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■ 04, July 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, we welcome you once again to another fascinating edition of Radio Biafra live presentation. On this very day Wednesday the 1st day of July a year of our most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile 2020.

Regardless of where you are domiciled, irrespective of where you are living across the entire 24 time zones of this real-world people are tuned in they are listening to this very presentation this evening, this very gospel of hope, a doctrine of truth, a gospel of restoration, a gospel of freedom, a gospel of emancipation not just for Biafrans, not only for ethnic nationality trapped in the damnable zoological republic, it's for the entirety of Africa and also black people wherever they are. If you wish to be free you must be able to discern; you must be able to reason, you must be able to possess a little bit of common sense if you don't have any of those things you are finished and there is no way you can be free this evening.

I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. Everywhere is at a standstill they know when they listen to us they will hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth because we maintain that we are whiter than white and whiter than snow. We have come to restore BIAFRA, and that BIAFRA must be restored in our time, we are going to do, we are doing and will continue to do everything humanly possible to ensure that BIAFRA is restored, our enemies are wasting their time, our enemies know that they are bruised, we are fighting multiple faceted wars on many fronts, and we are winning all of them.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA, and I am the director of Radio BIAFRA and the director of BIAFRA Television, and by the very special grace of the highest God Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile a servant of the wonderful people of BIAFRA.

I will not take your time any. Further, we shall proceed to pray after which we shall delve into the substance of tonight presentation, if you know you are of a weak constitution this is not a program, this is not a Broadcast for you to listen to because here we shall speak the truth, because here we don't have any space for a reformed Saboteurs because a Sabo can not be reformed. It's in their bone marrow, and it's in their blood once the time comes they will begin to come out of the woodwork, that is why there is no pity for all the traitors there won't be any, it doesn't matter how may they are there will be no pity for them. If they like they can go and allow themselves not just to the Sultan of Sokoto, not with Ariwa, not with Miyetti Allah if they like they can go to the Taliban and form an alliance with them. In so far as this very march is concerned, in so far as we are marching into our God own promise land the land of BIAFRA there is nothing the enemies can do, absolutely nothing and very soon we shall show them, very very soon and eminently we are going to make them understand that the land belongs to us, if you are not afraid of the truth then listen to us, if you are afraid of truth then quite frankly you have no business listening to us because here we preach the gospel truth, we don't give a dime who is concerned or who is affected, as long as it's the truth that is what we are here to preach.


Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

We must proceed, therefore unstoppably this very evening from this very location to preach this very gospel that we have been given to preach; I welcome each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

I want to prove it to the whole world especially to those who are listening that darkness can never defeat light, that is why I challenge anybody if you claim you are intelligent, Friday morning 7 am in the morning I will add you on Skype, and you will co-host the program with me, if after that very program you still regard yourself as a human being then I will know you are intelligent Indeed. But I assure categorically and without any hesitation nor prevarication that you will not survive it, you can't, nobody can. If you claim you are learned you come forward let me destroy you.

Some of them say we are arrogant that is your prerogative, we are the way we are because we are blessed, we are the way we are because we do things that other black people can never ever do not now, not tomorrow, not ever, we are the way we are because we are IPOB, we are the way we are because we are unstoppable, we are the way we are because BIAFRA must be restored it doesn't matter what you do, how you grumble, how you complain it's inconsequential the only thing that matters is freedom, and that is what we are pursuing.

Before we go any further, there is a click that has been played everywhere it has gone viral, has been analyzed, interpreted from every dimension but in keeping with our tradition here on this hallowed platform, we shall dissect that very video this very evening for the world to know where your problem is coming from, those you should be upset with. Don't be upset with IPOB you should be upset with your inability, and you should be upset with your idiocy not to recognize the danger in front of you.

People are getting upset because of how they are spoken to not because their mothers have been raped and their daughters abducted, that is why I said that a brain of a black man is worst, everything is always upside down. You are not concerned about people who are being slaughtered, and you are concerned about the way the massage was delivered, that is how foolish some of you are, you are irredeemable anyway. You have been tutored on school under a system presided over by a Janjaweed Alamagiri. I don't expect most of you to be discerning and to be intelligent enough to take the massage and not the way the messenger delivered it.

