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■ 03, July 2020

Good evening beautiful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the surface of this very planet, we welcome you once again to an explosive and exciting edition of our weekly presentation here on this very noble platform. This Radio Biafra listened to unlike any other broadcaster nor media except establishment out of Africa. We are across the entire 24 time zones of this real-world because we are unstoppable, what we preach here is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, if you have joined us you are immensely blessed.

We have come here that darkness may flee and light take it rightful position, and that light is what we represent, Anyi Bu Umu Chineke,
(we are the children of God).

I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight to some of you. The whole world is listening people have come that they may partake in and participate in this very gospel of the restoration of the Kingdom of heaven upon the face of this very earth.

This evening we preach this gospel uncompromisingly, if you fail to understand us after listening to this broadcast this evening then you know there is something definitely wrong with your brain cells it needs resetting.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra all over this very world that we inhabit, we in over 100 countries and counting because this is a mass movement that is unprecedented in the history of freedom fighting, that is why till this very day we remain the largest mass movement fighting for independent homeland anywhere on this planet earth.

I am the director of Radio Biafra, I am the director of BIAFRA Television but above and by the very special grace of the Highest Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru time the Nile a servant of the wonderful people of BIAFRA, I welcome you.

The reason why I have continued to broadcast on my page is to tell Yoruba people working for Facebook that we are unstoppable, you can not stop me no matter what you do I will stream it if you like to cut it, we have the evidence that anytime is preaching they crack my voice, they destruct it and when that failed they cut me off. I will keep streaming on my page there is nothing you can do about it, I am waiting for you to stop me so I can take you to court in America, I won't take you to court in the zoo or in the UK I will take you to court in America, where you people are in a lot of mess at the moment because you have been tampering with good people.

That is why this evening we are going to preach this very gospel, but before we do so we must pray to Elohim, our mission is very simple for those of you listening you may think our job is just to maybe get BIAFRA and move on no, my job goes beyond that, the job I have been elected to do is to restore BIAFRA that is the Number one by the grace of Almighty God in heaven, and number two to make sure that the name Nigeria (Nigeria) doesn't exist. It won't exist by the time we are done; Nigeria (Nigeria) will no longer exist. When I speak you write it down in a piece of paper when I speak you write it down in a piece of paper that's why I ask you to bring your pen and paper with you, for anytime I make a prediction or a prophetic pronouncement behind this noble and sacred microphone. It must come to pass. That is why I ask you to bring your pen and paper so anything I tell you you will write it down and make a reference to it in the future.

Everything I say comes to pass, everything I utter come to pass that is the only way that almighty God in heaven can tell you that we are ordained to do this thing we are doing, nobody there is no bishop, no prophet, no pastor, nobody in the entire history of Africa have the same level of accuracy of prediction as I do have, no human being on the face of this earth none whatsoever I said none that is why you find gossipers everywhere. But I must pray to the Highest Chineke nna Puru ime the Nile without him we won't be here today, without Elohim we can not be here, and we must pray.

BIAFRA is a Godly nation the only Kingdom in the history of mankind where no man was a King Chukwu Bu Eze, (God Is King) the only Kingdom. That was the history that Britain was hiding from you and me that BIAFRA is the Kingdom of God on this earth, no King there was none. Israel asks for King, and they were given Saul. In Biafraland there was none it was a Kingdom, and God knows it was a Kingdom,  but they can not see our King because our King you can not see him, Chukwu Nana Bi Na  Igwe, (God that lives in heaven).

I HAVE TO PRAY............

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed I see I see Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

Heaven gives me a message, and I give to the living that is why we are unstoppable, that is why to us jealousy, gossipy people who are insignificant and inconsequential all they do is to promote us, that is why I love it. Our names are now everywhere on everybody's lip everywhere you go to is IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu everywhere around the whole world because we are unstoppable.

If you have difficulties and issues with the gospel that we preach here, then you know you have a very serious problem because if you are an honest person believe you me after tonight if you see Nnia Nwodo and Ohanaeze you will stone them, if you see some of the Governor's you will stone them, anybody who comes up to you to say I am an elder you will stone that person after tonight that is what we are going to do. We are going to make you understand step by step, one after the other to understand how involved these people are in what is happening us and their shameless cowardice.

