■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 02, Aug 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, we welcome you once again to an exciting edition of our live presentation on this very day Wednesday the 29th of July in the year of our Host High Elohim 2020.

Regardless of Where you are domiciled, where you are living, your area of residence, I am welcoming every one of you, Biafrans, lovers of freedom, even enemies of BIAFARA as well because our gospel this very evening as always is designed to set the captive free if you are privileged to consider it as an honour if you are privileged to be listening to us this very evening indeed you are blessed.

I welcome every one of you from the bottom of my heart, even those who may have ignorantly pledged their allegiance to the damnable zoological republic you are all lost souls, but I welcome each and every one of you all the same.

I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you, and this very platform, this very Radio BIAFRA is not like any other you may have encountered emanating from Africa. We are unique that is why this precise moment we have been listened to right across the face of this very planet, across the entire 24 time zones people are listening, people are paying attention, people are learning they have come with their pen and their paper, Alamagiri has come with slate and chalk they want to learn and hear what we are going to teach.

We are formidable, and we are relentless, we are resolute, we are determined we are unstoppable our enemies understand this, they know this very well that's why they are terrified, and that's why they are helplessly hopeless.

BIAFRA will be the only thing that black people all over the world will stand up and say at least we have our right. Only BIAFRA will make that possible.

Our enemies are not relenting; they are working very hard and will continue to work very hard. They have failed and will continue to fail; that is why they know that BIAFRA is coming; there is nothing any idiot can do about it. They can stay at the sideline and wish they can stop us but they can not.

Facebook has been suppressing my page for nearly three years but they can not succeed, they are working for the darkness we represent the light. Darkness can not stand in front of the light, and because we are children of light, that is why even Facebook will be defeated. They can do all they like, but we are marching on resolutely, determined, and unstoppably there is nothing they can do about it.

We must pray this very evening before we proceed!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

We are now going to delve directly into our presentation this very evening; our enemies are working overtime and especially Facebook. And some multinational oil companies in the damnable zoological republic. There is a conspiracy, and there is a gang-up that's each time I proclaim BIAFRA is the last miracle on this very earth, but some of you do not understand.

We are life, and we are direct, and the entirety of humanity is listening to us rapturously I can tell you that.

Today we start by making it known to the whole world what the British have tried to hide for many many years. And now Facebook has come to join them, and they have joined the gang of wicked and the workers of iniquity. And very sadly or should I say regrettably some of those who are perpetuating this level of falsehood and evil are black people working for Facebook in Lagos and in Abuja. They are the ones perpetuating this evil. Therefore when a white man pent a black person as Lucifer or a demon, you can now understand the reason why.

There is something wrong with a black man every time I preach, and I say this. Because our problems lie with us, a white man is not our problem. Our acceptance of the position we have been given by the devil on this very earth is what is troubling us both physically and spiritually today. Now, this evening we ask a very simple question, why is Facebook hell-bent on doing the work of the devil in Nigga-area (Nigeria)? Are they trying to claim that they are ignorant of origins of the name Nigga?

I want to warn Facebook and numerous consultancy firms, newspaper houses, television stations supporting the evil construct, the damnable zoological republic of Nigga-area (Nigeria) that they are fighting a losing battle. When I said that BIAFRA is the last miracle on this very earth some of you did not quite understand what I was saying, but the meaning of that is this, there are entities and principalities are fighting against the emergence of BIAFRA because they all understand even in their wickedness that BIAFRA is the only thing that can give light to a continent of darkness that Africa has become, they understand it, so they are working very hard. Every major multi International company in the zoo is lobbying against BIAFRA, every Government of the World that benefit from the corruption in the zoo they are fighting the emergence of BIAFRA, every entity that harbour evil intent is working against the coming of BIAFRA, but u can tell you one thing.. they have all failed, they have failed in the past, and they will continue to fail.

The reason why we did not prevail between 1967-1970 was that the time wasn't right, Was because our people have emerged in idolatry. That was why BIAFRA did not come, Chukwu Okike Abiama, the creator of the heaven and the earth, the almighty God in heaven, wanted a generation that will produce BIAFRA, or in who's name BIAFRA will come For us is IPOB to understand that Elohim the creator of heavens and earth hates idolatry. 

