■Author:  ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 26, July 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, once again we welcome you to our live presentation on this very day the 22nd day in the 7th month of the year that Elohim has made.

We are bringing you this message of hope, a message of redemption, a message of freedom, a message of emancipation, a massage of renewal, the massage that will unshackle you from the primitivity and stupidity of the damnable zoological republic.

I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some you. We are the most wildly listened to indigenous broadcasting station out of Africa bar none, we have presented in over 100 countries and territories across the world, we are the largest mass movement of it kind anywhere on the face of this very planet, we have so much to be thankful for, and we have so much to be proud of. We did not accomplish it through any might or power that we possess everything became possible because the Highest Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is in front of us, behind us to the right and to the left. And he has given instructions to his angles to ensure that BIAFRA comes in our time, to guard and to shepherd this very movement towards it ultimate glory which is the restoration of BIAFRA.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu from Isi Ama Afaraukwu Ibeku in the blessed land of BIAFRA, I tell you where I come from, and I give you my name in full.

I am the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA  all over this entire planet earth, at the pinnacle of the centrality of our command and control system, the finest of it kind anywhere in the whole world, I am also the director of the Radio Biafra and Biafra Television. But above all and most critically by the very special grace of the Most High Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile a servant of wonderful people of BIAFRA.

We must pray, we must hand over these proceedings this evening to the Almighty Creator In Heaven, the owner of IPOB, the creator of the land of BIAFRA, Biafraland was not created by the British, the zoo Nigga-area (Nigeria) was created by man, by Frederick lugard and his girlfriend, Flora Shaw. Whereas Biafraland was created by God Almighty in Heaven. And we know that everything that is man-made has an expiring date it must come to pass, but anything that God Almighty built will ensure forever and ever, that is why BIAFRA will come without hesitation and as I say if we play our cards right, BIAFRA will be with us this very year, just do as you are told and watch the events unfolds, that they may know that we are actually sent by the Most High.

"We must pray".

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed Isee Isee Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

The entirety of humanity is bearing us witness as we proceed to preach this very gospel Heaven this very evening without fear nor favour. Here we preach the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth that we may be vindicated in our own time.

You must listen very attentively I beg of you because we are about to discover everything that is wrong with the zoo, and the reason why we reason the way we do very sadly Indeed.

I will start this very evening by commending those Odua activists in the diaspora, Yoruba to some of you but Odua to me. They came out a few days ago to demonstrate, and I love the way Radio Biafra captured it, it said that the new generation of Odua today protested in London In front of the zoo Embassy Nigga-area (Nigeria). They were demanding for the disintegration of the man-made contraption. That very place that looting and corruption is a badge of honour, where mediocrity, stupidity and idiocy rain supreme. We are here to make history their coordinator said, I am reading according to Radio Biafra publication, we have started history from today, and they said that Nigga-area (Nigeria) must fall, the same thing that we say that the zoo must fall.

I want to commend each and every participant that proudly declared their intention to fight for their freedom, I welcome them on behalf of this very noble family IPOB the whole world over, and I say to them that they are the people we are going to work with. I don't want anybody telling me that they are Nigerian from the West, they are Yoruba, they want to move things forward no if you answer Odua and you are fighting for Odua independents then you are one of us. The mistakes of the past will not again be repeated never ever; what transpired between Azikiwe and Awolowo is ancient history. I charge you to be very resolute.

I will also encourage those of you in the Middle Belt, and I will also encourage those Hausa Youths especially because for the Hausa people and their Youths they must decide between freedom and religious bondage under their conquerors of the Fulani caliphate. Hausa people must decide where they wish to belong.

What we are doing here and hopefully across Odua land which is Yoruba land to some of you is to bring the rain of impunity to an end, and we are collapsing the mentality of it's our turn, it's the turn of my village, 2099 is our turn why they keep looting and stealing and impoverishing everybody in the process we are not going to fall for that nonsense anymore, we have now recognized that freedom is paramount, freedom is the key that will unlock every potential that Nigeria has hidden and kept away from us.

