■Author: ONYEBUCHUKWU OLUSCO (Nwa Biafra) 
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 21, June 2020

Good evening wonderful people great Biafrans wherever you are on the face of this very planet, once again we welcome you to hopefully exciting, explosive, expository enlightening Broadcast this very day.

This very evening of 17th of June in the year of our most high Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime the mile 2020, I say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight to some of you. Because we are not like any other, right across the surface of this very planet men/women and children are listening to us, because they have come to partake and to participate in this very gospel of redemption, a gospel of hope, a gospel of restoration, a gospel of emancipation, a gospel of enlightenment, a gospel of reasoning this very gospel that will unshackle us from the bondage of Inequity of existence of the damnable zoological republic. That Elohim may bear us witness that they came and indeed as they were mandated to and BIAFRA came as a result of it.

The whole world is on a standstill, Abuja is on temporary lockdown as I speak because everybody wants to be enlightened, they want to be educated.

Without further hesitation, I will proceed to invite the almighty creator of the heavens and the earth Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru ime the Nile, Elohim Adonai El Shaddai, the beginning and end of all we are to take Charge of this proceedings this very evening.

Before I came on the air, I throw up a challenge I asked anybody if you feel you are intelligent enough, if you feel you are polished enough, if you feel you are enlightened enough, if you feel you are educated enough to debate with me you are more than welcome to do so, and up till the time I came on the air I have not seen anybody serious enough nor worthy enough to take up this very challenge. And maybe within the next week or two, I will also arrange to give them more time to prepare that I may face them and demolish them one after the other.

My name is Nnamdi Kanu

I am the leader of the indigenous people of BIAFRA, I am the director of Radio BIAFRA, I am the director of BIAFRA Television, and by the very special grace of this one indivisible God that I worship Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru time the nile, I will now forever remain a servant of the wonderful people of BIAFRA.

I welcome you and now let us pray!

Opening prayer followed the opening prayers were anchored by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as always, and after which I Onyebuchukwu Oluchukwu Nwafor echoed I see I see Iseeee to all the great prayers he made, and he proceeded with the broadcast.

Whenever I try to teach, I teach subjects that are incontrovertible things you can prove yourself.

Africans are foolish they don't understand this evening we shall teach them that they may know the lies they have been told over the years. I sound this way this evening because I made a statement which some people rather foolishly considered to be controversial when I was merely stating the fact, incontrovertible fact I stated regarding the behaviour or should I say the disgraceful behaviour of those that called themselves men of God in the damnable zoological republic (Nigeria).

Only one thing separate human being from the animal kingdom and that is the human mind I repeat, the difference between you listening to me this evening with your family and your family pet, your dog, your cat, your rabbit, your rat just name is your mind that all otherwise we are all animals. We have the ability to reason on a conscious level, ever since we started our main concern has been to raise the level of consciousness on average African, to get people to begin to reason, once you get human beings to reason properly every other problem will become solvable. But where you have human beings who can not reason you are in great difficulty and in great danger, and that is what we are seeking to avert.

Because let me make this very very clear BIAFRA is not like any other nation in the face of the earth, and I make no apologies about that. BIAFRA is very very special extraordinary special. Therefore the values that will Govern our interaction and conduct within the land of BIAFRA are going to be at a higher level than expected of a black race to understand this very carefully.

The greatest harm, the greatest injustice anybody can do to you is to hide the truth from you, to make you ignorant most of your so-called pastors and clergy they have made you ignorant. And regardless of how deep mess this ignorant you are in is my duty to make sure that you see the light.

After this Broadcast this evening go and reflect, go and contemplate, go and ponder you will come to the same conclusion that as always that we have always been right, the same way we told you that the Janjaweed were coming five, six years ago we knew, what is happening today we foretold it we knew it was going to happen because all the grievances were there. We were ignored because people are ignorant and you get most of your ignorant from only two places in life, only two not three on your school and from your religious gatherings.