Elohim sent me not a man that is why I am not afraid of any man because heaven sent me to preach this very gospel. And that is why the zoo is vibrating right now they are taken cover in Abuja they are frightened, they are afraid and am very glad that everybody is learning.

You may not like the way we deliver the message, but all of you are seeking for visa to go to America that colonizes you, not even colony they enslaved you for 250 years your sensibilities weren't offended? But you still look for Visa to go to America. Some of you are dying on your way to Europe, but you are concerned about an insult that is actually listening to the massage. And you are struggling to go to the Europe that killed millions upon millions of you, humiliated you, degraded you, shamed you, and are still shaming you, no you are not offended ooO. Because Nnamdi Kanu tells you the truth and you are offended Chineke ko gi ọkụ, you are a mad man, or madwoman, or mad boy, or mad girl this evening am going to offend you even the more so you can learn and read.

They said a clear conscience fears no accusation, if you are not daft and stupid why should it bother you that I call some people daft and stupid? If you are not daft and stupid have you been to my Facebook page Before? Have you seen where they feed you like how they will feed hyena, leopard in the wild and you say you are human beings? God have mercy on your people.

Elohim is in heaven presiding listen carefully,  why do we expose Ohanaeze ndi oshi a di ama Nnia Nwodo and his gang thieves and traitors? As I am speaking, I will speak very slowly so you can note it down and make references later on. If I am wrong in my assertion then you are justified to be as envious as you want to be, you can gossip your life away at least I can understand that, but after this program, if you go back and see that everything I have just told you is correct then you will come back and apologize to us, and let me tell you this evening the reason why we are harsh on this people, the reason why we speak the way we do unapologetically, the reason why we insult those who are deserving of it, this evening after this program if you see Nwodo outside you will stone him, you yourself you will stone him to death.

Listen carefully please, your Governors and some criminal elements that live in Abuja and Lagos mostly people that are born outside that you don't know who their father is can you imagine I this age when there is no war, there is no strive, no hunger. Biafrans are relatively the richest ethnic group, the richest race you have in Africa, we are by capital we are.

Can you imagine that in this day and age people are not even sure of the paternity of their children talk less of people that went through a war, a crushing war can you imagine the number of illegitimate children born into BIAFRA with foreign blood? They are the ones you see online talking rubbish on video, in this age now there is an issue of children that the fathers no longer know where they come from, talk less of when are fighting a war when hunger, poverty, disease pestilence everything was there.

That is why this evening are we exposing Ohanaeze ndi oshi a di ama all the saboteurs, criminals I want to let you know they are fighting back because Gowon promises them if he had known that this person they love money so much Gowon said it if I had known that IGBOS love money so much I wouldn't have gone to war, I will simply share money to fight each other is that not what he is doing is now? So some of you can not see you are blind you can not see you think if they give money to all these saboteurs, they will come out and announce it oh they have given me money today ooO no, they gave money to them, they gave money to media say keep writing this junk but do you know my happiness? Is hipping on the ground.

Go on the ground in Biafraland and insult IPOB  they will bury you alive, or you insult Nnamdi Kanu they will bury you there and then we are everywhere, we have taken over everywhere forget all the nonsense from the idiots on social media sponsored by this criminal, Ohanaeze ndi oshi, your Governors, the criminal elements we have calling themselves politicians and why they regard everything we say as an insult. Let me see after tonight any sensible being will regard them as anything else but the treacherous fools that they are, they are treacherous some of you don't know what is going on.

Those of you that have been following our broadcast since we started Radio Biafra in 2012 forget the nonsense that hotel CEO is talking about if you buy Dangote cement and mould block and you build a hotel, you are CEO of hotel ones in a while you remember oh IPOB is doing well ooO, let me come and talk so they will know I am here. Chief executive officer of hostels and hotels anyway, I want to let you know that I have been preaching this thing that you are about to hear now, these are a prophecy that God gave me and said speak to your people I was talking to them very nicely ooO, like a loving doctor and a priest mixed together they never heard, they never listened.