All those with a hand in Operation Phyton Dance be they foreign, by which I mean the damnable zoological republic or their local. Those that gathered in Nike Leak Resort to plan my assassination and the death of most of our people, all though you are in the minority those of you who conspired with the Janjaweed to lunch Operation Phyton Dance, in so far as what we are pursuing is concerned, those of you that meet at Nike Leak Resort to sell our people down the drain will also get your comeuppance, your own reward is coming, your turn is coming, and you will escape it. All of you will go down after the other as long as you are a participant in Operation Phyton Dance, be you Fulani Janjaweed, be you he/she that claims is an IGBO elder all of will buy the dust, I am not praying for anybody to die far from it, I pray for life every blessed day, but the Judgment of Chukwu Okike Abiama is inevitable.

The same thing I told Fulani Janjaweed is today what am saying to our people, everybody with a hand in Operation Phyton Dance will go down, none will go scot-free none whatsoever, everybody must understand one thing that anytime I am on this chair behind this microphone broadcasting on Radio Biafra, that I am under a divine mandate that is why everything that I say must come to pass everything.

I warned many years ago what is happening today, I repeatedly warned with clarity of purpose that the Janjaweed would come from the North and they will kill us, and it's happening, and I also told you that all of them with a hand in Operation Phyton Dance would go down and they are going down one after. Write it down in a piece of paper they will all go down. Do you know why they are going down all of them? That they may know that God sent us to do this very work, not man.

Anything man is doing to try to frustrate this very movement will end up in failure that is just a sign, that is why everything we say comes to pass it's a simple sign.

Listen very carefully, what I find very distressing about the damnable zoological republic, the funniest aspect of this whole thing is that those of them that created the monstrosity of Lucifer called Nigga-area (Nigeria), anytime that somebody says I am a proud Nigerian go and look at that person very well there is something wrong with him/her if not today in time to come you will discover it. The funniest aspect is that those of them the British that created the monstrosity the Nigga-area and their local beneficiaries the Janjaweed, the caliphate and the corruption now is very clear. Corrupt politicians everywhere and even corrupt Democrats everywhere they are the beneficiaries that are why they want Nigeria at all cost. An only irredeemable criminal will ever defend the zoo.

Now they are determined more than ever keep the abomination, that British contraption they are determined to keep it going why? Because you can steal money and nobody will ask you questions, you can kill as many people as possible, and nobody will ever ask you any questions, you can form as many terrorist groups as you like in the North and nobody will hold you accountable, you can do whatever you like the presidential jet can wake up in the morning and flay gold to Switzerland as they did a few days ago and nobody will ask any questions. That is why they want one zoo, one Nigga-area (Nigeria).

The same way that some people conspired in the olden days to keep slavery going even when God in heaven and humanity rejected it is what it is happening today. If you come to our land, then they were some men who benefited so much from slavery, they never wanted slavery to end the same thing is happening today. If your so-called average zoo intellectuals, they will tell you that what is happening us wrong, that what is happening in Nigga-area (Nigeria) is bad and must be brought to an end. But if you ask them what are you practically doing to bring this level of iniquitous existence to an end? They will tell you one more election will do it, that is what they will always say to you only if we can get one good leader more.

I have just discovered very sadly that the greatest task on this earth is to get a black man to reason like a human being. The same way it's a very delicate task to stop an IGBO man from touting towards gossip I didn't say Biafran I said an IGBO man. To try to get a black man reason properly is the greatest challenge facing African and black people anywhere in the surface of this very earth, to try to get a black man reason is not an easy process.

In Africa we manufacturer nothing and we consume everything do you know the reason why that is the case? Because an African man, a black person is not yet able to reason properly, critical reasoning that is what I am talking about not sentimental reasoning.

Some of you have seen with the exposure in NDDC what is going on in the Southern part of Biafraland, you have seen the mind bobbling iniquitous looting of the treasury, people without conscience this is the people that will pay those that to University to write garbage against IPOB, to write nonsense against the emergence of BIAFRA to try to justify their criminal enterprise, I have never seen anything on earth to compare to the zoo.

Some of you are still breathing because of the oil and gas coming from Biafraland, take away the oil and gas believe you me you will be feeding on each other, you will have Tribalism overnight. You will start feeding on yourself am telling you.

