|published, March. 15.2020|10:45

A Deal with the Devil: You Must Bring a Head to Take Back a Head

Written By: Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu


The image shown below is Just as Myles Munroe explained the situation of Nigeria in one of his preachings to the people of the world. Said the British relationship with Nigeria is totally a sham! It is BRING A HEAD TO TAKE BACK A HEAD situation. Only the devil proposes this kind of deal and it is a very crappy one!

To further explain this, he said, Nigeria gets the oil which the British government refines and take their percentage and still sell the remaining one back to Nigeria. Britain will come and buy the crude oil from Nigeria at a certain amount of money and take back to their country to refine. After refining the Crude oil, they will get the following:👉 fuel, gasoline, kerosene, paraffin...etc. Britain will then sell the end product back to the same Nigeria in larger amount of money. Myles said by so doing, the British is perpetually holding Nigeria down and such a country (Nigeria) can never ever develop in this life.

Sadly, not quite long Myles delivered this sermon, he died in a plane crash. Good people never last!

May his gentle soul rest in peace...amen.

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