We must proceed I will play the same video again, and please I want it to be posted, the same video about what Britain did to most of you if not all of you. Listen to it very carefully, and then we will be able to analyze it because this is where every problem that I have with the brain of a black man has capitulated in this very video, everything, every problem that I have with our inability to reason I keep hammering on it all the time, forget about the romancing of the words, we are not here to romance words, we are here to make you understand the stupidity you are in and how to get yourself out of it. Listen to this maybe then some of you will appreciate the degree of the mess you are in.

Please click on the link below to watch the full video:  👇👇


I want you to understand how people who are genuinely educated how they speak, how they behave and type of conscience that they possess unlike most of them in Africa, unlike most of the baboons that claim they went to Harvard, they went to Cambridge garbage all rubbish this is a white man with the wife I want you to listen to what this man has to say compare it with the level of cowardice and the iniquitousness that you have in the zoo from those that went to the same school that this Whit man went to. Understand what he is trying to say I know those who are concerned about the way we deliver this message to see where your idiocy come from, to direct you to where your anger should be channelled to.

We want you to reason, and until you reason, we will continue to preach this gospel the way we do,  any day you raise up in the morning, and you are concerned about the death of your people in Enugu then I will respect you, any day that you raise up and you are concerned about what the Miyetti Allah is doing in Ebonyi state then I will be respectful of your person, any day you wake up in the morning you understand that Delta State is gone then I will respect you, any day you get up in the morning, and you understand that Willi Obiano is an agent of Janjaweed that day I will respect you, any day you wake in the morning, and you understand that there is something wrong for somebody to come from 4th position to be declared the winner by Fulani supreme Court that day I will respect you.

Any day you raise up in the morning and you are disturbed by what is happening at lopka nnta, and now at Ukwa where people come from Mali, from all across the Sahel to Abia state to leave in the forest that day I will have regard for you, any day you wake up in the morning, and you understand the desperation of the Janjaweed jihadist to takeover River State that day I will respect you, any day you wake up in the morning and understand that those in the Nigger-area, the zoo people that claim they are your friends whereas all they are trying to do is to bring you down, to subjugate you, to enslave you that day I will respect you but until that happens you are a baboon, and you are monkey you are nothing, your brain are empty that is why you have no electricity, you have no running water, you have no good schools, you have no hospital.

Remember what I told you before that even in Britain there are good people there. I told you this many many times that British people on average are conscious they are good people forget about their Government.

Do you understand the question from this interviewer? An interviewer is a black man some of you have seen this clip, but in keeping with the brain of a black man we don't delve into it, we don't analyze it properly no we don't, this man is trying to make you understand the history of rigging in Nigger-area (Nigeria) he wants you to understand who brought in the rigging.

I was watching a black American brother today an activist with his Assault weapon and his side pistol, do you know what he said? A black American he said that black people are innocent and good people, that some white folks introduce evil to them. I want people to understand that had Britain not brought in rigging into the zoo there will be no rigging today, I want all those professional petition writers to hire, any politician that we deal with he will go and recruit some idiots four or five of them to be writing rubbish, I want to tell you all, you zoo animals in Nigger-area (Nigeria) that this is where you should be channelling your anger and your desperation to. These people that caused you unbearable pain and suffering, not just for the generation before you but your children and your children, children. So you place your anger properly, that is the problem with black people they don't reason very well, they don't know how to channel their anger.

Somebody came from somewhere took you away with a chain, tied you up in chain gave you their God and you accepted it. Somebody is coming and telling you the truth, and you said there is an insult, but somebody can and took you away in the chain?

The only thing is doing in life is I just want black people to reason even for one second only, just reason one second forget all your petty envy and jealousy and greed we deal with that later. I just want you to listen and be truthful to yourself for ones that you may learn. That is why IPOB is undefeatable you can not, that is why no matter how much you write your rubbish, write your garbage if you go back to the house your wife will ask you  Nna and have you heard what IPOB said today? I want you to pay attention, and this video am playing is the most important video in the history of Nigger-area (Nigeria). It's the most critical this very video.

