COVID-19: Africans mock Nigerians as Buhari fails to address citizens over coronavirus pandemic, Abba Kyari flees to Cuba

      Aba Kyari flees to Cuba while Buratai plans bloody coup

      Published Friday, March 27, 2020 @ 19:01 CET


In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, every CIVILISED country have had their head of state address them on a daily and sometimes on an hourly basis, but not in the ZOO called Nigeria.

Even Boris Johnson in self-isolation after having tested positive for COVID-19 continues to coordinate UK government response to the pandemic via a video link. But in the blissfully ignorant Zoo, ‘President’ Abba Kyari in broad daylight took his toy Jubril with him and ran to Cuba for treatment having stolen all the money allocated for Aso Rock Presidential Clinic.

The supposed 200 million British laboratory animals he left behind to face Coronavirus pandemic with nothing is yet to summon the courage to demand their president address them live on TV as any other civilised society around the world that claims to run a democratic system would. Their stupefying cowardice in the face of such danger from a virulent disease is unfathomable. One is left to wonder where their brains have all gone to.

Unbeknown to these Zoo animals, most of whom can barely reason, Lt. General Tukur Buratai Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff is busy plotting to incapacitate Osinbajo and take over power in a military coup in the coming days and weeks. The Yoruba race is about to relive the humiliating experience of Brigadier Ogundipe who instead of taking over power in 1966 was chased away from Dodan Barracks by a Fulani army recruit after the death of Aguiyi Ironsi. Stupidity, ignorance and treachery always attract a very high price.

(Pictures below is the original Buhari in 2016 and Jubril Al-Sudani in 2019, the young boy Nigerians ignorantly refer to as Mr President. In this picture taken in Aso Rock Villa gardens, they forgot his make-up. This is the guy man from Sudan who is now in Cuba with Abba Kyari)



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