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Biafrans, Don't Be Discouraged, Our Restoration is at Hand!

 written by Comr Felix C Onyemachi

I watched a local football match in a school playing ground. As I sat down, I asked one of the boys what the score was.

With a smile, he replied; "They are leading us 3-0" !

And I said, REALLY!!

I have to say you don't look discouraged.

"Discouraged?" the boy asked with a puzzled look ...

Why should I be discouraged when the referee has not blown the final whistle?

I have confidence in the team and the managers; We shall definitely overcome!

Truly, the match ended 5-4 in favor of the boy's team!

He waved at me gently, with a beautiful smile as he left; I was amazed, mouth wide open; Such confidence; Such beautiful faith;

As I got back home that night, his question kept coming back to me:
"Why should I be discouraged when the referee has not blown the final whistle?"

Life is like a game.

Biafrans, Why should we be discouraged when The Almighty God is our manager? Why should we be discouraged, when there's still life? Why should we be discouraged when our final whistle has not sounded? The truth is that many people blow the final whistle themselves;

But as long as there is life, nothing is impossible and it is never too late for Biafra to be realised.

Half time is not full time and HIS calendar for your life is not man's calendar.

Don't blow the whistle yourself.


With Chiukwu Okike Abiama, all things are still possible!"

 Everyday is a fresh start with potentials. .. keep the faith.... keep on believing in Chiukwu Okike Abiama . Enjoy your day.

God bless Biafra!
God bless Nnamdi Kanu!
God bless IPOB!

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