I have been wondering why is it that pastors and preachers in the zoo never stand on the truth? Why are they always afraid? They are afraid because they don't believe in what they are preaching, that is why they are afraid. If you believe there is Heaven somewhere, why are you as a man of God afraid to stand up to say that what is happening in Nigeria is terrible? Why can't you stand up to say all these things, all this suffering is intolerable and can no longer be tolerated? Instead, all you are concerned is about tithe and offering, am not saying that some of you don't pray very hard.

What I am saying to you is very simple you people don't fear God, you people are immoral, and hell awaits you. I am saying this to you because I am a Christian very controversial, but I will tell you why I said that in a few moments, some of you don't know the meaning of Christianity, but this evening it will be clear to you and me what is all about because you don't know.

When the European hijacked the word of God from Israel it went through Greece, from Greece it went into Turkey then Constantinople in the East and they messed up the word of God completely, just like every other thing when it got to Africa it became one massive business, and you want me to keep quiet? You want God to be angry with me that I saw something terrible happening, and I kept quiet? Then you must be dreaming, that means you don't know who we are. It doesn't matter where the lie is; it doesn't matter how unspeakable that evil is we speak it that people may learn.

You don't know the meaning of Christan, but I will teach you this very evening, and you will know it, what am about to teach you this evening no pastor know the meaning of Christianity in Nigeria I said no one, because those that know in the Rome they hide it from you, those that know in the capital city of the Western world they keep it away from you.

Now let me tell you where the unreasonableness of black people where I anchor it all the time, it's their inconsistency we are a very very inconsistent race. We don't believe in something and believe in it not just physically but the principals behind it.

Listen carefully, a few days ago it was a case of black lives matters is that correct? What was involved in black lives matters? People were protesting against a perceived injustice, is that correct? All over the world, people were hailing them, and in Africa, you claim you are reasonable, you claim you went to school, you claim you are educated, you claim you are polished is that not true? Do you know that some people came out yesterday in Katstina to protest that lives in Katstina also matters, so the same thing they were doing in America, in Europe everywhere around the world and they have been hailed oh continue you are doing the right thing, you are protesting against injustice people did the same thing in a place called Niger-Areal  (Nigeria) in Niger territory that is their proper name?

People went to Niger-Areal (Nigeria)  to protest the same protest you are having all over the world and people have been applauded they did not go to steal, there was no riot nothing surprise surprise do you know what happened? This evening we got the report that Nastura Sharif a very brave man who organized the protest has been arrested. What did he do? He organized the protest, and now let me tell you why I have Niger-Area (Nigeria) with a passion and everybody who foolishly call himself a Nigerian, why I tell you that black people are lower than monkeys, let me tell you before God and man black people in Africa are lower than animals am telling you and I will prove it to you now.

Do you know why? In the constitution of Nigeria there is something called freedom of expression, but do you know that Nigerians are so daft and so foolish they don't know that freedom of expression means expressing your anger or your frustration through protest, in other words, is covered by the law are you following? These are people with doctors, engineers you see a black baboon come out and be reading up their degrees and how intelligent they are and you will begin to wonder,  what did this man Nastura Sharif what wrong did he do? Bandits are killing them, terrorists are killing them, and they came out to say enough is enough now he has been arrested.

This is a country without a President, a country without a vice president, a country where the army is in disarray because their leader Buratai is no longer there and people are pretending as if all is well, I other words a country of hypocrites, and it is significant or should I say a sizable number of the preachers of the world among them and they've all kept quiet, do you see how a black man encourages injustice? And do you see why we say that BIAFRA can not be like any other useless, hopeless backward African country? That is why now before we go into BIAFRA, we must all be educated, enlightened, and reasonable.

Now tell me what this man has done? Amnesty International was reporting that they have arrested him for protesting that bandits are killing my people, terrorist are killing us every blessed day let us send a message to the Government, and he came out to protest now he has been arrested in a country that claims they have the constitution and enforcible, workable of piece document called a constitution, most people don't know that the constitution is more important than the Bible, is very important than the Quran it is the most important document that Governs how people exist in a society very very critical.

