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For Biafra, I shall Proudly Dance with a Prance

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

'Twas on a blissful Saturday morning,
So mild, the weather 'n not scorching,
Then blazing reliance on me
On a blissful beam,
This gentle breeze.
Had looked up as the day drew by
To behold this lovely deep blue sky,
Buried inside it, the morning sun,
That in its full glory brightly shone,
And I had wondered why
Nature is this beautiful,
Truly, Providence is always merciful!
'N as if 'twas whispering into my ear,
Telling me not to fear
But to make that move in full gear,
Nature, indeed is a thing of beauty,
For only those who can truly see!

Then arose I
With a deep sigh
'N again embarked on this love walk,
Who never had it will only but mock.
Had made a contact,
'N had, had a nice talk,
Minds together were robbed,
True feelings deeply revealed.
Strange, when viewed with normal eyes,
But like the eagle, so high it flies!
Never cared about the prying eyes,
And it had felt so nice
As I walked the length
And the breadth
Of the city searching for her,
The journey not boring
As the mind swimming
In the oceans of thoughts,
The very thoughts about her,
A thing so genuine
And Heavens always there to renew.

For Biafra,
Just for Biafra,
If it is a dance
I shall proudly dance it with a prance,
If it is music,
I shall never fail to adopt its basic,
But then it is something so lovely
Filled with nature's beauty,
Love, love, oh this love for Biafra
That am here again to share,
Who never had it
Will only but mock it.

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