"We black people there is something wrong with us, we do not know the reason I don't care the court you will take me to".

Any day you begin to reason
properly you will understand that the same criminals you voted in 2019 they are the same idiots you are going to vote in in 2023, the same thing keeps happening no electricity, no good roads, no good schools, you keep lamenting, you come on social media, and you lament, you talk from morning till night, you will pray to God, you will pay your tithe, you pay your offering you do everything, you daddy G.O will console you, your life remains the same.

The way we reason is poor, and I want to understand, is it Lucifer, is it the senior brother Satan or is it the uncle devil ๐Ÿ˜ˆ who is it exactly that will go into a black Youth, a male or a female and blind you, instead of you to be fighting injustice you are busy fighting those who are fighting that injustice, the way we reason is fraud and we must change it.

Listen to me very carefully, and people are doing what Lucifer created them to do, which is to make us stronger in preparation of what is to come. You must understand this any tribulation, any difficulty, any hardship we encountered it's a preparatory step to go forward and encounter the real problem and when we do we smash through it.

In the zoo corruption is walking on all four legs in blood daylight, it's only in the zoo in Nigga-area that somebody will go and steal public funds. Somebody will steal, and they will catch him stealing public funds and others will want to copy him to be like him only in the zoo.

Tell me why the devil is not a black man?  People without empathy, nobody, feels sympathy. You will see your own children are shopping in Dubai travelling by privet jet, other people's children are selling orange to survive, and you are happy that shows how demented you are inside, now you understand how evil you are. Do you think white people just wake up one morning and start to draw Satan as a black man? No, it's because of your behaviour.

What is happening in NDDC is exactly the zoo Nigga-area (Nigeria), when you create something without foundation, the outcome is always stealing, because there is no foundation. You are the architect of all the problem that we are facing, when you create something without foundation that is always the outcome the zoo has no foundation, a white man came and wanted a place where he can harvest Cocoa, Palm oil and everything, they never came to create a nation white man never have you in mind.

They stole #81.5 billion, and it was spent by the NDDC all of you know the stories are viral, is everywhere as always. When are you hailing somebody who had stolen your future, how do you think God will look at you? That's why you keep suffering.

NDDC was set up to execute the project, how many projects do they execute? Zero, none. That is your one Nigeria, and now you want me that is learned to be part of that garbage seriously is that what you think? Chineke pko unu Oku Ndi Oshi, God will punish all of you and your generation to come. Any idiot talking about one Nigeria God will punish your family forever and ever.

In Biafra there will be no looting do you know why? The reason why such nonsense can not happen in Biafraland is that every budget in Biafraland will be publicly published. And anybody you pay bribe both you the bribe giver, and the bribe taker is all going to jail It doesn't matter who your relatives are. I am fighting for BIAFRA because the nonsense you are witnessing in NDDC and EFCC and NPC can not happen in Biafraland is impossible, form as many cabals as you like that is why I have no friends and I have no enemy ask them within IPOB leadership structure that is.

How about Magu? He is now naming those that benefited and looted cash from their so-called EFCC, you know I warned Magu release Olisa Metuh he said you are joking, I said if you don't release him Magu you will be in trouble is he not in trouble today? And I said the more you keep Olisa Metuh; the more things will be unravelling Because where IPOB is none of you can get there, I warned them to release Olisa Metuh they said no no is Nnamdi Kanu is just talking on Radio, where is Magu today? All of them are going them.

I told you you would be in trouble have you seen it today? That is the power of Psalm 70, everything I do I anchor it on God. Psalm 70 go and read it very well you will see, that is my prayer I pray it every blessed day, I have been praying it for four years I pray it every blessed day without fail, if am flying if am an aeroplane, in a ship anywhere I am I pray it. And Psalm 119 every blessed day I pray it. I asked Elohim you see the enemies of BIAFARA just go and drop confusion inside them, and again disgrace them I don't want House disgrace, disgrace them that World may see, is that not happening today? Magu and his people.

I came to this world. In the midst of people who are born stupid, naturally stupid, they have refused to reason that is what I hate about our people.

