will kill him, that is the way they operate.

So I am warning all of you that they have been romancing for a while now, some of you that your brains are expanding talking rubbish, as usual, your days are numbered and your days are up. And tonight we know it.

A typical saboteur will always die at the hands of the Janjaweed, this man called Gana wanted 1billion. Do you know that this man was so precious to Fulani conquest of the Middle Belt that Channel Television interviewed him? Do you know Channels is working for them the same that Facebook for the Janjaweed are you are aware of that? Do you know that Channel Television actually interviewed this man they claim is a wanted criminal, are you aware of that? No, you are not, but he this is what happens to every saboteur. This man was helping the Fulani Janjaweed, the caliphate, the Miyetti Allah to conquer other villages in the Middle Belt until they got to his village, he now says oh my God I never knew this was going to happen to us, he now rose up to challenge, he became a militia leader he changed the Fulani, they said oh come for that 1bilion we promised you he went to go and collect the 1billion, and he was killed.

Check it everywhere once you are a saboteur you must remain saboteurs for life, any day you raise up to say I am going to fight for my people that day you are dead, that is something you need to understand, and you must learn from it. And now let me tell you the most wicked and evil part of this whole thing, one thing even our journalist doesn't understand, one thing I want to make our Biafrans judges in High Courts across the Biafraland, all the police officers in Biafraland who are Biafrans there is something all of you will need to understand, including the journalist and the newspaper editors. Do you know that Daily Trust is part of the Fulani Janjaweed agenda? Do you know that their Premium time is part of it? Of course, they have bought over some Yoruba newspaper as well, those of them that have Islamic linage like Punch are you are aware that all these people are working for the same devil are you aware of it? This evening I will tell you.

Do you know that when this Gana was working for the Fulani people when this Gana was going about, his name is actually Terwase Akwasa when you say Gana they may say he is a Fulani, he is not his name is Terwase Akwasa he is a Tiv man, the same thing like Gowon, just imagine Gowon, look at what they did to TY  DANJUMA, the day TY DANJUMA say oh my people are dying, you saw the way they rubbished him using Premium Time? Premium Time the Fulani publication announced the death of Terwase Akwasa (Alias Gana). They tagged him the most wanted criminal in Benue State because they have now used him and discarded him, now the most wanted criminal in Benue State.

When he was working for them nobody knows about him apart from the interview with Channels Television, today he has risen up to say my people are dying let me fight for them they have killed him, he is now a most wanted criminal. They sent Army special forces to go and him, now I want to ask zoo people a very simple question, how many times have you heard that the Army laid siege for Fulani bandits? How many times am asking you? How many times have you in your life heard that a siege was laid or ambushed for Fulani terrorist bandits when? But once you are from another side anything they like they can do to you, it doesn't really matter.

Of course, we know BBC IGBO they are the arch traitors we have who doesn't know that?

That is what I keep saying to every Sabo, sabo this Janjaweed you are defending by fighting IPOB, of course not that what they are doing has any effect on our work, not at all, or any impact so to speak not at all. One day they will get to your village, do you know that some politicians are claiming ignorant? t

They are saying they can not see what Fulani Janjaweed in our land are you aware of that? This is the things I want the world to understand this evening.

Terwase Akwasa (Alias Gana). Was a dreaded militia leader. Now listen, do you know what people don't understand? He and 172 other people were invited by Governor Ortom, the Governor of Benue State, come let us discuss, amnesty comes and takes the money he was going to see the Governor. The Fulani Army did not allow him to go and meet Governor Ortom before he could get to the Government house he was killed by Fulani soldiers that did not want him to reveal to the Governor of the Benue State what he knew about the operation of Miyetti Allah terrorist in the Middle Belt. Do you see the way they roll? 

This is a warning I want to let saboteurs know, every Sabo both high, mighty and the low one this is Faith that await each and every one of you. He was fighting against his own people, they said go and meet the Governor with 172 other people they lay an ambush for him, and they killed him, the same thing they did to every notable commander of Avengers. 