Do you know in the zoo called Niger-Real they don't have any regard for the constitution and do you know why? Because they are not civilized, they are not learned, they are not reasonable and to make the matter even worst every Sunday they go to Church and give whatever little they have to a scammer, to a fraudster telling them rubbish about the coming Kingdom of Heaven that he himself talking about he doesn't even know if it exists or not, he has a private jet, he has mansions all over the world, he built schools not help the poor but to enrich his family and his lineage.

Do you see how foolish black man is? But that man scamming you every Sunday is not a thieve, is not a fraud, is not a criminal do you know why? Because he promises you something you can never see which is heaven nobody has ever been to Heaven, I buried my parents on the 14th my mum never come to me to say oh am in heaven ooO and am having fun here no, nobody has been to Heaven and back to tell us what it looks like. So the only reason why these men are flying about with their jets is that they promise you something that no one has seen in the history of humanity heaven, are you following? That is No1.

Now, No2 is the fraud that that zoo Niger-Real (Nigeria) represents. Do you know what is happening in the North? That is why I love the way we preach after listening to this very gospel, that place you said is Hausa Fulani now people are coming out and do you know why they arrested this very man? Because when this protest started, they called it a protest of the indigenous Katstina people that doesn't include Fulani, that is why the Fulanis have arrested them. And will your daddy G.O. talk? No, the only thing that concerns them is how do we send them a code to bring tithe and offering. I bought palliative worth above what I have, 50 million I spent on palliative or should I say IPOB spent in my direction or at my instigation. Compare that to what your pastors have the criminal deceiving you.

Am asking them to show us, Heaven, then give us a map of Heaven, You are asking me a roadmap for BIAFRA? Show me a roadmap for Heaven how many rooms are there? But every Wednesday you are giving money, every Sunday you pay tithe, what is your reward? Tell me 419 that is greater than this one? How do you know it is a fraud? They promise you something and without seeing it they will ask for money is that not what they do every Sunday? That is not Godliness this evening. I will teach you what Godliness is.

Now listen very very attentively to what I am about to say this very evening, not all advice from old people you Should listen to remember foolish people also grow old. That is one thing about Africa why Africa is backward, if every grey hair man/woman or should I say, man, in particular, is wise and intelligent then why don't we have running water in our villages? Why don't we have electricity? Why are we hungry? Why are we in so much pain and deprivation?

Nobody is more Christian than me to listen carefully to this; I said nobody is more Christian than me. Some of you don't follow the call principles of what you claim you believe in. Now I said I am a Christian and I know there is panic in many places right now but allow me to explain it, the first place to start is who a Christian is? A simple definition of a Christian And we have it here. Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Its adherents, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is the Christ, whose coming as the Messiah was prophesied in the Hebrew Bible, called the Old Testament in Christianity, and chronicled in the New Testament. Now we go back they said that Christianity is a monotheistic do you know what that means? It means a religion that recognizes one God, not two, not three, not four in other words here; your holy Trinity is out of the window.

A Christian is someone who behaves like Jesus Christ, somebody who loves the truth, somebody who is outspoken, somebody who has no fear, somebody who is righteous that is the meaning of Christianity because you have pledged to be like Jesus Christ, and who was Jesus Christ? Jesus believed in monotheism religion, in one God in Heaven, incidentally as the same thing about Islam and the same thing as Judaism, so do you see how all Faith is one?

Now listen very carefully please, what is monotheism? That Jesus Christ was part of, that Jesus Christ believed in, Jesus went to the temple; he went to the synagogue upon until his death he never asked anybody to stop been to synagogue, he was critical of the corrupt high priest as we are today. He was critical of the corruption in the priesthood as we are today the same way we are concerned today about the corruption In the Church so who is more Christian them or us? I will continue, what is the meaning of monotheism? It means one God and incidentally and funny enough the same that Judaism believes in, the same one God that Christianity believes in, the same one God that Islam believed in then you ask yourself why are people all over the place? We get to that later, so Christianity is a religion of only one God because of you Claim you are following Christ that was what Christ said one father who at in Heaven hollowed be thy name.