And because we stand every blessed day to proclaim that very truth as contained in the very first commandment, that thou shall not have any other God before me, having stood on that very commandment we proclaim the coming of BIAFRA, regardless of plans of the forces of the darkness and of the inequities they can never prevail, because we have understood that very magic word. We now have the key, and the key is that we are the children of Most High (Umuchineke) that is why we answer Nwachukwu where we come from, that is why we answer Obasi where we come from, that is why we give our children the name tamuno where we come from. 

We don't worship anything else except God Almighty, and that is why BIAFRA will come. That is why our enemies can never ever prevail, they can do all they like, but I can assure you this year 2020 the whole world will marvel at the grace and might of God in heaven, this year we shall prove to them that BIAFRA is God project, it's the kingdom of God on this very earth, the very centre of the universe.

What we are doing is beyond the understanding and comprehension of man, man can not understand it,  that is why we are here, and that is why BIAFRA will come.

Many nations and Powers will be against the emergence of BIAFRA, both local and foreign, but BIAFRA must emerge. Because what the Fulani, the Janjaweed, the British have conceded to them is not enough to shift away from the attention of God from rescuing his children this very year 2020.

Fulani Janjaweed came to spread terrorism and Islam, and the British came they were chosen to extinguish the flame of hope that BIAFRA potency for our Africa but our mission in IPOB is simply to restore the kingdom of God in this very earth, who do you think God will side? We have come to do his will to bring his kingdom on the face of this very earth, others have come to destroy, the Janjaweed have come to destroy, the British came and created darkness which is what the name zoo Nigga-area (Nigeria) means. But we are the light (Ihe Chineke), has darkness ever prevailed over light before? The answer is no, so what makes you think that the zoo will prevail over BIAFRA? What makes every sensible thing that Nigga-area  will prevail over BIAFRA? Who thought you that? From where?

We are light, what is the meaning of the name Nigga-area? Nigga-area means Nigga; it means Nigger as the case may be, it means darkness. The little translation is darkness, the name of Nigeria means darkness; how can anybody think that anything good can come out of it? Nothing good can come out of the zoo, absolutely nothing.

Most people did not understand our strategy that is why we have made this progress this far, anybody who thinks that he/she is important or indispensable in what we are doing the day they step outside, they are suspended, or they are removed you see us we even have more energy to keep going because this is not a project formed by man it's ordained from heaven. That is why IPOB is in over 100 countries in the world, unstoppable you can not do anything no matter how you try you will fail, I am saying it to everybody with every authority and every conviction there is nothing any human being can do to stop BIAFRA it's impossible they must understand it, they have come to destroy, and we have come to build.

They think they know and can counter us, but they are armatures and beginners including Facebook, they are armatures what they are doing in Lagos and in Abuja is to be targeting IPOB activist and targeting all Biafrans activist, once you write something they will ban you sometimes 40 days, 50 days.

That was why I said to our people we must go on Twitter, and I keep repeating this call if you are not on Twitter you are not following what we are doing, all of you must go on Twitter and follow each other because the devil is working with Facebook, working with them 24-7 that was why our sister grace Immanuel spoke about the core of Covid19 they removed it. Who in their right mind will remove such an enlightenment video design to educate the world and sensitive them on the need for people to take the right medication to combat Covid19 but Facebook removed it, that alliance of Lucifer, an alliance of Satan always working for something that will place mankind under bondage, A few people want to control the world because they feel they have money they want to control everything. that's why they hate Trump.

Now I want to educate Facebook and all those who are working for them, I want to educate all the Nigga-areans (Nigerians) I want to educate the Janjaweed the Fulani, I want to educate the efulefu, I want to educate the saboteur, I want to educate the traitor this very night I want you to understand that as soon as you stand up and you say I am a Nigerian you are an idiot, I want to prove it to you with facts and figures.

People may be asking me why do you dwell on this Nigga-areans all the time? I say to them because they are the foundation of our problem. The existence of Nigga-area is an impediment to the intellectual advancement of a black man wherever they are maybe residing in the whole world. Let me tell you something the creation of Nigga-area (Nigeria) by Britain is Luciferian handwork, is the handwork of Lucifer. I want to prove it to you that Satan itself created Nigeria, not God, not even Lugard.