Our people and money, when you are fighting for freedom, it has nothing to do with money—conviction, dedication, application and discipline. Which is what he seems to be lacking, and today he is dead, killed by the Janjaweed that he was serving. If this is not a lesson to our people, I don't know what else could move them to change from their evil ways.

If this man they claim was the most wanted criminal, how could Channels Television interview him? That is what I said about people who are deaf, and people who are blind who can no longer reason. The same nonsense that happened to Avengers that led to the decimation of Avengers happened yesterday in Benue State, that is the life of a saboteur, that is how they always end up.

Do people use to ask us why do you support Trump? Why always you talk about Trump? We say to them because Trump is a very decent and honourable human being, he speaks the truth the same way that I do not mind who is pleased, there is no place for political correctness he calls things the way he sees them.

When this clone they have in Aso Rock now, they claimed he said Trump asked me why I am killing Christians in Nigeria? They come to me they say don't talk about Buhari, I said can't you see? Are you blind? Can you not see a mask? Can you not see the hole on his neck? Are you blind and foolish that you can not see those things? But because there is a climate of fear, a climate of suppression and subjugation, a climate of betrayal, a climate of treachery, a climate of sabotage, a climate of oppression that is why none of you can stand up to speak the truth, to say that little boy can never be an 80year-old. Look at his hands is there for the whole world to see and you don't want me to speak that very true because you have something to hide, because you are compromised, because you are a traitor only traitors are afraid of the truth.

Trump asked me why I am killing Christians in Nigeria? Let me ask some of you, has the Pope ever been this brave to call Aso Rock and to say why are you killing Christians? Has the Democratic party in America been able to call and say why are you killing Christians? Has the  Archbishop of canterbury been able to call? How about all the mega Pentecostal pastors that come to the zoo you go for their crusade have they ever called? Is only Trump who said to the idiots they sent to him why are you killing Christians? If you can not love such a man who then are you going to love? Has Obama ever said such a thing before why are you killing Christians? Of course, he will never say it because he is part and parcel of the problem. And tomorrow some idiots will still say why are you supporting Trump?

Jubril went to America, and Trump asked him this question, why are you killing Christians? Which America president has ever done that before? Did the British Prime Minister do it? In the whole world, it is only Trump who is concerned for the dying Christians Niggers you have in the zoo, and that is the man people say is a racist? Those who claim they are not racist, those who claim they love you, you are being slaughtered they can not ask after you. It's a man you claim is a racist do you see how foolish black people are? Every time you tell them the truth they can never absorb, assimilate that very truth and do something with it, never in their lives they prefer lies. That is why I like Trump; he tells you the truth the way he sees them. He doesn't give a dime how you are going to feel that is inconsequential to him, what matters is the truth and that truth had been spoken.

All your pastors are concerned about is who insulted who? And how much tithe are you going to pay? Your pastors see you the same way that Fulani see you, they know you are foolish. Your pastors understand how foolish all of you are that is why they treat you the way they treat you. And the Fulani understand how hopeless and crazy we are that is why they treat us the way they treat us. That's why they can kill you and talk about unity, as they are slaughtering you they are telling you oh one United Nigeria, we intermarry, we know each other. Can you imagine such rubbish? You are killing me, and when I ask you why you are killing me? You will say oh don't worry think about the things that units us together.

Let me tell you something if you want to seriously change your life for good sit down and ask yourself the following questions,  why are black people poor? Why is it that no African country can manufacture an aeroplane? Why is that no African country can feed itself without foreign aid? Why is it that despite the abundance of technology and scientific knowledge, people are still homeless in Africa? Are people still poverty-stricken in Africa? Ask yourself this questions, don't take what we preach just ask yourself a very simple question, why are we living on top of oil yet there is no running water we drink from the water that we go to defecate in? Ask yourself that very simple question why do we have oil pollution in our land when shell and other people Agip, Halliburton who are extracting oil from our land there is no oil spillage in their country, there is no pollution, no environmental degradation. Any day you answer those questions believe you me you will change. If you fail to ask yourself those questions, then you are finished.

