Biafra: Fulani Jihadists, the Reality of Kanu's Warning

   Published Sunday, March 15, 2020 @ 5:32 CET 
IPOB Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

March 15, 2020 | BIAFRA TODAY

Prince Innocent Uzoukwu

The Fulani jihadists have come! Nnamdi Kanu's warnings has come to reality.

The sleeping people, what next?

For many years, Nnamdi Kanu has been sounding this alarm. Calling our sleeping people to wake, that the Fulanis are coming to kill us and take over our land.

He called with a low voice and you did not hear. He called with a high voice, and you did not hear.

He came to you in the night, you called him a thief. He came to you in the morning, and you called him a warmonger.
He came to you in the afternoon, and you called him a fraudster. He came to you alone, and you called him a  small boy.
He came to you with his friends whom he has already awoken, and you called them all illiterate jobless miscreants.

He then spoke to you with raw words, and you said he has no manners. Then he cursed your foolishness, and you said he has no respect for elders.

He spoke to you from England, and you said he is a coward. He should come home and speak directly into your deaf ears if he is a  man, and serious with what he was saying.

He came, and you informed the oppressors, the DSS, that he has arrived.

He was arrested, detained for nearly two years, and tortured because of you. 
Later, he was released on bail, and because of the imminent danger of extinction facing you, he broke the bail conditions  which said he should no longer talk to you. You told him to stop talking Biafra freedom, and he asked you, "under what condition?" Then you went to  Abuja and told Buhari to bring his army of pythons, to come and bite him to death in his own home.

They came, and called it "operation python dance".

The blind army, Navy, and Air force pythons, did not succeed in their evil mission. Instead, they massacred everybody on site. killed 28 innocent people in his compound, including his dog Jack.

Nnamdi Kanu was saved by the Biafrans that believe in his message. They offered their own lives instead.

He escaped to Israel, even when his  Nigerian and British passports were ceased by the enemies.
Even from the holy land of Israel, he continued to talk to you on radio Biafra, but your wickedness kept you deaf and dumb in deep slumber.

He has sacrificed everything including his both parents, his luxurious life as a Prince, his liberty, good time for his beautiful wife and kids. All these, and more, he has sacrificed to wake you up and save your lives. But your wickedness, hatred, and envy, kept you sleeping in your shithole, dreaming of one Nigeria that died in 1966. What a pathetic lot!
Now, Nnamdi  Kanu's warnings and prophecies have come to reality.
The long talked about Fulani Caliphate jihadist invaders, have entered Igbo land, killing every Igbo life they see, rapping every Igbo woman they fancy, pillaging and destroying anything they cannot take. Burning down people's homes.

"Ife ka nte, abakwutego nte na onu!"
The question is, what was the "Nte" doing all along?

You are now publicly soliciting for money to buy weapons, to save yourself and our endangered people?

Now the jihadist Fulani from Mali, Niger, Chad, and  Burkinafaso has already arrived and occupied Igbo land?

The God of the bible which you all claim to worship said in the book of Proverb that "A WISE KING PREPARES FOR WAR, DURING THE TIME OF PEACE."
From the stand of things now, it is proven that you leaders of ndi Igbo, are not wise.
I  hope prophet Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB army, will still be able to save you.


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