Have you ever asked yourself this question, but why is it that anytime there is money for anything it will always go to the North? World Bank? North, gas pipeline? North, refinery? North, why? Because Britain wanted the North to rule, Britain wanted the North to rule. By North, I mean Janjaweed the Fulani because they are very stupid and useless, and easy to control. They are the only people that abandoned everything about them their way of life, their culture everything and absorbs everything Arabic to their name. If we begin to read out all the names of the Janjaweed or the Miyetti Allah in high political offices, it sounds as if you are in Saudi Arabia, calling their names in Saudi Arabia.

Britain understood that when their Alamagiri Ranka dede culture that the Fulani can be controlled why was it easier for Britain to control the Fulanis? Exactly the same reason the Fulani Janjaweed have today over the lives of Ohanaeze ndi oshi na ndi ama because there is only one thing you need in life for you to become an agent and oppressor, you must be an envious bastard, you must be an envious person.

Do you know why Britain chose the Fulani? Because the Fulani have the natural hatred for anybody who is educated from the South, for anybody who is progressive they don't like it. Listen very carefully,  a fetal ground for betrayal must be built on envy, greed and jealousy. What the Fulani were doing was traitor to just to themselves but the whole of Africa as a whole, and Britain was using them to accomplish this the idiots because of their envious nature towards an IGBO man, towards the entire South   they could not see that what they were doing evil, is what I want black people to understand but they can't understand it, they never reason this far.

Because anytime you see a black person working against the interest of his people forget about the financial consideration. Look at the underline causes It's always envy, I can not be like them so let me work against them, I can not be as consistence as IPOB, I can not be as unbribable as IPOB, so the best thing for me is I will hate them. I told you before Britain used it on the Fulani, and it worked perfectly well till today.

I keep asking people where is Aburi cord? I don't know what is wrong with some people, I want to restructure, Obasanjo is saying we want to restructure, Tinubu let us restructure, we must restructure to move forward and I keep asking this question and nobody wants to answer. Where is the Aburi Accord? One of the signatories is alive, you went to the conference, you agreed on something Gowon where is it? Where is that document? All this nonsensical garbage about restructuring or not restructuring where is Aburi? Been a devil incarnate as Gowon is, Gowon is busy saying he is praying whereas the document that could have solved all the problem is somewhere in his house why won't Gowon bring it out? Because Gowon and his people are envious of industrious and Genuity of a Biafran man.

The reason why Aburi was not implemented, I want people all around the world listening to understand the genesis of our problem, to understand that the way a white man reason is different from the way a black man reason and that is why we are in the mess we are in today, not for nothing more, nothing less. As soon as we understand this very simple problem all our problem are solved.

They used Fulani because Fulani had a hatred for educated South, the best thing to do is to give power to an irritating, to cattle rearer, so they will mess everybody up. That is why I call the Nigger-area (Nigeria) a racist construct, Britain that created the monster the zoo never have good intentions in the first place, because if they did there is no way that somebody preaching democracy, preaching good Government, preaching development and transparency will be actively involved in the rigging of election and the subversion of the will of the people just tell me why they did it? Why if not let us suppress them?

All I want is for black people to reason, if you don't get black people to reason we can never be free, no matter how hard we try we can never be free, because in the Western world in Europe and in America, even in Japan. From kindergarten from nursery School, they begin to teach them their right, and after teaching them they tell them don't allow anybody to trample on those rights, even if it means defending it with your blood do they teach us that? Of course not.

Janjaweed, Ahmadu Bello, Tafala Balewa, the Northern leaders,  those preaching to me one Nigeria today that is why I looked at people and I wonder, you know history some of you intellectuals on Facebook you claim you are learned, you claim you understand history, you claim you are well-read have you not come across where it was stated that the North will secede, they will leave is called araba they want to go, they don't want to be part of Nigeria it was Nnamdi Azikiwe that begged them to be part of one Nigeria are you not aware of it? Who is now claiming they are not aware that it was Nnamdi Azikiwe that was pleading with them saying don't go, don't go Britain built an empire called Nigger-area (Nigeria), and Zik wanted to come and be the emperor, Azikiwe forgot that for Emperor to rule an Empire you must go to war and you must conquer all those places, not for a foreigner to conquer it for you and handover it doesn't happen that way. Have you heard it now? We can not allow anybody to secede but it was Fulani the first people to threaten secession the Fulani people.