A black man is the worst creation on this very earth. I say it without apology to any idiot. The most useless thing God ever created is the brain of a black man they don't reason very well; Trump is fighting for you, you have not fought for yourself before, you have never ever before called Aso Rock to say why are you killing Christians? But you can open your useless Nigga mouth, your useless black Nigga idiotic mouth to disparage Trump because you are foolish and very very hopeless and that is why Fulani are messing with all of you, and where they leave off your useless pastors will round it up for you.

They protested against the fuel hike during the Jonathan regime because Jonathan is a gentleman. Where are those pastors today? If you can do it under Jonathan and not under this present Janjaweed Fulani caliphate regime of terrorism that means you are a hypocrite; the Bible calls you a hypocrite. If you are a pastor that protested under Jonathan, you came out on the street, and you can not do the same thing now you are a hypocrite. And if you are a hypocrite, you can not be a servant of God, it's impossible. This is the things you need to know, where are the idiots that tell you they can see the future that Buhari is good for you? Where are the idiots now I asking you? All the idiots with Bible where are those fools I ask you? Do you see how God disgrace all of them to say your prophecy is not from me? All that nonsense, all these stupid people, all these idiotic children of perdition that were predicting about how Buhari is going to bring the glory days back where are those fools now?

They came out to protest under Jonathan, yes!  Ask your Pastor is an assignment on Sunday all of you or those of you that go to church every blessed day ask them super Pastor why was it that under Jonathan you came out to protest Sir? You call him daddy G.O. how come under Jonathan all of you came out to protest, Daddy why don't you come out and protest now? He will not go because he is a hypocrite; he is a child of Lucifer. You, people, don't want to hear the truth the problem with black people is that you don't want to hear the truth, you don't like it, but as the scriptures made us understand that truth will set you free.

Every day I come air I preach one thing, every day I come on air I keep preaching the same thing, the wickedness and the evil of a black man that is why we are called black. Once again as pastor Chris Oyakhilome said the other day and were too ashamed to even comment, go and Google the word black and what it means, what does black mean? When did they ask black people, what do you want to be called? Other people said that they want to be called Asian, American, even in the U.K. They were calling us then Afro Caribbeans before, it was Africans that said no, we want you to call us black. Chineke Ekwela ihe ojoo unbelievable, go and check it I can't even read it because if I read it now, it's shocking what black means.

Let me bring home to you the wickedness of a black man, why God abandoned Africa, why blacks are poor all over the world is because a black man is evil and wicked.  Police went to Emene killed some days ago; they saw people gathered together they shot at them whereas in the same Emene, ten vicinities of Emene there Fulani people carrying AK-47 no one has gone to them to shot at them. They are the ones raping, they killed at and raped at Uzo-Uwani, they are the ones in Enugu terrorizing our mothers and our daughters no one has gone to shot at them. Somebody saw where youths are gathered he went there and opened fire without provocation, and there some IGBO people trying to justify that, I will remember the name of the idiot that wrote the nonsensical garage and said IPOB shouldn't have gathered.

So if the time they were proscribing Martin Luther King Jr. And Martin Luther King Jr. refused to march do you think there will be black freedom today in America? If by the time they were harassing Dr Azikiwe put him in jail and he capitulated do you think that the zoo you claim is Nigga-area will be independent today?  So if you come and make an unjust law do you expect reasonable people to be abiding by it?

Fulani is killing people, Fulani only them have six terrorist group none of them proscribed by the Fulani, none of them whatsoever. You have pastors they take money from us on Sunday's they have not come out to say as Archbishop Desmond Tutu used to do in South Africa to say that evil is evil. This regime is evil, only Bishop Kukah to an extent now do you understand it that our problem is us? Not even the so-called leaders or lack of is us the way we reason and the way we process information. 