And after warning them for many many years I went to the zoo in 2015, I was arrested I came out, I went to them, and I told them the same thing, and I said to them God said I should tell you this, that this is going happen what did God said to me I have been telling you about? They will rape your women, they will desecrate your mothers, they will take your daughters, God said, and nobody will say anything is on my broadcast. I said it live on air. I said that the Fulanis are coming, nobody can stop them they are coming, I had this revelation is not that I didn't tell them I tell them the Governors, I told Ohanaeze I told everybody who was willing to listen, that what you see today with the Fulani Janjaweed I knew it and I said it many many years ago, which I will never get tired of reminding all of you. So if you want to know the reason why I speak to you the way I do is because of your foolishness, you were warned many years every broadcast I kept telling them this is what is going to happen.

One of our mothers is telling me tonight while Nanai Nwodo should be stoned, anywhere you see him outside stone him to death is the palliate of this woman, hope we are going to get her in Anambra this evening. Do you know what happened to her?  This is the woman her daughter was abducted in their own home by the Fulani Janjaweed, and somebody will tell me in America they are looking for water to give their cattle to drink can you believe such rubbish? All those compromised diplomats they have, compromised criminals they send they call them an Ambassadors they bribe them to twist the truth. This woman is a shining example of how dehumanized we have become as a race, and you talk about black lives matters you people are insane, you talk about black lives matters this is a level of wickedness.

Please click on the link below to watch the lamentation video of the woman her daughter was abducted by the Fulani Janjaweed in Anambra state:  👇👇


If they said to you when we were growing up that a time will come in the land of BIAFRA that an outsider can come to your village knock on the door and pick your daughter in front of you, leaving your grandchildren with you will you believe it? And after seeing all these things Nwodo said nothing, Obiano said nothing none of these idiots running their useless mouth said anything, and you want me to love you Chineke ga ap ko gi ọkụ, and you will die a miserable death, you are evil. An IGBO man you have so much pursued money, wealth that you have forgotten who you are, you have forgotten how your mothers raised you.

Now listen to me carefully why if you see any idiot anywhere, any idiot and any bastard saying he/she is an elder you use stone and stone him/her to death. You should kill the idiots they are mad. Do you know what is happening in our land? Are you people even aware of what is happening? No, you don't because if you know if you see them, you will strangle them.

Chioma Austin is the name of the young girl missing in Anambra. She was abducted by the Fulani terrorist and kidnappers and rapist; she is 22 years old.

You are telling me to have respect for Ohanaeze, work with them have you seen their handwork? Is anybody in doubt as to how treacherous they are? Have you seen how evil they are? Ohanaeze ndi oshi and your so-called Governors have you seen how evil they are? And all these idiots with files in their hand Sabo doing video massaging have you seen how evil they are? They are doing it to distract you, as they are doing it distracting you oh no respect for the elders this and that, you can not get BIAFRA by causing people meanwhile their masters are busy abducting our children, in the old in days by now believe you me every saboteur will be down in our land.

Now the question is, have you heard from Obiano? How about the Ohanaeze? No, what then is your job? Have you heard from the senator representing this woman? No, how about the house of the reps member? No, these are the idiots in Abuja writing rubbish every day. Before your eyes they are taken your Children's away do you stop them? No, not at all.

Do you know what the problem is? In the same Anambra, they have kidnapped a girl in the front of her mum, left her kids, so those kids will be asking their grandma oh where mummy is? And then grandma will tell the kids Fulani came here and took your mother can you believe such rubbish? Honestly, we don't have any shame, and if we have shame, nobody will come out and say I am from Anambra, am an IGBO man, am a Biafran shame won't allow you to. Your daughters have been abducted in front of you, and I said it many many years ago. They will come, they will take our children, and there will be nobody to raise a finger. Where is Ohanaeze? Is to be writing useless press statements and you are telling me you need to respect them are you not an idiot? Are you not a fool? Do you think that IPOB we are foolish as all of the areas? Once you are IPOB, you will see the light.

There is another one In Uli in Anambra a girl cut into pieces in Uli, not the one they abducted ooh no that one is separate the same Anambra, and people are making money I am from Anambra, we have money do you know that because of this two incident alone, because we are no longer in the spirit, do you know that because of this two incident the rot of God can descend on our land and destroy everybody? Where is the Governor? Where is Willi Obiano? This is the man that called for operation phyton dance the killing of our people. I don't know the word I will use for our people to understand the type of mess we are in, you don't understand it. You people are like typical zoo animals you don't see reason, and you don't know the mess you are in.