Olisa Metuh only receive money from Dasuki do you know the funniest thing? Dasuki is at home not facing any persecution, the Dasuki that gave the money to Olisa Metuh is at home. But Olisa Metuh is in jail and where are the so-called IGBO elders and intellectuals where you? What crime did Olisa Metuh commit? How many Fulani arch looters are in jail? None, but Olisa Metuh is there. The man that gave Olisa Metuh the money is at home having fun.

Whoever is wearing the mask now is in on it, because Buhari died January 2017, if you like to believe it if you like don't believe it that is your cup of tea, you are a baboon, you are a black Nigga you know nothing, your brains are empty you can't reason properly. Every time I come on air, I will keep proving it to you because some of you are daft beyond recognition.

"An average Nigerian was conceived In evil if you don't know let me tell you".

Please start advertising. We will start charging white people oh, we will start with the British, and we charge them money to come and see the zoo they created, we give them free tours of the zoo so that they can see how their animals are doing, unbelievable that is the zoo for you.

Olisa Metuh was given 400million naira to run PDP campaign he didn't steal any money, and he is in jail. Why is Olisa Metuh in jail? Because he criticized the dead Buhari when he was alive in 2015, that's all they put him in jail. And they use a Biafran man Abang to put him in jail, and you see how intellectual we are, we are only intellectual at fighting our own people that's the height of our intellectuality. We never fight Fulani is only our people that we fight.

Ask yourself this very question how many people from other ethnic groups are in prison as Olisa Metuh is? Yet all these idiots trying to campaign against what we are doing they can not reason. Their brains are not that developed to understand it, how many Fulani politicians are in jail?

If you know people who are running the zoo Aisha Boyfriend tell them, you see Olisa Metuh? Write it down on a piece of paper, the more they are holding Olisa Metuh, what you see now is just a tea party, the real dish is coming because we are not relenting is not everything that we do we tell. I tell you before in IPOB I am the only one that knows everything together at the same time, everybody knows what they are supposed to know but the overall I know. What we are doing to the zoo to collapse it you have no idea.

There was a tweet by Aisha Buhari the wife of the dead late brutal dictator Muhammadu Buhari, and she sent a tweet out that was a few days ago, all of you agree with me that Aisha Buhari is a Muslim is that correct? Yes. All of you also know that in Islam, a woman takes the back seat? The answer is also yes. Aisha Buhari sent a text message. She went on to say On behalf of my family, I extend our condolence to Mrs Hauwa Isa Funtua and the entire family on the sudden death of Malam Ismaila Isa Funtua. I am reading for you Aisha tweet, “We pray that Allah SWT will grant him Aljannatul Firdaus.

“Mallam Ismaila Isa Funtua will be remembered for his support to female politicians, especially his role to get them appointed into different boards in the last four years,” may Allah grant his family the fortitude to bear irreparable lost Amen.

Aisha Buhari wrote, on behalf of my family how can she be issuing a condolence message not in her capacity as the first lady, but as the head of the family, on behalf of my family which means there is no husband, she is doing boyfriend and lover. Do you know understand how foolish zoo people are? And am asking you if Buhari is alive will she be saying that? On behalf of my family, where is your husband? He is in a shallow grave in Saudi Arabia. This is another proof that the dictator is no more. Is now a shame for the zoo to admit that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB has been right all along if Buhari is there why would his wife say on behalf of my family? This goes to show there is nothing like living Buhari in the zoo.

They have come out with a press statement, Buhari fully in charge of his Government, who said it? Presidency. Now they want to prove that Buhari is alive, and Buhari did not come out to make a statement; instead, something called the presidency did.

Now listen very carefully, this is from Janjaweed newspaper premium times I use them because this is the mouthpiece of Fulani Janjaweed, Buhari, Atiku, Saraki others mourns Isa Funtua. Buhari, Atiku Saraki mourning Isa Funtua when the wife of Buhari is saying on behalf of the family, so which Buhari is this one then? When has Aisha already sent her condolence message on behalf of Buhari family, which of Buhari is now mourning Isa Funtua? Do you now understand how foolish the zoo is? That tells you all you need to know, and that is why they are afraid of us.

