FEB 14th: "Allow us bury our dead in peace or Be dead with them" - IPOB Blows hot

          Published Thursday, February 06, 2020 @  23:35 CET

Have any of you seen what is Happening in the Homeland of the great Supreme Leader, and other strategic locations in our Region?

They have come again to test our wills, our patience, and Strength. They have signed to kill many of our people as possible this time, but have forgotten to know that the game of killing is the easiest thing to do in this life. The awaited fire is about to explode, therefore, tell our people within the Nigeria state that the enemy is within them, and it will not be a question of I support IPOB or not, when the fire Explode.

The federal force have already taken position to fire any of our men as we speak, But we thank the almighty creator, whom is with us in all the ways. When the day come, as it is already, the killers will know, that our people fears no man or weapons. The killers will know that we are unshakable and unstoppable.

We have endured the tortures and bullets of the federal force before now, we have been marching with a voice of victory all this times without any single weapon, revenge or counter operations in the face of death.

we have had pity and patience enough for the enemy to come to their sense of peaceful division, but No!, they want war and blood, just because our men have not demonstrated a glimpse of what will happen to them if we blow the trumpet.

The Echoes of Biafra is clear now and every world government have heard us. Tell them to allow us bury our dead in peace or Be dead with them.

To all Biafrans and Allies thereof, be ready for what is Next, it is Victory or Nothing.

God bless Biafra.

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