When you write to the British is a farmers-herders clash, they are looking for water to give their cattle and they clashed farmer-herder clash, and you cut off a girl 5/6 places in her body. Farmers herders clash you went into a woman's house and took her daughter farmer-herder clash do you see how people you call Ambassador, how satanic they are? Do you see what Trump is fighting in America? Some of you are blind; you don't know what Trump is doing. Trump is one man standing a whole hole of darkness if you don't let me tell you.

In that same zoo called Nigeria, the American Ambassador is there, in blood daylight you see foreign diplomats covering up for Miyetti Allah why because they have stocked them with money. Is only in Nigeria I knew that even diplomats they take bribe only in Nigeria Nigger-area. When you meet them, they will say oh I don't want Nigeria to break because they know what they are getting that is why Fulani will go to somebody's home and kill the person, go and sack a village when a diplomat is filling his/her report he will say there is a few slightly incident and is about water resources a human being? Is only in the zoo that I have seen that diplomats can stand up and lie instantly. When I was in America in Capital Hill I told them your Ambassador in Nigeria is corrupt, the US Ambassador in Nigeria is corrupt, the UK is the worst of it all.

Darkness has taken over in our land am telling you the truth that men can longer speak the truth when they see the truth they look the other way, how can I be nice to you when you are an embodiment of evil? You see evil, and you condone it, and you want me to be nice to you, are you insane?

Do you know the response of Willi Obiano regarding all these killings in Anambra? You know we are full of evil until a black man acknowledges that there is a type of wickedness in him/her there will be no progress ooO have been honest with you, forget all this nonsense there will be no progress because a black man is wickedness and evil.

Willie Obiano said if you kill Fulani cow you pay have you heard such rubbish before? He said If you go to Anambra and you kill anybody in Anambra state as a Fulani man, all Miyetti Allah have to pay #500,000 per life. And you want me to respect them? These are people you want me to respect my education? Are you drunk? This is Governors who should be concerned about the welfare of his own people.

And Ohanaeze ndi atụrụ is there oh, have you ever wondered why they are killing our people, and Nnia Nwodo can not speak on it? Come outlive and address the people he can never do it because he came from a lineage of saboteurs; his father was a traitor that was why the Barclays Bank gave the family back all their money in the account when the war ended. Now is a traitor anybody who doesn't know you are either deceiving yourselves, or you are a criminal you have joined them, it is a fact of life.
Your daughters have been taken in front of your eyes which insult is greater than that one? Why are the IGBO police and IGBO persecutors more interested? Why was it that Ohanaeze was more interested in the proscription of IPOB? In labelling IPOB a terrorist group than arresting those who are killing, abducting dismembering, and decimating our land? Where is PANDEF all the killings in Akwa Ibom have they said any word? Because the Fulani they know, the British thought them very well, the British experimented with one Chief, and it works, that is exactly the same template Fulani are operating they came, they intimidate, they blackmail you allowing them to install whoever they like, like Hope Uzodimma in Imo, they install any idiot they like who will now do their work for them.

Look at the woman whose daughter was abducted did village vigilante do anything? No, This was exactly the nonsense we did when the British came why we couldn't defend our land, and our land fails to the British. Arochukwu collapse in 1904, because the defence resistance was not organized properly, I am autonomous, let me do my own in my village and as they overran one village clan after clan, community after community they were gone, as they took all of us and our land fails to them, the same rubbish that this nonsense intellectuals are trying to recreate again in our time, the same old garbage, the same old nonsense. Go to your village and defend yourself with what? The people invading you they are organized, they planned this thing for nearly 60 years, they have over $30 USD to back them up, they have the army, they have the police, they have the air Force they have everything, they have Yoruba cowardice to write for them. You have nothing.

Your daughters have been taken in the village, tell me if you deserve respect? You accuse us of been insultive now after what you have heard do you think you deserve to be respected? You are dancing Ofara in another man's land, building IGBO village in Virginia with red mud, drinking Hennessy dancing Ofara your daughters have been taken in the village by the Fulani. Your Governors are Fulani chosen, your so-called Ohanaeze these are a band of traitors.