Go to Google and ask Google what is the meaning of the word Nigga? I want you to go and discover the meaning of the word Nigga.


It is no difference between Niger and Nigga-area (Nigeria), one is Niger (black), the other one is Nigga-area (black area) the same thing. One controlled by the French, one controlled by the British. The reason why Britain gave the name Nigga-area (Nigeria) black, darkness, evil, Satan is that they knew something told them that people of God is here. To cover that glory of God call them darkness, name them darkness that will become their name so they can not see the light anymore that's why am average Nigga-arean is born stupid, that is why an average Nigga-arean is hopeless regardless of their PhD all of them they are all dumb from top to bottom.

Do you know the funniest thing? Today if you call anybody a Nigger in Britain you will come to jail, if you call somebody a Niggar in American you will go to jail, in France the same but they allow people to be called Nigga-areans, people who are Nigger from Nigger territory I hope you are following. 

In the English language the word Nigga or Nigger, or Nigeria, or Niger it's an ethnic slur typically directed at a black person especially African Americans, it's an insultive word. Nigger is an insultive word. Britain knew that it's an insult, but they still gave the name to Nigga-areans. The word Nigga is so offensive that instead of a white man to use the word Nigga he will use the N-word that is how bad it's.

Zoological republic that is who you are, you are darkness, your name is darkness. Now I am asking you why are you going to look for the light when your name is darkness? Do you see why napper has never worked? Do you see why all the effort to bring electricity to the zoo hasn't worked? Because your name is darkness, your name is Nigga.

Facebook you think you are multi International you are powerful I want you to ban me on Facebook, I want you to remove my post I will take you to Court, in the court if the law you explain to Judge why I should not call Nigga-areans? It's here I have all the facts and figures, now you understand why they are afraid of us.

Now listen very carefully, here what we realize is that the word Nigga-area (Nigeria) all came from the name Nigga it's here now,  posted by a white man, not me. The Word Nigga-area came from Nigga direct, and what is a Nigga? It's an ethnic slur word, it's an insult, it means darkness, it means backwardness, it means primitivity, it means timidity that's the name of the zoo where you come from, now you understand it don't you? People that didn't go to school, they want to debate those that went to school, those that are enlightened. You didn't go to school you don't know anything, but you are coming to debate IPOB people who are educated, how do you think you will succeed? How do you think you will win the debate? Or the argument, how is that possible I ask you?

You own Facebook I am on your platform I want you to delete my page then I will take you to court in three-continent, then you will explain to the Judge the reason why I shouldn't call Nigga-areans Nigga it's their name. Their name is Nigga that's what am calling them, Nigga-area means Nigga you can play with it all you like it means Nigga, it's an ethnic slur word, and they choose to answer that name, Nigga-areans choose to answer darkness, and that is why darkness is their portion, and this is the things you ought to know.

We are educating Facebook along the line, and they think they can be used to fight IPOB, j can see that that is what they have been doing, they steal money. They are part of the corruption in the zoo because the money that the zoo gave to Facebook are all stolen money because there is nowhere in the budget of the zoo, the Nigga-area where they said oh we are going to pay Facebook so so billion to checkmate what IPOB is doing. No is not in the budget, so they have all stolen money. That money that the zoo is paying Facebook where do they get it from? Stolen money.

I said to you that Nigga is a slur word, and what is the meaning of slur? It means something designed to insult. In other words, the name Nigga-area (Nigeria) is an insult. Somebody is insulting you with the name Nigga-area, and you wake up in the morning, and you say I am a proud Nigga-arean, am from Nigga-area (Nigeria) am proud. You are insulting yourself, IPOB is not insulting you, Nnamdi Kanu is not insulting you.

If there is nothing in a name, why don't you name your children Judas? Am asking you a very simple question I said why not you name your child demon or Lucifer? Because there is something in a name, that is why our name is very special, and that's why the British wanted to delete it. They were not very sure where this very chosen race of God is in West Africa. So in other to cover their tracks, they named everything Nigga both Niger Republic and the zoo today. And when Britain came to Arochukwu and discovered that here lies them they said we must destroy you after Britain collapse our temple in Arochukwu in 1904, we ask them but who are we? They said you have no history until Lugard wrote in 1914. the proud IGBO race from across the Niger, proud the only people that white people called proud are the IGBO people and by extension the whole of Biafraland. Go and read the amalgamation submission by Frederick Lugard, go and read it all it is in the public domain.