They have nothing in the North, a friend in London asked Frederick Lugard why are you amalgamating the South and the North? Frederick Lugard said because the North is very poor, they have nothing, till today they still have nothing we all know they have nothing. But the people with nothing are asking to be given all the political power and they got it, they are the ones ruling because that was how Britain planned it why did Britain plan it that way? Because they don't want to see a black country developed they don't want it.

In the West Cook and ask somebody to come and eat, they will tell you to thunder fire you there why don't you come to my house to eat? Why must I come to your own to eat? Who are you to belittle me? The more you belittle black people, the more they love it. And we are telling you here on this platform don't allow yourself to be belittled if you see what we are preaching as an insult that means you are a fool, you are a complete idiot you no nothing.

What we are suffering today we are fighting for BIAFRA Britain made it so, Britain never wanted BIAFRA to emerge why? Because black man can have schools and hospitals they don't want that. They want to be playing God, feeding us with feeding bottle oh they love it that way, but you are the problem an average black person is a problem.

Britain never wanted BIAFRA and Oduduwa to be together never from day one. The reason why I said that this is the most important video in the history of Nigger-area (Nigeria) is that it contains everything. Now you can understand the whole South-South nomenclature Niger Delta garage you can understand that foolishness where is coming from. The reason why Britain advised Gowon please creat Rivers State, create Cross River State was because they understood the essence of divide and rule. Britain realized they were the one that instigated Awolowo to fight Nnamdi Azikiwe in Ibadan, they know that once Oduduwa and BIAFRA are together that there will be progress so Britain never wanted it to happen never impossible. They went and give money to their agent, their jealousy has driven envious people to instigate trouble and Awolowo came overnight and said Azikiwe please go back to your land, Ibadan is for Yoruba people, go back to IGBO land and do your politics there that was how Britain won.

They enslaved you in such a way that you become a nuisance to your own self, what we are doing we know is very painful but is for your own good, are you happy that they are killing our people? Are you happy that somebody that didn't go to school is presiding over your affair?

On Sunday I will do the Olisa Metuh expose on the amount of criminality going in the zoo, some of you don't know this is the worst Government ever in the history of humanity, and you want me to be nice to you in your stupidity? I think you are dreaming.

The North can not tolerate Oduduwa and BIAFRA  together, the North will never tolerate   Yoruba and IGBO man coming together never ever ever, Fulani had a mission spearheaded by the British, the British said to the Fulani you should never allow them to come together. That was why they  know if they go for a Christian Oduduwa leader that things may change along the way,  the Fulanis went into a closed-door meeting as well and decided if we are going to allow any Yoruba man to emerge  it has to be a Muslim Oduduwa so that person will always be loyal to the Sultan of Sokoto now are you following? Are you following what am teaching you this evening? Because what we teach you here you can't get it anywhere else in this planet pure truth.

Aso Rock they are listening now they know is the truth am preaching, everybody knows so don't allow your petty village envy to get better of you, you can't be like us nah I am Nnamdi Kanu you can't be me, where did you attend the school? You are not learned, we went to school you didn't go to school so how can you defeat me in a debate? How is that possible I ask you? We are not been proud or boastful no it's a fact of life, you can not if you come you will be Obliterated in 5 minutes, that is why we teach the way we do so that you can know what we know.

Fulani doesn't want it that is why whenever they see an alliance forming Oduduwa and BIAFRA they will go and pay their E-rats, they will recruit more Yoruba Journalist they start to write garage, but the Yoruba idiot writing this crap to destabilize Oduduwa and BIAFRA alliance think he is doing himself a favour, the same reason why Aisha boyfriend is in Aso Rock, everybody knows that that man there is not Buhari. Who doesn't know? Everybody knows he is not Buhari, we all know but ask yourself this question why is that a contraption of said 200 million people can not raise up one day and say enough is enough? Ask yourself those very questions. Have you actually sat down and ask yourself why that is the case? No, you have not and how can you?

