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IPOB inaugurates a new Family in Ukwa West

It was a great day in Ukwa West, Abia State, today, 5th March, 2019 as IPOB inaugurated a new "family" in the area.

Representing IPOB leadership, the Biafra land women leader was live to inaugurate the new IPOB family in Palace road, Obuzor Asa in Ukwa West Local Government Area.

The meeting and Inauguration which started at exactly 1pm, was ushered in by an opening prayer said by Pastor Chukwuma, he prayed for the success of the inauguration and also committed the members of IPOB into the hands of God and everyone echoed amen to the prayer.
Some of the IPOB principle officers who came for the inauguration were the Biafra Land women leader, Uzoamaka Ejezie,  Mama Biafra as she is fondly called by everyone, Mrs. Okpara Eke and Mrs Juliet Nwaiwu who came alongside Mama Biafra.

Other IPOB principle officers from Obigbo in Porthacourt (Igweocha) who graced the occasion include the Obigbo Local government coordinator Prince Onyemachukwu Isaac, Dr. Uzoma, Mazi Obinna Ikoro, Mrs. Imah Rose Chidinma and Mrs Glory Emeka.

The Inauguration also featured Mazi Francis Okoro the Obuzor  zonal coordinator, Mazi Friday Adiele the Obuzor deputy zonal coordinator, Pastor Chukwuma, Mazi Emmanuel Ogbonna, Mazi Mike Ojukwu, Mrs Esther Okoro who isthe zonal, Mazi Okoro Oguguo the zonal treasurer, Mazi Samuel Akpan, Elder Philipp and many others .

Mama who came for the official inauguration of the zone started her speech by recognising everyone present for the inauguration, she said, “I want to thank you all for coming out in your numbers to witness this inauguration today, we are here to keep the ball rolling and I want this to continue all over Biafra land and as we inaugurate this zone today I want you all to move into other villages in Asa and beyond and open more IPOB families, make sure you saturate Asa with Biafra and IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu”. She also added “don’t discriminate, if someone from Akwa Ibom or other Biafran states lives in Obuzor he or she is allowed to join any IPOB family here in Obuzor, Asa. Don’t allow politicians to divide us or entice you with their fake promises and fraudulently acquired wealth. Stay out of trouble because IPOB does not look for trouble.

"Never you fear anyone such as the Nigerian Army, Police, DSS and so on, working against the restoration of Biafra and displaying their inane behaviour  because they cannot stop Biafra since it’s a project ordained from above".

Meanwhile, the Inauguration commenced as she called out those that were appointed by the members of the zone to lead them under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and said
“ Today, we are inaugurating the IPOB family Palace road zone, Obuzor here in Asa, Ukwa East Local Government in Biafra land, we are inaugurating you today to have the strength of God, the strength of Chukwuokike Abiama. Your eyes should be open, your mouth should speak the truth. Only the truth and nothing but the truth. You should not go against IPOB ethics, we have our behaviour, we don’t work for money neither do we look for money but money looks for us, nobody should entice you with money and because of money you leave IPOB and join Nigerian politics, No! You have to choose one, if you belong to any political party please go to your party and leave IPOB alone and don’t use us to go and buy favour from them.

She went on to say, "Someone once came to me and said APGA is same as Biafra but I responded NO to the person and told the person that the so called APGA is a political party in Nigeria that wants to be relevant in Nigeria and has nothing to do with Biafra, so don’t be deceived by any miscreant that comes to you as a politician in the name of voting for him or her to continue looting and killing dreams of the younger generation.

“We are IPOB - Indigenous people of Biafra and not a political party, we want to be free, we want to go, we want to be on our own and have our independent nation, Biafra”.

She went on to say, “Don’t take any gift such as money, food, in fact anything from Politicians and come here to parade as an IPOB member maka n’onye tara amu ebule ji ibii ugwo” that’s “he that eats the penis of a sheep(male) is prone to scrotum disease”..Don’t say it’s our money and go ahead and take the gift that will end up frustrating your life, resist these evil men and women called Nigerian politicians and their gifts.

"You must be very upright if you are out for the restoration of Biafra, concentrate on it and don’t derail but if you still think that Nigeria is good for you, leave IPOB alone and remain a slave for life.

"As we inaugurate this family today may God Almighty strengthen you all and release the spirit of love, peace and unity into your lives", she said while handing over some documents which include; Biafra anthem, United Nations declaration on the rights of the Indigenous people and some other documents which she explained to them what they are used for, enjoining them to work together as one and never derail from the directives of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is the supreme leader of IPOB and the director of radio Biafra and Biafra television.

Mazi Prince Sunday Onyemachukwu also advised the new IPOB family and officers to remain strong and never fear because challenges must come.

“You just started, be strong...Make sure you always stick to Radio Biafra to get the necessary information you need".

He concluded by saying “Nigeria fears these two names Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, so don’t feel scared of propagating the gospel of restoration.

Dr. Uzoma also prayed that God would strengthen them to do the work, encouraging them to spread the gospel of restoration regardless of where they are.

Mrs Nwaiwu the assistant Secretary to Abia State IPOB women called on all women in the zone to wake from slumber and face the reality to ensure that their children get to know more about Biafra. She encouraged them to join in the restoration project for a better future, encouraging them to talk about Biafra even in their market places and places of work to make sure no stone is left unturned.

Mrs. Okapara Eke, the welfare officer to Abia state IPOB women also commended the members of the zone for taking the bold step to ensure Biafra is restored soonest.

Finally, Mazi Francis Okoro the coordinator of the newly inaugurated zone and his executives thanked the Biafra land women leader and many other dignitaries for honouring their invitation, promising never to go back and prayed that God would grant them safe trip back to their various destinations.

Several questions were asked by members of the new IPOB family which the principle officers present attended to, making sure no question remained unanswered. And they said the closing prayer and everyone went back to their various destinations.
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