IPOB's N20m: Where is Our Money?, Who is Responsible for the death of Biafrans in Nkpor?

  Published Tuesday, May 02, 2020 @ 12:35 PM CET by BIAFRA TODAY
Uchenna Asiegbu and Asari Dokubo

In the wake of recent accusations of N20 million Naira reportedly given to Alhaji Asari Dokubo back in 2016 when IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was still in Kuje prison, meant for the protection of Biafrans.

Asari Dokubo has come out to deny collecting any money from IPOB despite clear facts from the accusations that he was in a meeting with IPOB officials in Cotonou, where he requested for N200million in return for the protection of Biafrans that have been victims of killings during various protest and gathering in different parts of Biafraland.

They agreed a N20m advance payment to him which was approved by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu directly from prison, He instructed Uchenna Asiegbu "Omiomio" a former IPOB DOS head to transfer N20million naira to Asari Dokubo literally meant for the protection of Biafrans.

Unfortunately, Biafrans never got any protection as hundreds of us were murdered in Nkpor by the Nigerian Military on 30th May 2016. We will never forget, Somebody must be held responsible.

They went too far in pushing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to the wall. I watched Asari Dokubo's clip cursing and insulting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s dead parents, that was an argument taken too far and as such a poor low for Asari.

Back to the subject matter, I am sure that approval was given by our leader when he was in prison for 20 million naira to be remitted to Asari Dokubo of which the money left IPOB's account. Asari is denying not to have received the money, our question now is, If Asari really didn't receive the money, Where is our money? who has it? was the 20 million naira diverted?

Asari is denying not to have gotten the money. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said from prison he authorized Uchenna Asiegbu the former IPOB head of Directorate to remit the said amount to Asari Dokubo. We are angry because our people were slaughtered on that day We lost hundreds of our people and we won’t agree to lose our money.

Uchenna Asiegbu should open up, where went the money that should be remitted to Asari? Was the transaction made? If yes, Then we need the screenshots of the transaction history and trace where the money went to, Uchenna Asiegbu must be made to speak out at this point for this is no longer a joking matter and as such must be addressed seriously with a high sense of urgency because we are at a very delicate point in our struggle.

It is a double betrayal and we won’t accept it, Those in the position of our money should return it back to our account. Asari Dokubo MUST return our money back if he received it and if he didn't, Uchenna Asiegbu must be questioned.

We have seen many betrayals in this struggle but this one cannot be swept under the carpet, This is the worst type of double betrayal, our people were meant to be protected but they were betrayed. This is evil, this is severe wickedness. Those killed by Nigerian security forces were betrayed, God will punish those of you that failed to protect our people.

Remember this, you will forever be our enemies. Return our money or face the wrath of the people.

Written by Uchechi Chukwukezie
Chief Editor, IPOB Writers Media.


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