The first proper election in Nigeria was rigged, it wasn't rigged by INEC it was rigged by white people, by Britain. Britain wanted to teach you how to be corrupt, they wanted to teach you corruption, they want to put it in you, have they be a true and fair election till today? No. If you want me to give you the report of 2023 election I will give it to you, if you want me to give you the report of British electoral observers and EU in 2023 I will give it to you now.

The British Governor-General in 1959 announced the result before the election votes ware even counted.

Do you know the reason why you have all these idiots from everywhere? Even those that have not taken a bath for a pass one week, do you know why you see them all the time everywhere writing rubbish? IPOB, BIAFRA, everywhere, this and that nonsense, do you know they were sent? As soon as I announced that BIAFRA must come this year, as soon as I said BIAFRA is coming this year all of them came out. Because they don't know the plan we are using, all the Sabo they pushed all of them out even closest Sabo, there are saboteurs hiding under BIAFRA claiming they are doing BIAFRA but saboteurs inside them, they are now coming out slowly Saboteurs,  their job is to hurt the coming of BIAFRA in 2020, to give Fulani time till 2023, to perfect everything they are doing including Ruga so you don't know?

Fulanis are the friends of British don't you know that? Are you not aware of it am asking you? Now you know, And the mistake that some people actually made the only time we got it right is only when our internal leader Dim       Odumegwu Ọjukwụ was alive, left alone to me since Oduduwa went outside BIAFRA, left to alone me If we're to be a front line politician from Biafraland I will allow the Fulani to rule forever, I will make sure Yoruba man never near that seat since you want Janjaweed rule, let them rule forever.

You know the black man he will always copy evil easily, all the rigging technics Britain gave it to the zoo, the zoo they created, Britain tell you what is happening after is their colony they created it,  that is why Britain will go and tell America, oh please support the North, they go to EU oh support the North.

Do you know why Nnamdi Azikiwe turned and became anti-BIAFRA? Nnamdi Azikiwe was one of the people that composed the BIAFRA national anthem if you don't know let me tell you, he was part of BIAFRA if you ask our dear elder Mbazuruike Amaechi he will tell you, Azikiwe agreed at a point that BIAFRA should come to forget about leadership, Azikiwe was blackmailed they blackmailed him with ACB, that was what killed Mazi Mbaonu Ejike, Mbaonu Ejike lied to save Zik, Mbaonu Ejike took an oath swore to save Zik. They blackmailed Azikiwe they told him if you don't support one Nigeria we will expose all the documentation you had, all the loans you took from African continental  Bank he said okay I agree.

Now, do you see why they tried to blackmail me and I said no, they don't know that I know history very well? When the Janjaweed tried everything and failed with their lapdogs Oduduwa when they tried everything and it failed they go for blackmail. And I warned you people on Radio Biafra in 2014, I warned you in 2015 I said to you that a time will come they will attack us with everything they have because the heavyweight will join this very battle of blackmail and BBC have joined the battle, they use BBC IGBO and BBC Penguin to cover their evil against me and IPOB, if you go search Nnamdi Kanu you will see that news is been there nearly a month, BBC Penguin in that news it said that Nnamdi Kanu collects $85 USD every month to rubbish Nigeria, not that that I pay ooO, that I collect from people BBC. And do you know the funniest thing? That news has been there for over a month is not been moved, BBC Penguin Nnamdi Kanu dey collect 85  thousand to rubbish Nigeria it's the upside-down news, that is what they do because they have looked everywhere no heavy blackmail they did it to Azikiwe, Azikiwe run away from BIAFRA.