And we say oh maybe we can go to the West maybe because they are learned, Yoruba's they read very well, they are learned they can help, if you go there, Church Agbasa (Church will dismiss) is even worst. Do you think what is happening to us is bad? Yoruba land is worst than what is happening to us. And every day you keep praying maybe there some serious people that can emerge from Yoruba land, serious, honest people that you can work with and you keep looking and there is nobody, you keep looking and searching are there no people there concerned by what is going on? Who can do something no there is nobody. I just hope that the Young man continues to do his work and remain strong.

Do you know that because of our expose on the issue of Ilorin how Yoruba lost Ilorin today they come out and they said it openly and I respect that, Kwara has been part of the North since they conquered it, they are now coming out and telling Yoruba we conquered your land, the Magaji Nda of Ilorin openly is no longer hidden? And I say to Yoruba E-rats why do you waste your time on BIAFRA? When your land was taken from you, you have not tried to retrieve your land from the Fulanis in Ilorin; your land has been ravaged by these people. Exactly the mentality of Ohanaeze Ndi ara na ndi oshi and the Governors, they never fought the Fulani the only people they have the energy to fight was IPOB the same thing with Yoruba E-rats, the only people they have the energy to fight are the people fighting to be free, not their oppressor, not the terrorist from the North ooO do you see why I say that black people are foolish?

Instead of the Oduduwa's to come to Biafrans and say let's join and defeat this person from the North they won't do it. Instead, the Muslims among them will be antagonizing Biafrans that is a brain of a black man, and that is what I attack all the time, that stupidity, that of the brain of a black man that is filled with envy, filled with jealousy that is what I attack all the time and we are destroying it, that is why they can now publish it that Yoruba land was conquered me in the open. Instead of you to take back your land you are busy fighting those who are looking for what you ought to be looking for as well, what you should be looking for is what we are fighting for, but you can not fight your oppressor ooO, you are fighting IPOB writing rubbish as always.

Until it gets to their door, they will never ever listen.

If you are not strong enough in this effort we are making to free ourselves you won't understand, you will become demoralized very easily. BBC IGBO has been run by Fulani are you aware of that? Ask any BBC IGBO correspondent who is your master? They will tell you is a Fulani man, the same thing with Facebook. They get Yoruba's to be doing their dirty job for them.

You are there waiting for somebody to respect you and they will come and take your daughter keep waiting for respect Nah, so when Fulani comes and pick your daughter is that out respect or love? Freedom starts in a state of mind.

When said to you before that fighting for resource control is stupidity some of you don't understand it, You have to go and look for your freedom, and number one is freedom for all, now PANDEF a group of saboteurs traitors like Ohanaeze that is what they do Fulani, traitors everywhere. The only place they didn't manage to plant Saboteurs was in Afenifere in Yoruba land I give them credit for that, and I give Afenifere credit for that, Afenifere never allowed them. Yoruba never allowed Fulani to control their Apex political own gathering Afenifere never, unlike what you have in PANDEF and Ohanaeze, Afenifere never allowed it to happen.

Edwin Clark was a traitor an arch-traitor like Nwodo, look at them today they are now begging they never learn. The thing about traitors is that they never learn, you know once you have taken blood money, betrayed your people you longer nowhere to go to, you can no longer go to your handlers in the North and say to them am not doing anymore, you can not come back to your people and say am going to defend you now, you can't you are compromised that is the meaning of the word compromise.

The best carrier of news are gossipers and those who are jealous they will do free publicity for you, let me tell you how powerful we are, unless you mention Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB nobody will read what you are writing that is how powerful we are, when I say it they will say he is arrogant why won't I be arrogant I am learned, I am more learned than you are, I have more wisdom than you from now till thy kingdom come. If you claim you are intelligent, every Friday I will host a live program, I will give you my Skype login details you will come we will host the program together is open, they said he is arrogant why won't I be? I Am learned I read in the UK why shouldn't I be? A billion times over I am learned than you so why won't I be? We are not in the same League and can never be, now and forevermore we can never be in the same league. If you claim you are educated in Nigger-area (Nigeria) in the zoo if you claim you are a professor, you are intelligent I challenge you am giving you one week notice, on Friday come live on air, you and I will host the program together and I will destroy you. Umu Okoko you think that gossiping can help you come into IPOB? You are dreaming.

