Biafra: Religion, A Racist Against Blacks     

■Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 27, June 2020

The religious Iberiberism syndrome of a black man is behind my control, and it has been proven countless time that religious imperialism is one of the reasons why blacks are being dehumanized and murdered, out of ignorance and stupidity we foolishly accepted foreign Religion and today we are crying and protesting against racist/murder of blacks, while as those who brought Religion to us continue to maintain neutrality and at the same time are the ones dehumanizing and murdering blacks, the day we accepted Religion from our oppressors is the day we received racist.

Religious imperialism and colonialism are dangerous to blacks; every race hates and mistreats black people. Yet, blacks are in love with their oppressors, the fictional God of our oppressors can't save us that is why we are protesting against racism on blacks, anyone that tells you to love your enemy is your enemy.

In my silence and when I think about everything, Religion has done to Africa. I pray to my creator and ancestors for insight to know where I am, his foresight to understand where Afrikans are going, his hindsight to remember where I am coming from, blacks need to give their attention to what truly matters at every point in time because Religion is the main racist dehumanizing black people, not white people.

The most dangerous institutions against blacks are Christianity, followed by Islam and Judaism, take this bigot religious syndrome away from blacks they we reason like a human. The westerns will value their lives, and blacks claimed they don't want racism and white supremacy yet they go to church and give money to Roman Catholics to erect a white Jesus statue, every morning they bring their family to kneel in front of it.

Christianity has dehumanized blacks that all we can think of is to give money to our oppressors to build statues, and make posters depicting white people crushing the head of the devil, which they refer as a black man, but are shocked when white peoples act on their wishes if blacks want to protest against racist and murder of blacks people, the first and most dangerous Jesus racist statue should be toppled, and all other white saints in every city and home of black people, Christianity is the Religion of the white racists, from Hitler to Nazi, a black Christian is like a Jew kneeling in front of Hitler statue.

Religion has done nothing but kept our people oppressed, Religion is like a debilitating poison to black people,
their goal is to destroy Afrika culture through religious imperialism and make us slaves, a victim of racist and subjects of white supremacy, Religion has enslaved and still bind Afrika to poverty by all means possible, and you think in your mind that this religious imperialism will truly bring good news to Afrika?
Don't you know that Religions are the sources of racist hatred against blacks, to eradicate the racism you need to erase Religions, blacks must note that the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam are made on slavery, racism and genocide, Arabs and Christians divided Afrika continent and rob her of everything, in the name of one and only God/Allah?

Love is reciprocal, and you can't love/worship the God of someone who continues to dehumanized, intimidate and murder you, until black people emancipate themselves from the religious syndrome, our oppressors will continue to dehumanized and murder us, we must reclaim back our black spirituality before the racist against blacks stop.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John Odinaka
Published By Udeagha Obasi 
For Umuchiukwu Writers 


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