I am happy because we are winning souls every day, a Nigerian is saying there is nobody there in Aso Rock.

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You can fool yourself all you like, issue a million press statement, bribe Facebook to do your dirty work for you, give all the money to Zuka Barger (Zuckerberg) we are marching in full steam ahead to collapse the zoo, because something will happen and the world will say we want to see you, tell us what is happening. And then they will come, and they will see the robber mask will fall off, and they will say heh is this what you have been doing? And some of you will say I said so.

You can't listen to our lecture and remain the same, this is where we rescue black people from idiocy is like an Orphanage, Radio Biafra is an Orphanages where we rescue people abandoned by reasoning and common sense. People who have nothing to cling on to in life.

Listen carefully, and people think that NDDC, NPPC, all this idiotic C C C everywhere including APC and every decayed institution in the zoo is the problem, what they fail to understand is that the main corruption happened in Europe before they came to creat you as a zoo for the British.

Do you know how much the Janjaweed is spending to keep the zoo as one? To keep IPOB outplayed do you know how much they are spending? Do you know how much they are spending to try to confuse all of you? You have no idea.

Now let me tell you something, if your uncle, your aunt, your sister is a beneficiary of the corruption in NDDC won't you support one Nigeria? Am asking some of you who are Biafrans hardcore? Am saying if your family is a member of the looters club that is looting everywhere won't you support one Nigeria as a black that you are? Of course, you will, black people you will.

Now listen to this, the world know and understand how stupid black people are am going to prove it to you tonight if your child is listening go and tell your child that what that Uncle is saying is correct so that your child may be able to reason properly. Now listen to me, I want to prove to you tonight that the whole understand how foolish black people are not just in Africa, but all over the world, some of you may get upset about this when I say what am about to say, but you know in your heart of hearts that I am correct, you know full well that what am saying is true, why am I saying what am saying?

If not for our collective idiocy, why will Bill Gates and his wife have the temerity, the audacity to come out and to say black people will be used as Guinea pigs for their Coronavirus vaccine? When we said that this man is evil people say is a conspiracy theory, I want you to hear what Bill Gates said to understand how evil this man is and his wife.

You Nigga people I call you Nigga because you have refused to reason, listen to what white people are planning for you, because you are stupid that's why they are to experiment with you and so doing they are going to sterilize you, our mothers can no longer be pregnant anymore, they want to control the population of black people, that has been the long-life dream of Bill Gates family, they want only white people to inhabit the world. When I say it now tomorrow BBC will write rubbish, and I want to prove it to BBC this is the video clip of Bill Gates and his wife talking on Covid19, this is Bill Gates and his wife Melinda saying what they will do to you Niggas, why? Because you have refused to reason this is the consequences, been a Nigga has a price.

And I want you to hear from Bill Gates how useless and worthless you are, and why only BIAFRA can be safe all of you, listen very carefully, please.

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You are answering Nigga-arean (Nigerian) a name that is abhorrent if you call anybody the full name Nigga-arean (Nigerian) abroad you will go to jail. But a baboon from Africa will come out and say am a proud Nigga-arean (Nigerian) and am just looking at them because they are ignorant.

Zoological republic is where evil is celebrated, somebody is committing a crime that in the olden days they will be stoned to death for it, and they still have the guts to come out to show their faces I don't understand it.

Nigeria should be scraped, not NDDC, not NPPC Nigga-area (Nigeria) is the problem, and the stupidity of a black man is the key. A black man will wake up and sell his brother, sell his sister and still wake up the next day to talk. God forbid evil; God forbid Satan; people who should be stoned in the market square.

A Nigga is a Nigga forget about the degrees is all rubbish, I told the zoo to give me BIAFRA they said no, and I said I would destroy you with the truth I won't fire a gun, I won't shoot at anybody no, of course not what am I doing with the gun when the truth is more potent? I will destroy Nigga-area with the truth, only but the true children of Lucifer.

