Investigation From Iriebe Obia-Akpor Igweocha Fulani Militias Occupation

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■ 14, June 2020

The watchdog of Umuchiukwu writers never sleeps nor slumber until we expose every plan of Fulani militias in Biafra land to the humanity of good conscience. 

Fulani Militias Occupation Location: Back of Oasis Of Love Orphanage Home Iriebe Pipe-Line Obia-Akpor Igweocha. Sequence Of Our Investigation: 

1)His Royal Highness Jeremiah Worenwu JP, the traditional ruler of Iriebe was the one who gave them that piece of land.

2)Those Fulani jihadist herders occupying that land paid the traditional ruler in other to enable them to stay there and also he has his cow which the herders breed for him. 

3)The herders move around with cows at midnight which posses a threat to residents of those axes 

4)Most of those herders hardly hear English nor Hausa language, which implies they are foreigners imported from Islamic countries to exterminate Biafrans. 

5)The jihadists herders boosted that in due time to come they will establish their own vigilant group in the estate. 

6)The real jihadist militia is to remain in the tents while the herders move around with the cows. 

With the investigation done by Umuchiukwu writers and the information at our disposal, I can categorically tell you that this jihadist militia will strike soon in Iriebe Obia-Akpor if nothing is done to stop them, the traditional ruler of Iriebe Obia-Akpor must note that these people are not herders but jihadist militia that will soon rise havoc in Iriebe, the early you compare this terrorist to vacant the entire village's of Irebe the better for you, else there will be rivers of blood in Iriebe. 

Conclusion Of Investigation: Any attack from Fulani jihadist militia in Iriebe Obia-Akpor, His Royal Highness Jeremiah Worenwu JP should be held accountable for his inability to chase those terrorists away from Iriebe. 

Investigation Source: Umuchiukwu Writers



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