Biafra: In Biafra Restoration, Africa is Free

               Published on Monday, May 13, 2019 @ 12:53PM by BIAFRA TODAY

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
For IPOB Writers

Date: 13.05.2019
I recall when humanity
Still has morality,
People treat one another with decency,
But those days are gone!

I still recall when the road
To our village stream
Ran through the breadfruit tree,
And it was free of evil,
But those days are gone.

I recall when our land,
The entire Biafra land,
A holy land filled with milk 'n' honey
Was still owned by us,
And just us,
No foreign invaders,
Children still had regard for elders,
But those days are gone.

I recall when men were still men,
Women were still women,
And mother earth, free of deceit 'n lie
That if you lie you die,
But those days are gone!

I recall when food was still eatable,
The soil so fertile, not terrible,
Societies never dealt with chemicals,
Churches never preached miracles
But only salvation
To free from damnation,
But those days are gone.

Have those days truly gone,
Gone, gone, and gone forever?
People now killing people,
Our youths now see love as sex,
The country in a big  mess,
As lives, every day ruined,
As dreams shattered and killed,
Humanity has lost its way,
As leaders have led the nation astray.

Where and where 've we gone wrong?
Is our faith in Thee not strong?
How did we get here?
Why must we live in constant fear?
My heart so broken, my eyes in tears!

O Lord of Hosts,
Shame the enemies' boasts
And restore our land!
Let thy kingdom come,
Let Biafra come
So that we may worship thee.
For in Biafra restoration,
Shall we all be free,
Free from the captivity of negativity.
In Biafra restoration,
Shall the blind see,
In Biafra restoration,
Shall the black race be free
From the white supremacy.
Oh, Lord of Hosts,
Shame the enemies' boasts,
Give us Biafra
So that we may forever praise thee.

Edited & Published 
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