Published Tuesday, March 17, 2020 @ 12:13 CET

The magnitude and impact of yesterday's explosion in Abule Ado area of Amuwo Odofin Local Council Development Area (LCDA) can only be compared to the Lagos State bomb blast of 2002. The IPOB Lagos State Media Team, (Spot-on Media), visited the tragic scene today, 16th day of March, 2020 to have a first hand information of what truly transpired.

 From this scene of inferno, we can categorically confirm that the height of destruction of lives and properties can not, by any imagination, be accurately quantified. Right in our presence, 24 hours after the explosion, corpses and human body parts were still being exhumed from the rubbles, and taken away in ambulances.

From what we were seeing here today, there is no possibility of getting the accurate number of casualties in this very disheartening scene, because the response from the Government in this critical time is as negligible as it is questionable, to say the least. From the information gathered, over 50 bodies have been recovered from the scene, while hundreds of survivors are spread across different hospitals.

There is certainty that the Death toll could be higher as rescue operations continue to exhume corpses every hour. The worst hit from the explosion are Schools and Churches within the vicinity. In Bethlehem High School, Abule Ado, over 100 students were victims of the fire and collapsed buildings. The Principal Rev. Sister Henrietta Alokha died alongside several students as she tried to rescue her trapped students. There are families that lost their lives because their homes collapsed. The impact was more around the Churches and Schools in the location. So many houses were completely shattered, roof tops blown away.

The destruction was extended to the Tradefair complex where several complexes were damaged, iron doors of many shops were removed, and forced open by the impact of the explosion. It is a fact that each time there is an emergency in Nigeria, the Government is either too slow to respond, or they are not found in the scene at all.

Moving around the area which has presently been cordoned off by the security operatives after 24 hours, one begins to ask, where were these Security men when the disaster raged yesterday, and left only ordinary Nigerians without expertise and equipment to do the rescue work? For the many hours that the resultant fire from the explosion raged, victims were left in the hands of men who used unorthodox means to rescue those who were trapped. We appreciate their courage, boldness and timely service, which, to a large extent, reduced what would have been a more calamitous scenario.

If not for this team of Voluntary workers, the casualties at the Bethlehem Catholic Boarding School, would have been multiplied. Where was the Nigeria Emergency Management Agency, NEMA? Where were the Government ambulances and medical practitioners, whose presence was needed at that crucial and critical hour? Where was the Governor of the State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu? He only came 24 hours after the incident, took pictures and flew to Abuja to present the evidential photos to his Boss, an allerged impostor at Aso Rock. Where was the so called President in all of these? He sat back in his office to write a short note of condolences to victims.

As I make this compilation, all the victims of the attack are battling in various hospitals on their personal efforts. The ones whose homes were destroyed have since relocated to friends or family members. Those who lost their source of livelihood and properties will never be assisted by Government. It is their loss, that's how it is in Nigeria. Everything in Nigeria works against the people especially when the majority of the people affected are Biafrans.

The question now is, "what truly caused this massive explosion that covered over 15 square kilometer distance, to kill People and destroy properties worth of billions of dollars? The first hand information obtained by the States Media Crew, while interviewing some people living around the area, established firmly that majority of them dismissed the news of Gas pipeline explosion as a mere infantile and hollow diversionary fabrication.

They are of the opinion that it was clearly a well planned and clinically executed Terror attack, targeted mainly at the Christians, almost all of whom are, Biafrans, considering that the area is dominated by Christian Biafrans.

A very insignificant number of people said that the explosion was caused by a Gas explosion from a Gas cylinder leakage underground, which ignited the NNPC pipeline and there was a combined explosion. (This view lacks merit and coherence in all its ramifications). Another account said the explosion occurred after a truck got stuck on a Gas pipeline of the NNPC, thereby igniting the underground pipeline, leading to the explosion that shook as far and wide as 15 square kilometers. (This view is equally as fallacious as it is untenable).

From our findings, we of the Lagos IPOB media Crew can strongly establish that there was sabotage in what happened here yesterday. It must not be forgotten that a few days before what is now clearly a terror attack, Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff, Gen Tukur Burutai, began to inform the world of the impending attack in Lagos, by veiling the information under the cover of the fact that "BOKO HARAM IS NOW IN LAGOS". We Biafrans understood this coded information and told Lagos to get ready.

Unfortunately, earlier than expected, and in line with the characteristic dismissive approach of Nigerians to the warnings of IPOB, the people were caught unprepared.

Unfortunately, we can not get the truth from the Government because they will never come up with any tangible report. In Nigeria, we have seen hundreds of similar attacks by Boko Haram Terrorists, and NO TRUTH has ever emerged in all their reports.

We strongly demand an immediate disintegration of Nigeria, as that is the only solution that will end these incessant Terrorist attacks by Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, ISIS West Africa, and Al Queda in the Maghreb, all under the sponsorship of the Fulani Janjaweed government of Nigeria, under the supervision of the government of Britain.

Mazi Emeka Oguduru 
Mazi Chukwudi Okeke 
Mazi Onyekachi Orji 
Written by Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav 
Edited by Okwunna Okongwu 
For: IPOB States Media, Lagos


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