That is why Ofornedu Okafor a young boy was shot at; he still has bullets in his body what his crime was? The thing that people don't want to understand and have not told us, those you shot at Emene what was their crime at that point in time? What did they do wrong?  Nobody has been able to answer us that question to tell you how wicked and evil a black person is. What did they do to warrant the D.S.S. storming where they are to kill 22 of them? What was there a crime? You know in the zoo if you ask yourself that very question guilty conscience will set in, you will begin to reason like a human being. So they so no, no but they were proscribed. What did they do wrong before you proscribe them? They were asking for referendum and self-determination, those carrying guns have not been proscribed. Those asking for their rights to vote to determine if they want to be part of the zoo or not they are being killed, and as a human being with full functioning faculty you want to justify the killing of unarmed people? That is to tell you that you are evil. 

Black people are getting what they deserve; we are a very evil and wicked race. If we are not a wicked race can you tell me why somebody will claim he is ordained by God he will come out and ask you to vote for somebody he himself knows is evil because they gave him 5million naira? And you wake up in the morning, and you say that is a man of God, you are a fool, you are following cowardly men of God. Cowards who under Jonathan came out to protest fuel hike no excuses, under this very evil Fulani tyranny they can not speak. All they want is your tithe you and them you are all fools. And BIAFRA can not have such garbage in it, of course, is impossible, when somebody speaks the truth all of you ganged up against that person because the evil in you is greater than the good in you, that is why black people are suffering all over the world, not just in Africa in whichever country you go to. Wherever you see people who are suffering the lowest of the low is always black people is a curse from God because you are evil; you have never changed, and nothing will change.

Somebody is writing from America his brother has bullet wounds instead of allowing him to receive treatment. The worst is that he has not done anything wrong, Ofornedu Okafor has not done anything wrong he has not offended the Army or the Police his only crime was to be in Emene two Sunday's ago, and they came and shot at him, they won't even allow him to receive treatment. You shot an innocent person they bring him to hospital, you went to the hospital and took him away, and you put him in chains in your cell and on Sunday or Friday the idiot Police commissioner will get his Quran and go to Mosque and say he is praying to Allah through Muhammed, Muhammed will not ask you that boy that is on the floor in your cell before you went to Emene what did he do to you? 

The whole world is listening. I want the whole world to understand that it is not every African thinks like a monkey. I want the world to understand that me personally as an African I know that the problem associated with poverty, deprivation, a disease in Africa is cost 100% by Africans. Anybody blaming a white man or blaming anybody else you are deluded, you are the problem, your idiocy is the problem, your stupidity is the problem, your inability to reason is the problem. Ask yourself why is it that all this useless mega-church and those defending them how come you are protesting under Jonathan, but you can not protest under Buhari? Evil people everywhere with the Bible. You will see some people ranting is my father, don't insult my father you are a fool. Don't insult my father, and he is our father if you insult him I will tear you apart just imagine taunts with the suit on Sunday's talking garbage promising you what you can never see.

Other people are making things happen; people are holding their Governments to account; people are contributing to humanity, your hypocritical criminal pastors are busy deceiving you every day. And you are absorbing their massage because inside you you are full of evil, so evil attracts evil. Trump is the one asking after you; your Pope hasn't asked after you. 

If you tell a black man what you are doing is foolish instead of the idiot to go back and think and the reason he will get foolishly emotional and sentimental. I keep on saying it, the greatest punishment of my life is to come from Africa am telling you the truth. Surrounded by idiots who can not reason fools, every blessed day you can see Fulani is in the other village the next target is your own village, they come, and they give you 1million naira you start talking rubbish, the same way that Britain came to Africa and rendered us useless because we are foolish. You may not like it, but that is the truth, and I will preach here exactly the same way that Trump does in America.