Imagine a white man calling a black race proud you know what that means, that is why I said to you that only an IGBO man could save black people, you can be as envious and jealous as you like am telling you the fact of life if you doubt me go and ask the British, ask the British why they subdued the East they will tell you because if we allow them, they will teach all of you what you don't know. And today topic have I not come? Has IPOB not come? That thing that Britain don't want the world to know, are we not teaching it today? Don't the whole world know about it? Now you know how formidable we are.

When you are born, you are giving identity through your name is your identity, as my name is Nnamdi, my redeemer, liveth, and you wonder why I worship God the way I do? Because my redeemer liveth, you wonder why they will arrest me two times take me to DSS cocked their guns to kill me but they couldn't, you wonder why I am the only person who has led a major movement went to prison and came out without signing any agreement with the zoo Nigga-arean (Nigerian) Government I am the only person. The other person that refused is El Zakzaky, and he is still a jail, every other person that claimed he/she is a freedom fighter go and look at them they signed an agreement with the zoo that was why when they came out they couldn't continue what they were doing, I came out I only not continued I intensify it until they came to kill me now do you understand it?

Because of the name that I bear my redeemer liveth, how can my redeemer be living and a cockroach from the North will come and kill me? Is not possible, my name is my redeemer liveth that is why they couldn't do it ask them they will tell you, That's why they said your name follow you.

Forget about black lives matter, now am saying that black ignorance actually matters as well, because black ignorance is what is keeping black people lives down, they named you Nigga and you accepted it. 

The reason why you bear the name and that name follows you reflect in your everyday stupidity, Why do I say this? Everything that the zoo does is always going backwards, the years are advancing, but they are going backwards in this day and age.

This is from zoo newspaper not from me please before somebody will wake up and say oh they are lying, it was concocted, that's why everything I present to you are from independent sources, not from any source of Radio Biafra from an outsider, this is a headline: Nigerian Lawmakers Uncover Clause In Loan Deal Conceding Nigeria's Sovereignty To China.

Do you remember what they use to say? Nigeria Sovereignty is not negotiable, we can not negotiate it with Nnamdi Kanu, not IPOB, but they gave their Sovereignty to China. So you can negotiate your Sovereignty with China yes, you can give a Chinese man, an Asian man your Sovereignty but not to somebody who is asking for it in their own village. Do you see the brain of a black man? Do you see why I say the blacks are in the mess they are in because of their own doing, their brain doesn't function properly.

There is no patriotic leader around the world that will sign this type of agreement, they don't love you, they don't love the country they claim they represent, but all of you idiots will be jumping up and down being a Nigerian, one Nigga-area, do you see how useless you lives are? Do you see how hopeless your lives are? One day China will come to your village and say pack out from your village, and they will come and take over.

We have been able to prove that BIAFRA is the only solution; there is no other way. The other way is destruction, including restructuring, everybody has to go back to their house and build from there, that is why even BIAFRA will be a confederation.

The more you cling on to one Nigga-area (Nigeria), the more the killings, the more the impunity, the more the pillaging and the more the looting. Now people say Jonathan regime was corrupt can you compare it with this one? This one is blood daylight they have not only stolen what you have they have sold you and your village. They have said to China to go and take any part of Nigga-area (Nigeria), any part of the zoo you like to take.

I have been wondering all my life where the stupidity of a black man came from I can not understand it, is from that name Nigga. That is why those were smart enough said oh please don't call me that name again, but in Africa, there are two nation, not one bearing that name and even in the zoo there is a state called Niger State in the zoo, do you see how foolish they are?

That is why the zoo is a failed state the best thing is for Biafrans to go, Oduduwa's to go, Hausa's Middle Belt's to go that's the only solution. 

Do you believe that the zoo Nigga-area is a failed state? Do you doubt me? I want you to go back to Wikipedia, go to Google type in a failed state.