I don't believe in friendship, and I am like a vulture I have no friends, I have no enemies. If you love BIAFRA, I will love you any day you hate BIAFRA I will hate where you step on I will despise you. I am not doing anything with any stupid friendship, what stupid friendship is that am I looking for? Am asking you friendship based on lies and deception? I don't want it, Yoruba must come clean through the front door they must come clean to say from today all our stupid anti-BIAFRA anti-IGBO hatred should stop because we are not your enemies, the Fulanis are they took your land from you, Ilorin was not taken by IGBO people, Ilorin is not a Biafran territory, those that took Ilorin are from the North they are your real enemies.

I was telling Tinubu here on Radio Biafra this year I said it many many times over, Tinubu they will disgrace you, I tell you what is going to happen in plain English, I told you here live on-air Tinubu you are hitting your hand in motor carrying chippings am telling you. I told you to live here on air that you will be disgraced by the Fulani because the Fulani Janjaweed they have been advised by the British they are not stupid, they know once the presidency leaves the North I over for them they know that very well, it doesn't matter where it goes to, if it goes to Middle Belt they are finished, if it goes to the West they are finished they know it very clearly so they have to hold on to it. I said it live on air Tinubu both Oshomole they will disgrace you, if you serve them you will come back in shame that is what I told you has it not happened? Now they are writing APC leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu presidential ambition crumbles, did I not tell you before? You know Yoruba they don't listen. Fulanis are not stupid they don't work with traitors they eliminate them, they have of course eliminated him he is gone.

The Fulanis are everywhere, do you know that they are in  Burkina Faso? The same thing they are doing they are killing people In Burkina Faso. The only thing that saved West Africa was the election of Trump had Clinton got in 😂😂😂. You people should go and pray for Trump to win ooO or else, and you don't know what that man is fighting; he has your interest at heart.

I want Yoruba to come out of that evil mindset and pursue their own freedom, and then they will know that we have so much in common.

Ask them this question why didn't Aburi work? You see all these elite fools ask them this question why didn't you implement Aburi?  That will tell you the history of the war. If you just talk about the BIAFRA war without going into Aburi you will miss the point, What you need to do every day is to ask them why wasn't Aburi implemented? Gowon did you agree? Yes, did Ọjukwụ agree? Yes, ware their witnesses? Yes, the Ghanaian President was there then and signed it, why wasn't it implemented when he came back? Now you understand who caused the war. Did Ọjukwụ go to Aburi? Yes, Gowon did you go to Aburi? Yes, was the deal reached? Yes, But by the way where is the document? If you bring it out, you will see exactly what Afenifere is asking about now, exactly what PANDEF is asking for now, exactly what Ohanaeze wants now then why did you go to war? It was the British that advised Gowon to say no to the Aburi agreement. That was Ọjukwụ declared BIAFRA.

I want to thank each and every one of you that listened to us this evening, am sure that the whole nonsensical debate about an insult or no insult, you can now understand why we do things the way we do them.

I will endeavour to bring this lady along with me on Wednesday for the program, and we couldn't connect her this evening, the lady that her daughter was taken a 22 years old girl was taken by Fulani people, the reason why they took her Is that we are in a place called one Nigger-area (Nigeria) a Nigger territory a zoo. If BIAFRA were to be on it own this family will have their daughter, and those children will have their mother with them that is why we look for BIAFRA, that is why we do what we do, that is why we don't compromise, that is why we don't give an inch, that is why we know that every Saboteure will fall, every traitor will fall, and BIAFRA shall raise as intended by the highest Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru time the Nile.

I thank an of you very much for listening to us this very evening, and as always here I where we worship because of a simple reason that BIAFRA is our Biafra will religion and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship because the highest Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru time the Nile is our God, we don't worship an idol, (anarchism efe arusi) and that is why come in our time. For that simple thing, for keeping the ten commandments of the highest God, they shall not have any other God beside me that is why BIAFRA will come. And by the time we are gone, they will wish we have lived forever.

I thank you all for listening, and I say what I say because I love you not because I hate you. I want you to change. From me, from here it's a good evening.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John Odinaka
Published By Udeagha Obasi 
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