Ofornedu Okafor did nothing wrong he is in detention now, do you know that his mother went there to see him they said you could not see him until you give us money. You shot at my son that did nothing wrong to nobody; you went to the hospital you took him from the hospital and chained him to the floor in your barrack, I want to see him you are asking me to give you money, is there any other race more wicked than the black people? That is how wicked a black man is we are a very wicked race the sooner we accept it, the better.

People that call me names, of course, use to that rubbish, you are a scammer, you are this. They go to their Church, and they give money to their Pastor, every blessed Sunday, they have been doing it for the past 42 years, and I ask you what has your pastors done for you? Nothing, have you seen that Heaven he has promised you? The answer is no, Am not asking you not to have Faith, not to go to church I believe in church people been close to God yes, but not through lies and deception.

I want to alert the world as to the depth of the evil of a black man; somebody will come to me and beg me for money, oh I am hungry, please give me money to pay my rent I will go and plead with IPOB and say this person has a problem let's give him money to pay rent, we will give him money to pay his rent. He will come back the next day and call the person that gave him money to pay rent and to eat a scammer, and he will not be ashamed of himself. The person listening to the garage will not say but hang on! You were hungry, and you came to him, you were homeless, and you came to him he gave you money how come did he scam you? You gave money to somebody you scammed that person? Laughed, black people (Ndi ISI  ojii).

Some idiots came to me when I left prison they said we are hungry we want to pay rents, there were two I gave them #900,000 today they call me scammer. And the people they are talking to will not ask the question but you asked him for money, and he gave you the money, you and him who scammed each other? Do you see the black mind? They say I disgrace black people because whites are listening and I say because we are foolish.

After all is said and done our freedom lies in our brain how we reason, not how strong we are physically but how tough we are mental, can we outlast our enemies? Once we do that then we have won, of course, we are winning.

Let me tell you something one, Nigeria is a honey trap. One Nigeria is a trap the more you subscribe to one Nigeria the more they Fulanize and Islamize you. Because if you believe in one Nigeria, you must also believe that the Fulani can live in your forest, you also have to believe in RUGA, you have to believe in the waterways bill, you have to believe that although you are doing your business in township Fulani does their businesses bushes and in the forest, and any forest they are occupying belongs to them. That was why they partnered with the Police, that was why they partnered with the Army to lunch Miyetti vigilante all over the zoo, so whichever forest they are occupying belongs to them. You can't come and say to somebody you can not be in our forest because if you are a Nigerian and you believe in one Nigeria he has to be in the forest, the forest is part of Nigeria, do you see how they conquer you? As you are busy travelling abroad, living in the North trying to make earns meet they are in your forest, you can no longer come back home. 

What I am asking Elohim to do is I want God to give us a tiny brain to be able to reason for once, ask yourself this question what is somebody doing in my forest? For you to believe in one Nigga-area (Nigeria) you have to allow him to move his cattle to wherever he wants to go to. And that cattle could be in mothers farm to be a good Nigga-area you keep quiet. They have been keeping quiet in the Middle Belt look at where they are today? Hausa's kept quiet look at them?  They want to overrun our land. Biafraland is the only place where Janjaweedsm has not taken any foothold. Forget the nonsense they are doing in Ebonyi we are visiting them very very heavily, now you understand it, don't you? If you believe in Nigeria, you believe that Fulani will conquer you one day and they will.

What Islam means to you and i is a religion but what it means to Fulani is an instrument of conquest, because if they have Fulani their fellow Muslims anywhere, of course, you must subscribe to one zoo, now let me put it to you this way, every Yoruba person who is a Muslim believes that their supreme leader is the Sultan of Sokoto the same way those of them in Ebonyi that claim that they have converted to Islam which means they now listen to the Sultan of Sokoto and not you, what does that tell you about the future of your children? What does that tell you? Am saying this so that Orji Uzor Kalu and their rats will understand that Fulani will conquer all of you, decimate you and get rid of your children and take over your land. That is how they have been operating from time immemorial. 

