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By Chukwuebuka Idoko

The more they continue to hunt us, the more we spread.

The meeting and Inauguration which featured Mrs. Nkeiru Udorji (IPOB Abia State Women Financial Secretary), Mazi Ugwunna( Coordinator of New Heaven Zone), Elder Anyanwu Njoku, Mazi Ndubuisi Oriaku, Mazi Uchechukwu Paul, Mazi Chidi Paul Ochacha, Mazi David Nnanna Ochacha (Coordinator of Umuedi zone 1), Mrs. Anabogu Ochacha (A veteran), Mazi Basil Jonathan (Umuedi Village Head), Chief Friday (Traditional Prime Minister, Oke Alangwa Autonomous community), Mazi Ogadinma Monday, Mazi Friday, Mazi Sunday Nwamara and so many others including little kids, started with an opening prayer which was said by Elder Anyanwu Njoku the village head of Umuiroma in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia state, on 26th of March, 2019. He prayed and asked Chukwuokike to take charge of the inauguration, all to the Glory of His name.
Everyone present introduced themselves to each other, took the normal IPOB oath, and shared Kola within themselves.

Mazi Ugwunna started the Inauguration proper by speaking to the villagers in a fatherly manner, he said,

“This is the best inauguration I have officiated so far, the only Inauguration where the Prime Minister, Village heads and all traditional rulers in the village were seen sitting and speaking for Biafra. In fact, I feel like flying to heaven”.

He went further to tell them about the dos and don’ts in IPOB. He also taught them many things they needed to know about Biafra and IPOB, encouraged them, enjoining them to “never go back even at gun point”. He also advised them never to allow any Nigerian agent to put discord in their midst.

"Remember we are one family and a family that has unity, Love, Respect for each other and trust that can level a mountain in couple of minutes".

Furthermore, he called up Mazi Nnanna Ochacha who was picked by Umuedi villagers to be their Zonal Coordinator and advised him to always take care of these people he is going to hand over to him,

“Take care of them, admonish them when necessary with respect and love same way our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu does to us, remember you are like a father to them and must act as one, don’t be a burden to them, at least you know the rules and regulation guiding IPOB, make sure you stick to them (the rules)”.

Mrs. Nkeiru Udorji who came alongside the Zonal coordinator also made the people, especially, men of Umuedi to understand the need to carry their wives, women, girls and children along in this restoration project. She also reminded them of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s speech “Whenever our women come out for the restoration of Biafra, Just know that Biafra is near”. She, therefore, asked them to always remember Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other sincere principle officers in their prayers always.

Finally Chief Friday (Traditional Prime minister, Oke Ala Ngwa Autonomous community) thanked the executives that came to inaugurate the new zone and also assured them that new zones would follow suit and that he would do everything humanly possible to ensure that IPOB and the gospel for the restoration of Biafra spreads to all parts of Oke Ala Ngwa.

The closing prayer was said by Mrs. Anabogu Ochacha (A veteran), and everyone departed to their various homes filled with joy.

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