The same way some idiots stole my phone in Enugu when we will remember them you will hear their story. Thinking that releasing the picture, the video of me and my wife in my own bedroom that somehow I will stop BIAFRA, do you see how foolish they are? Uwazuruike kidnapped me they stripped me necked and were videoing me, women were released on me are you aware of that? Uwazuruike did all this and wanted to even blackmail me and told him to go to hell to publish it, I dare him to do it. It was then that I realize that Chukwu Okike Abiama said I am going to put you through all these things to see if you are ready for this very battle because you are going to meet monsters ahead, is only for preparation and that is why we are where we are today. Some of you don't know this, do you? That is why blackmail is rubbish to us it can never work.

That is the same thing they are using on Nnia Nwodo, they have video of Nnia Nwodo kneeling down and begging to be made the vice president, they have video of him kneeling and begging Tinubu, the Governor of Enugu state he is useless. They have something on all of them they told Okezie Ipkeazu if you talk PIM we will prob all the money you have stolen, do you know Emeka Ihedioha went to Abba Kyari in to beg him to leave Imo for him are you aware of that? And by going to Landon to go and beg Abba Kyari shows that he is a weak man, that was the day they decided they are going to give it to Hope Uzodimma because he went to beg, you don't beg Janjaweed you take what is yours by force.

I need you to understand that now is the time for us to attack more, if they say we are been insultive,  insult them 100 times more now.

Sobo nti Ike it doesn't matter how you explain things to them, that thing he wants to write is what he is going to write because they are foolish, they are not in the spirit, they don't understand what we do.

I said I Nnamdi Kanu will not be, I will not contest, I will not put myself forward to contest any office they still couldn't listen to Sabo that is the way they are, I am waiting for BBC to unleash their own Armageddon that is what am waiting for Umu Okooko.

From day one I made it very clear that BIAFRA is open to liberate everybody, I want Oduduwa to be free, I want Tiv people to be free, I want Hausa people to be free, I even want the down troubling Fulani boy or man to be free, I want freedom for all. I was in prison I was campaigning for the freedom of Fulani, of Hausa, of Yoruba, of everybody in DSS detention, in prison, I pay for lawyers to represent none Biafrans, I gave them money for transport from Kuje prison to go home, did I ask them for anything? Did I ask them to go and join IPOB Or join BIAFRA? Because I believe in freedom, freedom for everybody not just for Biafrans I said for everybody if you don't know.

That is the British the damage they did to you, they showed you how to rig election, how to divide people everything evil in the zoo is from the British. Look at where we are today no electricity, no good roads, to the point where people come to your village they rape a woman, they abduct the daughter, you come to social media the next day the only concern you have is he insulted us as he was saying it, and you want me to regard you as a human being with common sense?

And as you are busy yapping away with your idiocy Janjaweed have brought back their bill oh, that Ruga, that  Fulanilization bill is back oh in case you don't know, you know they are very clever in what they do they have been advised by the British they know what they are doing, as they are killing you moving into your land, moving into your villages, one death at a time, one killing at a time, they have the police with them, they have the army with them. Are some of you not in the army and police? And your villages are ravaged, do you see the foolishness of everybody in that zoo?

After the expose I did on the woman that the daughter was abducted all of a sudden Anambra state send some people there to go and give her some money, I saw her she is now wearing makeups foundation, she is wearing eyelashes, they brought a makeup artist they make her up and I was thinking is this the woman I was talking to the other day? That is how blacks are.

Somebody said do not blame Janjaweedsm Islamization on anything else blame it on colonialism very very important because our argument has been very simple.

There is the ongoing arrest of IPOB family members in a place called Amangwu Edeh in Afipko South LGA of Ebony state, they are not arresting Fulani herdsmen that kill our people, they are not arresting Miyetti Allah terrorist. They are arresting IPOB family members so if you are a Frontline IPOB family in Amangwu Edeh in Afipko South LGA in Ebonyi state, we are receiving information now that SARS is arresting our people In that very areal very very important, because of a death of a Fulani person who died and because nobody is able to account for why this Fulani terrorist died, they are now out to arrest everybody that is what they are doing.

Without Britain giving power to Fulani I don't think that Miyetti Allah will today be the second most deadly terrorist group in the world.

