Nigeria: Boko Haram attacks Borno again, kills 75 and burnt down villages

     Published on Friday, June 12, 2020 @ 12:08PM via BIAFRA TODAY

The Boko Haram insurgents on Tuesday killed 69 persons and burnt a community in Borno, the capital city of Maiduguri northeast Nigeria Reuters report.
The insurgents on Tuesday afternoon evaded Milaram village, in Gubio local government area of Borno state and carried out the killings and destruction.

Local sources say the insurgents arrived at the village in vehicles and on motorcycles, shooting with AK-47 while burring down the village.
The sources added that the insurgents stole 1,200 cattle and camels.

A community resident, a Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) member, and a soldier confirmed the incident to journalists.

The sources explained that Boko Haram attacked the community having suspected the resident give information to the security personnel on their movements and activities.


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