30th May: A Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes and Heroines

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

For IPOB Writers

For my sake,
Oh for my sake,
You put thy lives at stake
So that I may live,
In thee I strongly believe,
The true soldiers of our land.

For your sake,
Just for your sake,
They stayed awake,
Through many nights
They withstood the fights
So that you may live,
In them you must believe,
The true heroes of our land.

For our sakes,
Oh, for our sakes
You stood on the front lines,
Out of the darkness,
You led the way,
'N never led us astray,
That takes a soldier's heart!

For our sakes,
Just for our sakes,
Their souls are still in hell trapped,
Waiting and waiting to be freed,
Waiting for Biafra to come,
This God's kingdom on earth,
That will forever change our fate.

If ever we fail to honor thee,
Our race shall know no peace,
Our land
Shall be a thing of mockery
By the same folks
Who took us into slavery.

br /> On this 30th May,
Shall we mark the day,
Shall we remember thee,
Oh, our fallen Soldiers,
We shall with passion honour thee,
Even in the presence of our enemies!
We ask for thy eternal rest,
May "Okike" take thy souls 'n bless,
For thy genuine love to humanity
Is worth remembering for.
Rest on, my heroes
For thy memories
Shall forever in our hearts be.

Edited & Published by IPOB WRITERS PRESS
Contact: ipobwriters@ipob.org
Twitter: @ipob_writers



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