Some people are saying you must restructure now or risk the collapse of the zoo, who is saying restructuring now? Obasanjo is saying so. Obasanjo but you went to war to fight against restructuring true or false? Ọjukwụ went to Ghana to negotiate an Aburi with Gowon, Ọjukwụ came back and said implement Aburi Gowon said no,  the next minute these people flooded our land and by the time we are done 5million people lay dead. And now after 53 years, you are asking for restructuring, you are asking for the same Aburi that all of you saw but did nothing about, that is the way they are in the zoo, that is how they reason. Obasanjo warned again of the possible collapse of Nigger-area (Nigeria).

How can you restructure? You went to war to go and kill restructuring now you are asking of restructuring, the same thing will happen to our people the Biafrans, one day they will be pleading oh where is IPOB? If somebody said to the zoo 53 years ago, that one day this thing that you are fighting Biafrans for you will be begging for it they won't believe it. Everybody now in the Middle  Belt where Gowon comes from Is asking for restructuring. But they went to war because of it that is a typical black man, they went to war killed 5million innocent Biafrans because of it and aft 53 years shamelessly they are asking for it, what does that tell you about them?

People must ask Gowon, Gowon stop praying and show us Aburi Accord and tell us why it was not implemented, that is the type of truth people should be after not all this nonsense restructuring. When you went to war 53 years ago to go and kill restructuring which you are now asking for today, I think is very foolish I can't understand it, Why then did you go to war?

I want somebody to tell me why a so-called country that oil comes out of the ground in Biafraland with four refineries, every year they graduate over ten thousand students of petroleum engineering and Chemical engineering, this person that are graduating they have no job, but meanwhile, there are four refineries and what it take this four refinery to be working is crude oil and that crude oil is coming out in abundant, But you are a petroleum engineering and there is no job.

Every politician from the South including Tinubu all of them, they are driven by an untold degree of selfishness, while in office they are all aspiring for the next office. That is why after Governor they must be Senator they keep rotating themselves, that is their only ambition in life. Rochas Okorocha is an example the strategy to get on the ladder is to sacrifice your people that is what they do as Rochas Okorocha did in Imo, they are prepared to call Miyetti Allah and hand over Abia state to Miyetti Allah as long as they go to Senate.

Nnia Nwodo is there and they are killing his people he never uttered a word not one single word, you remind him to say something the idiot will come out and say you are insulting him, fools anyway are just a handful of them.

Remember Peter Odili an IGBO man he said he is not an IGBO man because he wants to be president of the zoo. He wanted to run for presidency he squandered the whole money that belongs to Rivers State, he gave it to the Northern Emirs, he gave it to the Northern Opinion leaders but at the end, he failed.

Remember our dear brother Good Luck Jonathan he postponed every development in the South of Biafraland because he was waiting for his second tenure, he put all his resources into rehabilitating Alamagiri in the North, he built Abuja, Kaduna airway but there is none in his village ooO none or whatsoever, oh my goodness. He built and completed Federal University in Katsina, Jigawa but only did a foundational groundbreaking for the Federal University in Bayesal, in the end, he was kicked out of Aso Villa by the same INEC Chairman that he appointed that is how foolish they are. They say I insult them? You can see why I insult you.

And as am on air right now I have news for those you who are worried about the insult, is coming from Yoruba newspaper, this is from THE NATION they are saying Fulani gang have raped a woman to die in Ebonyi, her name is  Agyness Okepke from Abakaliki, she was hired by some farmers in the community to harvest some crops. While working in the farm two herdsmen came with the help of cattle gang they raped her until she lost consciousness, and you want me to be part of one Nigeria? Chineke pko Kwa gi Ọkụ, God punish you and punish your family from now till thy kingdom come, bastards everywhere, this is happening in our land and you are more concerned about how you are spoken to are you not a fool? You are an idiot.

This is the things I expect some of you idiots to be writing on your Facebook walls, our land is under siege, our mothers are been raped and killed I have given you her name raped, killed in a farm, in our own land an abomination before God and before man. And all you care about is how people talk to you, Chineke pko Kwa gi ọkụ idiot, ndi ara stupid set of people.

