‘It's the real me!’ Nigerian president denies impostor charge… but isn’t that what a clone would do?

Published December 03, 2018 | 11:47 CET

An attempt by Nigeria’s president to reassure his countrymen that he is alive, and wasn’t replaced by an impostor during a long medical leave, failed to convince everyone because that’s exactly what a clone would say, isn’t it?
Rumors of a double or a clone ruling the country instead of President Muhammadu Buhari have plagued the minds of Nigerians for roughly a year ever since the 75-year-old returned from his medical treatments in the UK, looking all reborn.
When publicly confronted and asked if he was an impostor by a member of the Nigerian community in Poland, Buhari finally addressed the rumors, slamming them as irresponsible, but reassuring the audience he was the real deal.
It’s the real me, l assure you.
Yet such a direct but seemingly prepared answer managed to convince just a few of his Twitter followers, who noted that only a genuine impostor would answer that question this way.
Conspiracy theories about the president sprouted like mushrooms after Buhari took a number of trips to the UK last year to seek medical treatment for an undisclosed malady. While the presidency repeatedly rejected rumors that the head of state was terminally ill or dead, failure to disclose his illness prompted rumors that the president could have been cloned. Another rumor suggests that the top seat is currently occupied by an impostor, namely an imaginative Jibril Aminu of Sudan.
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