During the time of Yahshua, I want to refer you back to the Bible the book of Deuteronomy 6:4, some of you don't know it was from the same Israelite, from the same Judaism that Christianity came. Some of you have forgotten that Jesus Christ is a Jew, the meaning of Yahshua (Jesus) is Chizoba (God saves) if you don't know that is the meaning of the name, in Deuteronomy 6:4 hear oh Israel the Lord our God is only one God this was what Jesus Christ was born into he went to the synagogue To go and teach, he went to temple to go and preach he didn't go to any church. I want you to go and show me where Jesus went to Church before he has never been to Church before. I am not saying that going to Church is not a good thing, and you can find the truth. In the Church, please go is a good thing. But the churches you have in Nigeria 😂 Lord have mercy. Where in the Holy Bible did Jesus Christ go to Church? Did Jesus Christ ever go to Church? If the answer is yes, then show me where in the Bible?
Simple common sense we don't have in Africa If people were thinking the way we think in Africa do you think man will go to the moon? How do you think you are using a mobile phone today? Some of you now are listening to me via your internet you go to Facebook, do you know that wouldn't have been possible if not Leonid Kupriyanovich in Russia that went to the outer space or you think is just magic? You don't know that men die in trying to go to the Outer space to launch satellite so you can have mobile phones don't you know that? That is why when you call now I can hear you is there any fixed wire from you are to where I am? So you don't know that when you make a call, it goes to Heaven first and then comes down to earth you don't know that? Am asking you if Whit people were to be as superstitious and ignorant as blacks Africans do you think there will be mobile phone today?

So don't be afraid to ask your pastor if Jesus Christ went to Church show me in the Bible which Church did he go to? Is it apostolic or Assemblies? Or winners which one? Ask him to show you he can't show you, do you know why he can not show you? Because the Europeans went to Israel took away their name, took away everything call them Palestine, destroyed the land of Israel and took God to Europe, and bastardize it and they exported it to Africa, and people were jumping up and down like idiots.

In the book of Deuteronomy 6:4, hear oh Israel there is only but one God, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, ONE and that is what I believe in do you see how being a Christian? Do you see how  I am adherent to Judaism? Do you see how I am a Biafran? Because where we come from who don't know Chinese? Translate into English (God is King), so I don't need anybody to preach any nonsense to me to tell me that God is number one there is no other God apart from him. I don't need any white man to teach me anything; we bear the name (The Child of God in Heaven)

Some of you don't know that Jesus Christ had a brother it's in the Bible, his name is James, James is also a disciple of Jesus Christ some of you don't read the Bible very well. I suggest you go and read the book of James very well, do you know the funniest thing? Do you know that book of James? Very nearly they wouldn't have added it do you know why they didn't want to add it? Because what James was saying what exactly what Jesus Christ was preaching, James is the blood brother of Jesus Christ and James was telling you you must obey the law of God, this Ten commandments you must keep it. Go to your new testament and read the book of James after reading it just for two days you will repent he was an Israelite. Go to the book of James and see what Christianity is all about.

Do you actually know the meaning of the word Israel? Israel means the Prince of God, so you don't know that? God gave his commandments to his children and said this would define you on the eight days you circumcise your child, on the eight days I will circumcise, all my children on the eight days they were circumcised, Jesus Christ was circumcised on the eight days.

People wonder sometimes and say, why did you follow Judaism? I said I am not following any Judaism; I went back to the religion of my ancestors. They said how I said yes! Because you come to Biafraland nobody forces you to worship anything, you can worship anything you like that is your business, the same thing in Israel you can worship whatever you like that is your business.

"Church is not a bad thing I don't want to be misunderstood; Church is not a bad thing no, the worship of God almighty in truth and in every honesty is not a bad thing, is when you become stupid in the process that I have an issue with you".

Every time I tell you there is something special about us, at the cause of my research, do you know I read the bible very well? I read it very very well more than your daddy G.O., and that is where I am lecturing from this evening, those claim they are Christians but can't emulate what Chris did how you can be a Christian? Did Christ have a mansion I am asking you? Was he not feeding people? Did people feed him? He was the one feeding people, people will come to him he will feed them, he will pray with them, but you have aircraft, you have mansion the word of God is now a franchise.