The same thing they are doing in the zoo they are doing in Burkina Faso some of you don't know this, there is bloodshed in Burkina Faso Fulani are on the march everywhere. They are there in Burkina Faso jihadist everywhere, they are now in our land and you are doing nothing, in fact, the majority of you were born by Fulani during the war and after the war, some of your parents were born by the Fulani that is why you can no longer speak. There must be a compulsory DNA test when BIAFRA comes let us know where our fathers come from.

I want when I go online I look at you your timeline, you are talking about what is happening in our land that is what the world wants to read about not rubbish.

Anything I say is gospel and they know it's the truth, every word I utter is the gospel. I told you Buratai is not coming back, I told you Osinbanjo is missing presumed dead, I told you Aso Rock is empty and is empty, you can camouflage it, you can pay as many people as possible to write am writing to Buhari, Buhari must report, is all rubbish you know Aso Rock is empty, you are all deceiving yourselves, hypocrites, all of you are hypocrites.

It took Obasanjo 53 years to be lamenting like a baby, it took Obasanjo 53 years to realize that Ọjukwụ was right, the same way some of you will realize it that IPOB has been right all along, mad people everywhere.

Insecurity everywhere people are suffering, people are dying and all they do is wait for 2023, blacks are useless especially the animal from the zoo Nigger-area (Nigeria). I don't know what they teach them in their useless university only God knows, but they come out more useless, they come out my foolish, they come out more intellectually handicapped.

Are you going to stop BIAFRA? Once we commence our march if you stand on our way you will fall, we will kill you. Save all that nonsense you are writing, save it to do your proper sabotage work to write to the Government of the world, to report Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB because if you think am going to keep quiet and they will continue to kill our people then you are dreaming. Do you think am keeping quiet? Am gathering all the evidence that's all, so that any day I give the order to march the world will see that they are the ones provoking us, you think am a fool? I know what am doing we are not keeping quiet. We are collecting all the evidence so the day I give the order to march the world will know they were the grieved party, not all the lies.

After 53 years now can we restructure? The same restructuring why you went to war, after 53 years because you have no vision, you have no foresight, out of envy towards Ọjukwụ because he is well-read and blessed. After 53 years you are begging for something that Ọjukwụ gave to you on a platter of gold in 1967 on a platter of gold you said no out of your envy.

If you have learnt nothing this evening as an aspiring traitor nwa obere, Nwa baby Sabo. If you have learnt nothing today because Nnia Nwodo comes from a lineage of Saboteurs if you have not learnt anything today I want you to learn this. Ọjukwụ was called every name under the sun, and the British demonized him secessionist, all manner of names they called him. Today he is in the grave of blessed memory after 53 years the same thing Ọjukwụ got and negotiated for everybody, those that fought Ọjukwụ are today asking for it now who the fool is? Only you can answer that.

And on that note we have come to the end of today proceedings, we are proud of what God in heaven is doing with us, jealousy means nothing to us, traitors they will come they will go outmarch unstoppable, as I told you before not everybody who started with us will end with us, some will fall by the wayside, new people will come in but the march is unstoppable, just like a football team I remember now that Liverpool is the champions once again of England, people have come they have gone but the name Liverpool will remain that is how is going to be with IPOB. People will come, people will go but IPOB shall remain, those playing for Liverpool did the play for Liverpool last ten years? Of course no. But that name, that club remains.

So I want all of you hardcore to remain resolute, be determined more than ever, you know our enemy doesn't like to fight we will take the fight to them, we will take the fight to you and we demolish you. And is not going to stop we are even going to be more ferocious Because we know our enemies are coming because is going to happen this year we need to be prepared for the fight to come. Because is either BIAFRA come or we all die getting BIAFRA simple as that.

And that is why we proclaim with every certainty, without any hesitation and with every pride honour and dignity in us that BIAFRA is not just a country, is not just a nation that BIAFRA to us is a religion. Here on Radio BIAFRA is where we worship because Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile, Elohim, Adonai El Shaddai, God Almighty in Heaven, the Alpha and Omega is our God from me from here it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchiukwu Writers.



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