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          Poetic Justice: Biafra Will Rise Again

Poet:  Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Mortal men against God's wish
And with impunity play they fetish
To mar her emergence
Already sanctioned by Providence.
Often, humans dreams are quashed,
Often, public funds get squashed,
Often, talents are wasted
All to stop her,
All to stall her.

But shall men of this fake nation,
Shall the rogues in the contraption,
They that are involved in dictatorship,
Who hold the mantle of leadership,
Who detect for Nigerians,
Shall they ever understand,
That God's will
Shall always come to pass?
But so myopic are they to see,
Too blind to even see
The writing,
As it's on the wall clearly written
That Biafra is rising,
Biafra is coming,
The process already in play
And it's here to stay.

The vultures in Parliament,
With their involvements
And their evil commitments,
In a bid to stop thee,
They in politics play dirty,
And they steal,
And they kill,
And in power put they a moron,
A brain dead moron,
As fake as plank
And his mind so blank
But when dead and gone,
A cloned sits back on the throne.
His name is Jubril
And they never care how you feel.

All their plans
Are to deceive
And to make you not to believe
The truth Nnamdi Kanu preaches
And the history he teaches,
The one whom God has sent forth
To liberate his own people.

Little did they know
Frenemies and foes,
Like a foetus
Which has taken a form,
That Biafra will come
And no dark powers will stop her
No evil ever will destroy her
For this Kingdom of God
Must come to be
And Chiukwu the Almighty
Shall take all the glory.

Let me rephrase it
Believe it
Or not believe it,
Biafra will come!
Again shall rise
With her full glory
And with her beauty,
And to an end put these atrocities
Prevalent in our land,
And restore peace to motherland,
To Africa,
And to the entire humanity.

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