BIAFRA is the Kingdom of God in the face of this very earth which I will prove to you later, that is why everywhere in Biafraland you have The, (light) do you know the funniest thing? My mother's village is (Light). The home side is Umuchiukwu (The Children of God) can you believe that? The means light and inside that light their family linage we called the Children of God what else are you looking for? Why do you need me to tell you that you are special as a Biafran? How do you want me to explain it? In the names, we give our children, and our villages, the name we bear already is a sign that God is already with us. In the 1st book of John 1:5, it said, God is light, and in him, there is no darkness, and that is the name we bear, we are very special people. Why then do I need to be in Nigger -Areal (Nigeria) which means darkness, do you know why they hate is in the zoo called Nigeria? God said that light and darkness could not be together, and your name means light, and Nigger areal means darkness. How can two of them survive together? There is a place in Arochukwu called Ihechiowa It means (Where God's light springs out from).

Do you think that Fredrick Lugard and Flora Shaw didn't know what they were doing? They know. They know there is Biafra there, that was why in 1914  Frederick Lugard in his papers the British Government said the great IGBO race across the Niger. The only black race in the whole world to be referred to as great by a white man, the only people.

We practised female rights even before the Europeans.

A Nigerian doesn't reason; reasoning is not one of the strong points of a Nigerian. All the money that you people put into the Church as tithe and offering every Sunday if you all go to Church and say this tithe we are giving to you now rather going to build a private university for your son, for your children to be enjoying, please build and equip a hospital, the people that brought you bible from Europe all those people they built hospitals, they built houses for the poor. Europeans built homes for the poor and built hospitals In Africa instead of them building hospitals they will buy privet jet.

Europe dominated the whole world, till today Europe is still dominating because Europeans said we must now reason, that is what am trying to get Africans to do, I am trying to get Africans to reason, once you can reasonably believe you me there is nothing you can not achieve in this life. You can achieve anything you want, but you know how hard it's to educate an African, very very difficult indeed.

Black slave mentality at it best, as they are selling black people in Libya and dehumanizing us other people are in the zoo praying for Nigeria to be one, now praying for darkness to be one because Nigeria means darkness. Whereas they are selling us in Libya BBC will not report it, non of the major news outlet will report it in Africa because they don't see us as humans very very sad Indeed.

•We will not tolerate hypocrisy I Biafraland that is the fact."

Blacks are surviving in America base on white people's patronage. We were taken to America by force we didn't go there until a black man can look himself in the mirror and say I am a failure they will never change. Black people we are failures we have failed ourselves, we have failed our children, and that is the truth, look yourself in the mirror that is how you change.

We built nothing that the world can see forget about all the ancient history. Like they use to say in the zoo, I get am before no be the property we use to, we use to is that property? We are talking about now what eyes can see, what the hands can touch nothing. A black man is a failure, Obama was a failure it doesn't matter how rich you are until we can organize ourselves in society be able to provide for our needs, until that happens we are animals. We are nothing. Dresses anyhow you like, buy as many privet jets as you like you are still an animal, you are still a Niger because you don't Judge a man by his worth alone, you judge him by the value of the society he comes from that is why the love of your nation is the greatest love in this whole world.

Because you are a son of your nation, you are an embodiment of your nation, we have nothing in Africa to be proud of, people protested they arrest them, they shot them, they lock them up judges have no conscience, lawyers have no conscience, doctors have no conscience, teachers have no conscience and their politicians are even worst, and you are telling me you are human beings? Of course, you are not. If nobody tells you, you no me Nnamdi Kanu I will tell you to your face you are nothing but a used tissue paper until you change and that change comes from recognizing that there is a problem that problem is oppression, that problem is suppression, that problem is religion unless today you have decided forever and ever we are going to be slaves in this life.

I want people to understand that we have proof of migration of people from the land of Israel into Biafraland, I want anybody with the bible to please go to the book of Zephaniah  3:10 everything I tell you is in the Bible for goodness sake, Zephaniah  3:10 and what does it say? From beyond the rivers of Cush or Ethiopia those who pray to Me, the daughter of My dispersed people, will bring and present My offering so says the Lord of host Chukwu Okike Abiama. Once you go pass Ethiopia you will see my people there and who are those people I ask? Who are in after Ethiopia? Who are those people? After Ethiopia, which is the next Kingdom? It is BIAFRA. I refer you back to the book of Zephaniah, Zephaniah said after Ethiopia my people are there, and I have the map.