 Below are the exact answers you will get:

Examples: Syria, Somalia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Liberia, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan. State predation (corrupt or crony is corralling of resources at the expense of other groups).

People don't know how why they prescribe IPOB; they prescribe IPOB because they don't want you to know what you suppose to know. They wanted to tag IPOB  a terrorist group so they can stop our work, so they can diminish us do you understand? Yet Fulani terrorist Myeti Allah is not classified as a terrorist group. That's why some times when I look at some Governors and some elder in our land, I laugh at them. How many times have any Fulani man come out to say tag Myeti Allah, a terrorist group? None absolutely none.

They are all stealing Fulani criminals, EFCC, NDDC, Aso Rock, everywhere steal and steal and steal, loot and loot and loot. Why are the Nigga-areans (Nigerians) not coming out on the street to protest? Because they can not see they are blind, their name is darkness; they can not see because your name will always follow you, that is why they are in darkness. Chief justice of federation is a thieve; they are are all Fulani they are rogues. Meanwhile, they are bringing their people to take over my land Biafraland, and you want me to keep quiet, are you insane? God punish all of you, idi ara (mad people).

That thing that will happen in the next five years will happen this year. All that their plans will reveal it to the whole world this year. It must not go past this year; it must happen in 2020. Because the hypocrisy is too much, the hypocritical garbage is too much; they see what is happening are you telling me that American Ambassador is not in Abuja? Are you telling me the British High Commissioner is not in Abuja? Don't they see the killings going on? Can't the British people see the level of corruption in APC is 100× worst than PDP? Can't they see it? Because it's been carried out by the favourite the Fulani. They know nothing, their brains are empty, they produce nothing, they generate nothing, they contribute nothing they control everything because of our collective stupidity, you people should thank IPOB.

They have run the zoo into the ground, and this is exactly what some corrupt entity want, If you support one Nigga-area you are supporting mediocrity, you are supporting darkness, you are supporting stupidity, you are supporting Niggers that is what it means to. And what is happening in Southern Kaduna? In Southern Kaduna, they are killing. Miyetti Allah invaded a home in Southern Kaduna killed a Layer, wife abducted, they will impregnate her she will give birth to a Fulani terrorist and her life is gone.

How many of Boko Haram are being persecuted today? None, but when they come to your village you will see willing traitors who will come out to say we will help you to prescribe IPOB I will help you not no terrorist is in prison, no Boko Haram gas been convicted instead they graduate them, they put them in the army all of are just there watching sheepishly like animals you are doing nothing only gossiping, Young men and women are being arrested in Southern Kaduna for no reason, for only for defending their homes whereas the Fulani herdsmen are coming with the help of the army, with the help of the Police to kill and I keep asking Britain, Britain are you telling me you are not seeing what is happening in Nigga-area? Facebook, are you not seeing what is happening in Nigga-area? You whites are all of you are you blind as well?

That is why I said this year 2020; the world must declare their stands; we have all the records videos, pictures, articles we have everything in abundance. Let me see how you are going to convince the court of world opinion that the zoo Nigga-arean should continue. Let's see how you are going to do it, Britain all you can do is to enforce air and sea blockade as usual. But do you think am stupid? I will implement my own weapons you think am that foolish? You think I am going to go through that rubbish that happened in the past is that what you think? Is that what you are thinking? This time it will be all-out destruction everything will die am telling you the truth.

You people are there Europeans are there, Americans are there, and people are being killed, their brothers been raped, their mothers been abducted in blood daylight you people are there keeping quiet you are not talking. International diplomats in Abuja you kept quiet all of you because of what you are getting from the Government system if the zoo Nigga-area (Nigeria).

The army is part of the process, and the Army has been Fulanized. The army is there to make sure that the Fulani hegemony continues to advance to the sea, to the Atlantic ocean that is what they are doing in case you don't know. The military commander said we have limited manpower to tackle Southern Kaduna killings. But Fulanis are there killing people,  All the Fulani Governor's they have ganged up, they are pumping money to their people they want to take you over, then what are the Southern Governor's doing? They are helping them, what are the traditional Southern rulers doing they are helping the Fulani to clamp down on IPOB. And any day we raise up now they will say they are terrorist as if we don't have their Data, we have everything well prepared, stage by stage, line by line.