Do you know that Fulani must always lead in prayer, not a Hausa man? Do you know that no Yoruba Muslim can lead a Jummah prayer in the North? Even if a 10years Hausa boy is there the Hausa boy will lead, if a Fulani boy is there the Fulani boy will lead are you aware of that? Have you seen the cast system in Islam in the zoo?but the Yoruba Muslim will not tell you this, they can never tell you this never. Ask them has a Yoruba man be able to lead a prayer in the Mosque before let them show that person it doesn't exist, Fulani must be respected everywhere.  

Do you know that in the census in the zoo you can not see Fulani woman and count them? The Fulani idiot will tell you he has a Haram, and in his Haram, he has forty women the census man will write forty women and walk away, but you are in one Nigeria? I want people to be able to reason to understand the damage that Nigeria does to the psyche of anybody who can reason, believe you me I said it much many time once you say you are a Nigerian I lose respect for you, I know you are not a human being. You can not reason very well there is nobody on this very earth with their senses functioning very well who can come out and proudly proclaim I am a Nigerian is not possible never.

Do you know that the Hausa people do not have the right to own land in the North? Show me a Hausa man that owns land in the North, show me am asking you? All the Emirs are Fulani. Any day the eyes of the Hausa people open the Fulani's will be in trouble. They use Islam to confuse you, they come into your land, and they abduct your mothers, they rape your daughters in blood daylight you do nothing, police Commissioner will not respond, but when your son's gather the same Police will go and shot them, and when they arrest them they will ask us to pay.

The political crimes that the Fulani's have committed if any other tribe tries it, they will be wiped away from the face of this earth, but Fulani can do whatever they like because Britain supports them. Britain wants you to be a fool, and I keep asking you has that woman said anything? The High Commissioner are you telling me she is not seeing all the crimes the Fulani's are committing both with their castles and with their AK-47, who hasn't seen it in the zoo?  Ask yourself this very simple question, but what is stopping you from doing something? What is stopping you from rising up and saying enough is enough? The Hausa's kept quiet for so many years look at where they are today? And is not that the Fulani's are very clever am telling you the truth they are not,  is Britain that gave them the template they are operating with.  Bribe that's all look at the Chinese they are using it. If you want to conquer Africa is very simple to come and bribe a few of them to fight themselves that's all you need to do, that is the nonsense they want to bring in IPOB, the idiot will be writing rubbish we are going to fight, mecha gi ihe eh In your next life, if you hear Nnamdi Kanu, you will run away.

I don't know if some people observed the news about the alleged killing of the two Fulani people in Obigbo was covered? Daily Trust Fulani paper they said IPOB attack, most of the zoo paper said IPOB attack not clashed, we never clashed with them is an attack. But when Police will come to your house and shot at you it's a clash, and I want the world to understand that black people are wicked, there is a level of wickedness and evil in them black people that will even make Satan Lucifer to be shocked. Now because it's IPOB, is IPOB attack, but when IPOB has been killed is IPOB clash with the Police, now you know some of them will raise up and be writing rubbish.

The level of wickedness in black people will make somebody fell in love with Satan, am telling you the truth if you give me Satan and give me black people I will take Satan, because even Satan can not be this wicked, Satan can not be this heartless, Lucifer can not be this wicked. The level of wickedness in black people is unprecedented, alined with their treacherous behaviour that is why you people are poor and the lowest of the low, I believe is genetic they are inferiors to other races because of their wickedness and their evil, that is why you are poor.