Please click on the link below to see the map,  according to the Bible after Ethiopia next is BIAFRA:


I have shown you where I am in the Bible show me your own, the name of my village Afara is there in the ancient map, and people are talking rubbish, people who didn't go to school.

If you go to America, if you go to Canada and you call anybody a Nigga you are going prison, if you go to the U.K. and say to anybody hey Nigga come you are finished they will call the police and you are gone, but that is a name of a country in Africa Nigga-area (Nigeria), and they are very proud. Are you telling me that black people are normal?

Let me tell Fulanis if you don't call me very very soon to negotiate a peaceful exit of BIAFRA you will lose Sokoto as well, and there will be no Fulani Emirs in the North. I am telling you that the Fulani Emirates will crumble let them be assured.

Do you know that the Christians in the North actually outnumbered the Muslims are you aware of that? I said to Fulani you would lose your Emirate In the North am telling you the truth. Keep delaying you don't know who we are everything thing we do is ordained by Heaven; that is why this will keep sinking in, sinking in every blessed day. Right now is the time for freedom, and I want freedom for everybody.

Yoruba woman and her daughter raped by Fulani Janjaweed crying, Yoruba how many of your women will be raped before you wake up and reason how many will be raped am asking you?

Please click on the link below to watch the video of this Yoruba woman raped crying:


There is another idiot giving land to Fulani from Igboetiti in Enugu state his name is  Ezeani M.BT from Enugu state, this man brought Fulani people into our land gave them land and he is working for the Fulani caliphate his phone numbers are.. 08037613474. So very soon those of you from Igboetiti your mothers and your daughters will be raped, which is one Nigeria.

This is an official report by a Fulani man, in 5 local LGA of Borno Boko Haram is in Charge, the zoo has fallen completely fallen.


I want to sound this note of warning to all the Children of light, all the members of IPOB around the world it is an announcement. Please not everybody that shout BIAFRA, BIAFRA is one of us, we IPOB we are the custodians of this freedom that is founded on truth and honesty and above all consistency.

To be one of us, you must, and I repeat you must be under oath, if you are not under oath we can not trust you, you can be a Biafran and doing whatever you are doing that is fine by us, but we will not have anything to do with you because we can not trust you, a lot of people have fallen by the wayside, if you are not under oath you can never be trusted because one day you will sellout we have seen many people do that before.

Anybody can be a Biafran or indigenous person of BIAFRA if you wish, but only those Chukwu Okike Abiama has chosen can be called IPOB family members, family members is the key if you don't have that title to the name you are nothing to us, and you can turn at any time. If you are not a family member you are on your own you are not one of us, we have seen traitors before come and go, to be one of us you must be under oath very very important, please.

Also back home in Biafraland I can notice that the zoo mentality is crimping in, I gave an order that nobody should collect any dues or levy anything, I don't care what the emergency is it's is an order, if you know that you levied anybody I am going to Broadcast on Sunday I don't care what the reason is, I don't give a dime I don't want to know what reasons you may have, I don't care order is an order.

And here is obey the last order the order is nobody is allowed to levy anything in Biafraland I said no nobody, once you are a coordinator and you do that you are off. If you know you did I don't want to mention your name now, you must resign before Sunday or I will come on air and mention your name very very important, you must leave an order in the order I don't care what the problem it's nobody I allowed to levy anything in Biafraland I said no, you must learn to be disciplined.

And on that note, we have come to the end of our program this very evening, but I must say as always without any hesitation and giving to all that we have presented this very evening, that when we say that BIAFRA is our religion we stand on biblical idite is written on the Bible, not by man, and I reaffirm this very evening from here that BIAFRA is our religion here on Radio BIAFRA is where we worship because Chukwu Okike Abiama Puru time the Nile Elohim Adonai El Shaddai is our God. And I thank you very much for listening to this evening and from me from here it's a good evening.

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