That's why I have been warning IPOB members you must go and join Twitter. I said everybody it's an order. Before the end of August, I want every IPOB family member to be on Twitter. I don't care if you know how to tweet or not. Our lives are in danger you people want us to repeat the same mistakes of 1967-1970, on Twitter everybody is a journalist, on Twitter everybody is a correspondent I am warning you now everybody must go on Twitter because the real battle is coming, they are going to lie against us. They will use saboteurs; they will use traitors they will keep lying and lying we must counter them. All this evidence we have we are going to use it to educate the whole world as to the evil going on. And I want the various countries in the world to ask their Ambassadors in Abuja what is happening in Abuja?

Fulani are killing Hausa in Kaduna, and all of you are keeping quiet, the day they raise up to fight back you will see British High Commissioner writing to London, I think they are armed, we think they are causing trouble, we think is not good for the security, but now Fulani terrorist Army, police and DSS have combined to kill people all of you have all gone quiet, mute, you can't talk anymore, but very soon you will be forced to talk, and that very day IPOB will produce everything. All of you Ambassador and high Commissioners we will listen out your names and list what happened under your watch and your president will ask you why didn't you send this report back to us?

After many years every blessed day killings in Nigeria, stealing, looting, no light every blessed day they complain no. You know black people they love complaining after complaining can we put all our complains into action? The answer is no, and when they see those putting all these complaints into action, they will start backbiting them, they will start talking rubbish.

I want to tell you how Fulani actually work, who started all these killings? El Rufai, the Governor of Kaduna state it's here in black and white. We have paid some Fulani to stop killing in southern Kaduna, and this news was published on the 3rd of December 2016, since then till date they have been killing to depopulate and bring in  Fulani from all over the world to occupy the Southern Kaduna. All of the idiots with your one Nigga-area garbage am a one Nigeria are you following?

IGBO Governor's sat down and say let's kill IPOB. They don't know that I know they were the ones begin Abba Kyari to send the Army I have the name of the Governor, now they came to kill me they killed many men, my parents died, tomorrow when I get angry and start killing people they will start talking rubbish.  When they were killing my men they were there they never said anything, they were hailing the army, but the day I give the order, and we start killing their own army they will start talking rubbish.

Do you see this year 2020? we will know where we stand this very year i didn't say next year I said this year we would know where we stand. Am telling you the truth this nonsense has to stop, this rubbish has to stop it has to stop. They have forgotten to go back to what I said in 2012, the weapons we will fight with we will build it by ourselves am telling you the truth, we will build it by ourselves and they know it, they know what we are capable of. If our fathers can build what they built between 1967-1970 when there was no internet, and no information imagine what we can do now, umu oko oko they don't know we are ready.

Every Sabo will suffer if we catch you you will beg and beg, your eyes will be removed from your head, every Sabo your eyes will be removed from your skull, so you will go back blind to you Fulani masters, and you will help them, mad people everywhere.

They have disconnected me on my page, and we are reconnecting on Facebook because they have made a mistake of cutting us off. They can not live with the truth that is why they are cowards, I have reconnected, we must continue we are hitting them hard, of course, we are hitting them below the belt.

They went to Abaribe are you sure you are not supporting Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB? But this is the same people paying terrorist. Can you imagine the effrontery? They are the ones paying terrorist ooO, but they will come and be harassing Abaribe, harassing the Senators, the Governors are you supporting Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB? And has Nnamdi Kanu killed anyone? No, has IPOB lifted any weapon? No, but you people are the once paying your fellow criminals and terrorist to kill people do you see how they roll?

This year all of you policemen, those who say they are in SARS, traditional rulers arresting IPOB family members the day the result will be announced, you will beg and beg and beg, and there will be no mercy have been honest with you. I have your names every SARS commander, every DPO, every Commissioner of police that had ever arrested, presided over the killing of IPOB family members God in heaven is my witness we will find you, and you will pay very dearly. Go and see what Mossad did to the Nazis that is what we will do to you, there will be a pity, and there will be no mercy. And then I will wait for the British government to write rubbish and then we will ask them where were you when they were killing us? 

