Education: Corruption and illegality at Ukrainian University

Extortion scheme running in large scale

Kharkiv Univerity VN Karazin

Report coming from a Kharkiv University in Ukraine has it that massive extortion and illegal activities are currently going on in large scale, thousands of foreign citizens annually come to Ukraine for studies, Most of them choose Kharkiv universities because this city has long been known as the student capital of Ukraine, Kharkiv has the largest number of universities and higher institutions in the country and has the highest student population as well, most of which are Indians and Africans.

However, almost every foreign student doesn’t know which problems they’re able to face when they arrive in Ukraine for studies. According to the report, certain agents have monopolize corruption working with the school officials in extorting money from students of Kharkiv National University of Karazin, where mostly are foreign medical students. 

The fact is that immediately after arriving in Ukraine, the administration of the University, together with private firms, begins to extort money from the student. 

You have to pay for everything:
For training, for obtaining registration, for settling in a hostel and so on. Hundreds of foreigners who fall into such situations usually unable to pay and are forced to remain in Ukraine illegally and can’t return home. 

There is no one to ask for help from foreign students from Karazin University because the University administration has close criminal relationships in the law system of Kharkiv. 

According to our sources, The main company that extorts money from students is BOB TRED, headed by Indian citizen Singh Hardib whose photograph appears below. This company, using the "guardian " of the administration in the Karazin University, threatens everyone who refuses to pay. 

Singh Hardib (BOB TRED)

Foreign students send hundreds of complaints, but they are afraid of their life and fate since the criminal mood has been created at the University has a close node with the police and the Security Service of Ukraine. 

In general, for the first year of study, a foreign student is required to pay at about $ 10,000 and only 10 percent of this amount are official payments. 

The rest of the money meant to bribes for the leadership of the Kharkiv National University of Karazin and law enforcement agencies.

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