What is going on in the zoo is a heavyweight corruption which part of the zoo is not corrupt am asking you? Name one that is not corrupt, and I said name one, is it your presidency that is receiving stolen goods from EFCC? Is it the Army that is is so corrupt that Soldiers are abandoning them? Which part of the zoo is it the judiciary that a judge will come to court with two envelopes, one judgement if you pay him/her, the other one if you don't pay. Name one aspect of the zoo that is normal? Name one am asking you? None, that is why they are animals in a zoo perambulating.

The Fulani they are cancer they are irredeemably corrupt believe you I am telling you the truth, they are liars, and they are deceivers. Fulani they deceived Hausa before Hausa could wake up they have conquered them, they deceived everybody all the way to Oduduwa land Ilorin, they went to the Esu of Nope they deceived him, they went to the Attah of Igala they deceived him when you people will learn?

There is a woman called Sadiya Umar Farouq I know her as the girlfriend of Abba Kyari, I know that very well I don't want to go into that side is a private matter, they can do whatever they like that is their business. Mrs Sadiya Umar Farouq is a Fulani woman and one of the most corrupt human being on this earth, and she is the minister for humanitarian affairs and social welfare, she told her fellow animals in the zoo Nigga-areas (Nigerians) that she spent 600Billion naira feeding school kids during the lockdown, but nobody called her for the house of rep questioning that is happening in NDDC, look at how much she spent, look at how much NDDC spent 81billion, but they gave one Fulani woman 600billion tell me why she will not support one Nigeria? Tell her family should not be against IPOB?

Sadiya Umar Farouq how much did she spent 600billion, has she been probed? No, do you know why? Because the Fulanis control's the legislature, they control the judiciary, and they control the executive, they try you when they say your time is up. What is happening now is that cabal change hand, so another group is now in charge, and now probing another group that's all. They didn't share the money very well they did not give Malami his own share that is why he is upset with Magu, look at this woman Sadiya Umar Farouq 600billion she spent feeding school kids that no one can see, a fool will come tomorrow and tell me about one Nigeria let's make Nigeria great, let's make Nigeria one Ndi Ara, some idiots will say they want IGBO presidency 2023 let me catch all of you.

Again the same woman said her ministry had spent 250billion for palliatives to all Geopolitical zones in Nigeria yet nobody can claim they got a dime from such claims.

I sold recovered vehicles to Aso Rock. - Magu. This is the people claiming they are fighting corruption now they are car dealers the same way some IGBO boys are slave dealers of their own sister. Magu is now an auto dealer, selling to Aso Rock and they are buying.

Look at Enugu Onitsha expressway, now as you are looking at that very picture do you know who is responsible for the state of that road? His name is Ike Ekweremadu. And do you know the funniest thing? There are graduate and PhD holders who are supporting him, and they come they see that road, they know the road is unpassable you can not use it, all the money that Jonathan voted for that road a human being one person put it inside his pocket, do you know what he did? He went and rented about four E-rats they are all graduates without a job, gave them money say, please defend me anybody who talks about this road or try to implicate me, please go after them and attack them. And they are writing to defend somebody that stole a critical vital infrastructure away from them. Now you understand the type of zoo that people are in, some of them said they are PhD holders, is it PhD in ignorant, in idiocy?

Enugu Onitsha expressway that :

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What people don't know-how is our strategy, and why we do things the way we do it,  they can not comprehend it. When was the last time anybody sees Osinbanjo I mean to live on television talk? When was the last time you saw Buratai nobody can tell me, Buratai his own case is Operation Phyton Dance, of course, he is gone forget all the nonsense they are telling you?

People who do not understand our strategy question our motive and question our modus operandi how we do things they don't understand it. Somebody inbox me saying to me what your structure is? And I asked him who ask you to enquire about IPOB structure? He said nobody just tells me I want to understand, am at a loss, and do you know what I say to him? I say to him that IPOB structure is designed to withstand any shock wave from any quarter, that is why after my incarceration, the attempt to kill me, my days recuperating from injuries, my trip to Israel and subsequent public appearance IPOB remained intact despite every attempt to break it didn't break.

For those who may not know or those educationally challenged, those that went to those schools that they don't teach you anything I want you to understand what the world structure means within an organization, I would like you to simply Google the set words, ask Google now what an organization structure is? And this is the following answer you are going to find.