I ask them again, where is Gowon? We must keep Nigeria one at a cost. Where is Danjuma?  Where is the UK High Commissioner to the zoo? Where is the US Ambassador? Why are all silent as this slaughter is going on? Why are you silent? The day we raise up you will start writing rubbish, we think what Nnamdi Kanu is doing is uncalled-for, now they are killing and slaughtering, they are taking over my land in my village you have not said anything, you have not said a word because there is a conspiracy, the Fulani have given money to most of the Government of the world to support them in their quest to conquer everybody in the zoo. We are not going to allow it, it's apportion unto man to die only but once.

This very year we will know where we are heading to if it doesn't give, was will give. This 2020 mark it I told you I don't fight like a coward, like a zoo I tell you what am going to do before I do it, you do all you can to stop me but am telling you can not. 2020 result will call itself, mad people everywhere.

They are telling you Nigga-area can not be divided, but they are ravaging, stealing everything you can't talk.  Malami, a little boy, am older than him, my younger brother is even older than him Malami is a little boy he is in his late 40s. A little boy he is a multi-billionaire based on the proceeds from Biafraland. He is the one who is supposed to be persecuting corruption, but he is more corrupt than corruption itself.

You know Mamman Daura he has brought out his head now as the spoke person for the cabal. Abba Kyari is not there, Funtua is not there he is now the appointed spoke person, watch out for Mamman Daura you will hear his story very soon, watch out and see, you will hear his story very soon.

Meanwhile, they are in Lagos ooO killing people, and once they kill they will say there is a gas explosion, people are dying they releasing bomb everywhere, and I say where Amotekun is? Do you know there was a bomb explosion in Ajawe estate? They know that is where IGBOS are living. There was a bomb explosion in Ajawe estate they are killing people there, the Janjaweed Fulanis terrorist they are everywhere Britain can not see it ooO, EU can not see it everybody is blind and silent, once it's Fulani making the killings there is no problem. People are dying everywhere.

In the midst of all these killings, there is a talk about IGBO presidency. IGBO presidency nonsense.

"Everybody associated with Operation Phyton Dance will go down mark my words".

An IGBO man is original sabo, and they said to them you want presidency? We will give it to you, but you must prescribe Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, imminently they rushed prescribed. Today the same people that ask them to prescribe IPOB to give them presidency have now turned back and said you would not get anything they know nothing.

They want to let you know that you are nobody because you have spent years backstabbing yourself, you have spent years selling your birthright, and you want them to give it to you if course they will not, that's the end of the game for you.

We are a very strong people determined and dedicated. The history of Haitian is a to prove to you that black people Africa so to speak can come together and defeat their oppressors, it has happened in Haiti before, and it will happen again. The Haitian revolution that turned the white world upside down. It started in 1791 by slaves and by 1803 they have succeeded not only ending slavery but also ending French control over the colonial.

And who led this very revolution? It was led by an IGBO man for your information, I won't give you his name I have it here but please go and read up. An IGBO man was the very first person to defeat a European Army. Haitian revolution an IGBO man,  the only people in the whole of Africa to defeat a white Army.

And on that note we bring this program to a close, all of us must be on Twitter. And I thank you very much for listening to us this very evening, despite their best effort that we have now become accustomed to distracting and interrupting our Broadcast but we want to make sure that the whole world hears us loud and clear. Life is meaningless to us without BIAFRA. And this year 2020 something must give.

That is why we are letting everybody understand this, the reason we are under oath is that we have come to pursue one thing in life and that is is to restore BIAFRA, or we die restoring BIAFRA, is never ever going to change. We are not asking for something that doesn't belong to us; we are asking for peace and equity in our land the same way we were before the white British came.

I do not believe that God gave power to Britain to create any nation on this earth. The power to create a nation resides with God and with God alone and not man. Britain can not create a nation for us never, and we are going back to BIAFRA  from where we came from, Oduduwa will return to Oduduwa, everybody will return to where they come from, and then should our children or Children children decide to come together to form a nation that is entirely up to them, as for us we are for BIAFRA.

That's why I thank you very much this very evening for listening, but do not forget and I say it proudly and without any fear nor favour that BIAFRA is our religion. Here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God from me, from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For  Umuchiukwu Writers 



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