I like Afanifere and what they are doing, but there must be something backing this thing up, if you don't boycott election all these things are empty, you will continue with the same 1999 constitution, the same rubbish you must do something. Is called direct action is called civil disobedience if you don't do it, you will continue living with this rubbish year after year. I am advising Afanifere tonight the time has come to put a bit of muscle to all the talk there must be civil disobedience. No voting, let there be a general strike, let children not go for any match on the 1st of October, let there be a lockdown, of course, there will be in Biafraland nobody is going anywhere on the 1st of October. Total and complete lockdown in Biafraland on the 1st of October no marching on the street, no nothing. Am announcing it tonight 1st of October Biafraland every school nobody should go for marching.

No marching we are not marching for the zoo, marching for Miyetti Allah, marching for Janjaweed, marching for the abduction of your daughters, marching for the rape of your mother's, marching so that cow can go into your farm and destroy it, marching so that you can be 5th class citizen, marching so we can be a slave. In the 1st of October am announcing it tonight and D.O.S. must take note, complete shot down in Biafraland I say total shot down. No marching, no school anywhere on the 1st of October. Let your children sit at home, let the whole world understand how upset you are about what is going on, you can claim you are upset and then you will be following the enemy doing what they ask you to do.

Am telling Afanifere all this Pres release are meaningless there must be something attached to it, and we are not asking anybody to do anything extraordinary. What we are asking for is civil disobedience, 1st of October Middle Belt, West, East lockdown nobody should allow their child to go outside, go and march for which idiot?  For a little boy wearing a mask claiming he is Buhari?  Let him come out and address people live let them ask him questions he can not do it, and you claim you are in a democracy, you claim you have a sense of reasoning, all of your claim you are Intellectuals whereas you are nobody, a bunch of useless nobodies that is who you are.

You want the world to know that you are not Happ about fuel hike, all this nonsense you are going through, lack of security everybody keeps your child at home on the 1st of October not just in Biafraland but in the West and also in the Middle Belt. But I know they will give some of you money that's what they do.

Anybody who comes to me saying I am going to negotiate for Nnamdi Kanu and this great noble family IPOB to drop BIAFRA that day you will hear that I have committed murderer. If that person comes and see me and goes back alive, please reject me and stone me to death. Anybody who comes out to say I am going to see Nnamdi Kanu get him to stop the agitation for BIAFRA, if that person after coming to see me returns back alive wherever he/she is going to I am asking people to stone me alive in public that they may know how serious we are. My mum died because of it; my dad died because of it, I lost 28 men in my house, I lost my cousin, we have lost men at Npkor, we have lost in Aba everywhere you are coming to tell me to drop agitation for BIAFRA. If you leave my presence alive as a human being, I am asking Biafrans all over the world to stone me, mad people, everywhere.

God, why have you done this to me? Why miss me with people that ordinary reason they can't? You should have sent me a tree or maybe even sent me as a pet I will be useful to somebody. Why out me in the midst of people ordinary common sense they don't have, is punishment nah what type of punishment is this? People who in blood daylight can not reason my goodness me.

You see 1st of October this year, and you see all that nonsense, all that press release we are not happy. Middle Belt is simple to send a clear message to the whole world, every stadium and parade ground will be empty that is the clearest message you can send that you are not happy not all this useless press statement writing we are not happy, what is happening can not continue, we are not happy, show that you are not happy. Afanifere tell you, children, not to go anywhere, we are telling our children, and they are not going anywhere, Middle Belt do the same, then the world will raise up and do something.

Any day we catch any Van belonging to BBC IGBO in our land we will teach them a lesson, you people are agents of neo-colonialism.


I lead IPOB when I say something it stands, effective this evening with immediate effect Tari Nemi is our new African Rep.

The work we are doing is the work that Elohim ordained that must be done by this generation, and we can not fail. Be resolute, the strength of what we are doing our courage is in our brain, mental strength not physical we outlast our enemies you must understand that, be ready for what is to come we are in a very turbulent time, but we are going to emerge victoriously I can assure you.

I thank all of for listening, to us BIAFRA is more than life itself, it's a religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim the highest Chukwu Okike Abiama that I worship seven times a day is our God from me from here good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers 



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