Organization structure defines how activities such as task allocation, coordination and supervision are directed towards the achievement of organizational aims. Organizational structure effect Organizational actions and provide the foundation on which standard operating procedures and routines rest.

The Structure of IPOB:

I sit at the head of IPOB superstructure with the sole command of the authority of the movement because we are a liberation movement, not a Democratic Party, at least not yet. We have an iron cast command and control structure which means that authority is derived from one source and that is my office whilst administrative duties is overseen by Mazi Chika Edoziem of our Directorate of State.

The superstructure of IPOB is a very simple one. First is my office where I am deputised by Uche Mefor. Underneath is our DOS headed by Mazi Chika Edoziem and deputised by Mazi Nzurumike. Under the DOS you have our Continental Reps and under them country Coordinators and under them State or Regional Coordinators and under them Senatorial and under them Zonal and under Zonal we have units. That is the structure of IPOB WORLDWIDE according to the English definition of the word ‘Structure’. Any idiot or group of idiots confused about their limited understanding of the English language should not use IPOB to showcase their ignorance. We not only have a structure, but we also have a superstructure, and it is worldwide. The only people with such commanding presence and intact structure are IPOB.

How could anyone with a brain say IPOB has no structure? Once BIAFRA is restored all of you with degrees, you will go back to school, oh honestly speaking, and you will go and do clash course in the school. If you don't know what the word structure means that means you know nothing, God have mercy on you people. Once you are from the zoo from 1984,  up till now wherever you study, you will come back and do a one-year refresher course.

What we are all saying here is that we are not interested in your 2023 presidency, write whatever garage you like we are not interested, nobody in their right senses will be interested in being a zoo-like Nigga-area (Nigeria). We are not interested in your presidency and can never be.

IPOB family members did not die for one Nigeria, my mum and my dad was not killed because of one Nigeria they died because of BIAFRA, and that is where we are heading to, not tomorrow now they will start saying they don't want to corporate I am telling them now, we are not interested in your one zoo.

Ohanaeze conduct a plebiscite ask our people what do they want? The time has come and gone when you do whatever you like, is no longer going to happen I can you. We are not interested in your presidency, and we did not die for Nigga-arean (Nigerian). Nothing like zoo presidency we want BIAFRA, if not BIAFRA nothing else.

I told them to give me BIAFRA or else Somalia will be better than the zoo, is Somalia not more peaceful today than Nigga-area? In Somalia, are they paying bandits so that they can sleep at night? But in the state of the man you claim is your president they are paying bandits, that tells you all you need to know.


I am directing that Nigerian Community Germany Football Club Hamburg be renamed IPOB FC Hamburg. I am also glad that this formidable family of IPOB have successfully collapsed the Niggerian Community nonsense meeting in Hamburg. I expect the same thing to happen all over the world. What we are going to have is IPOB, Oduduwa (Oodua) Igbo, Efik, Urhobo, Igede, Idoma, Igala, Izon, Ibibio, Annang, Efik, Ikom, Ogoja etc. Our move now is to collapse everything to do with the Zoo all over the world. Anywhere you see anything to do with Niggeria (Nigga-area) make sure you undermine it. Those few British and European racists that created nations for black Africans must be reminded with all due respect that they are not God. Only God can create a nation.

That brings us to the end of our program, I thank all of you for listening, everything I say to you is out of love and compassion and not out of hatred because I want all of you to be free, I want all of us to be free, and I want us to reason properly because if we fail to reason properly, then we are doomed, what we have witnessed for the past 300 years will continue, and we don't want this type of miserable existence for our children. Even if we hate ourselves, we can not afford to hate our children, and we must build something better for them.

Therefore I thank all of you very much for listening to us this very evening, and as always do not forget why we are here is to restore BIAFRA, but very critically is to do so under the guidance of Most High Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile, that is why we proclaim unequivocally that BIAFRA is our religion. Here in Radio Biafra is where we worship because Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime ihe nile is our God, from me, from here and from every love in my heart it's good evening.

Remain Blessed Umunnem.

Edited/Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For  Umuchiukwu Writers 



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