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Biafra: IPOB blast Nigerian Judiciary, Slams Binta the Sharia Judge

It is important for Biafrans both home and in the diaspora including friends and enemies of Biafra to join our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu via radio Biafra on Saturday 6, April 2019, at 7pm Biafraland Time for forensic analysis on the most corrupt, injudicious and evil judiciary on earth. You are also advised to bring your pen, paper and a copy of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution, this is to enable you learn and comprehend how judges aid impunity through their courts in Nigeria.

It is advisable for every regular listener, potential listener of radio Biafra, particularly Biafran and non-Biafran alike to acquaint themselves with this  document- the 1999 Nigerian Constitution or have a copy nearby for reference on Saturday because a lot judicial practices that are outrightly against this most seperior and governing document in Nigeria will be laid bare completely for the world to see.

After this program on Saturday, it will become clear why Nigerians are rightly termed as people in living a jungle not just a zoo. Nigerian judiciary which is often touted as the last hope of the common man has turned into a nightmare for those unjustly singled out by the state for persecution. In an era of Boko Haram atrocities and costly rehabilitation and incorporation into the Nigerian Army, unarmed law abiding IPOB family members are still being illegally detained and executed at will by Fulani dominated Nigerian security forces.

The judiciary in Nigeria represent the interest of the cabal running Aso Rock and not the common man. Judges now use court rooms to complete illegal and dastardly  assignments given to them by the  presidency. How can one describe the court ruling on Adeleke in respect of Osun governorship elections while Jubril representing the dead Buhari never tendered any WAEC certificate to date. What type of judiciary and country can allow such blatant double standards if not Nigeria. We feel pity for decent folks who are forced to endure all these in Nigeria. The civilised world must not keep quiet about this barbaric and judicial rascality that pervades the justice system in Nigeria.

What  Nigerian judges like Binta Nyako, John Tsoho and the rest of pro Sharia judges are doing in Nigeria will be laid bare for the world to see on Saturday. The world must be placed on notice that Nigeria is not practising the common law legal system anchored on written laws but rather is operating a quasi Islamic Sharia law in Nigeria. What they have in Nigeria is the crudest form of cash and carry justice system that is certifiably worse that the cabalistic executive in Aso Rock.




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