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As I Pray to Thee

Written By Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

As I pray to thee
Oh, Lord of Host
I neither grumble nor boast,
Even when expectations not yet met,
I neither struggle nor sweat
For I know that my Redeemer liveth!

Who would ever question thy will?
You that commandeth the red see to be still!
Even as sinners expect to be forgiven,
So do I feel reproach over my shortcomings
And desire that my prayers be answered at once
So that I can boldly before my foes make a dance,
A joyous dance with a little prance,
For He, Elohim always has other plans,
So I never shall complain but to accept at once.

br /> As I pray to thee
Oh  Lord of Host, keep me tight
And fill me with thy might
As I match on with this fight
For Biafra restoration,
Our only hope of redemption
From the Marauding Fulani oppression.

As I pray to thee,
Oh Lord of Host,
Let on earth thy will be done
Let Biafra come
That we may enjoy thy abundance grace
And put our enemies to disgrace,
That they may know
How brightly thy light shineth,
And how strongly it gloweth
For those who seek for thy presence.
As I pray to thee
Let our prayers be answered.

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