Nigeria, Forged Country, Forged President with Forged Certificate

    Published Monday, November 05, 2018 | 21:53 CET
WAEC awards Buhari with fake certificate

Author: Christian Nwosu
for IPOB Writers

General Muhammadu Buhari was APC presidential flag bearer during the 2015 Nigeria election. During that electioneering campaign, the then PDP presidential candidate, Dr Goodluck Jonathan raised alarm over the academic qualification of Buhari. The issue heated up the polity. INEC, being the body saddled with the responsibility to not only conduct election, but also constitutionally declare "qualified" or "unqualified". INEC could not disqualify Buhari due to the fact that the composition of INEC board is pro-Buhari and APC.

The northern Fulani cabal whose aim was to unseat President Jonathan turned blind eye to the issue of Buhari certificate saga. When the matter became so serious, the Nigeria army denied having Buhari certificate with them as he( Buhari) claimed.

According to the Nigerian army " neither the original copy, certified True copy nor statement of result of Major General Muhammadu Buhari's WASSCE result is in his personal file". This statement implies that Buhari had no WAEC certificate when he contested and fraudulently won in 2015.

The question begging for an answer is: where did the fake president Buhari get the WAEC certificate he now claims to have? Ok, they told us that Abuja WAEC board recently issued him a certificate. This news is a question which begs for its own answer on whether Buhari sat for WAEC examination between 2015 he won election without certificate and 2018 Jubril from Sudan is impersonating him to contest Nigeria presidential election?
Another pertinent question I am asking the West African Examination Council is: why was Buhari not issued this certificate in 2015 if he actually sat for the exam in 1961 as he claims now? The truth is that Jonathan was in power then, and the Abuja WAEC board could not dare fraudulently issue the then Buhari a certificate. So it is easier for them now that APC is in power.

It is no longer news that the international executive board of WAEC is already in a meeting in Ghana discussing the recently issued WAEC certificate to the impostor Jubril Buhari by the Abuja office.
This meeting is a clear sign that everything is wrong with the process of issuing the certificate, the certificate itself and the office that issued Sudanese Jubril impersonating Buhari in Aso rock a fake and fraudulent WAEC result.

I, therefore, call on the countries that made up WAEC board to condemn this uncivilised act, and defend the integrity of WAEC by suspending the Nigerian officials of the body and withdraw that certificate without further delay. If this is not done urgently, then WAEC would stand the chance of losing her regional and international respect and recognition in the academic world.

The board also have the moral obligation to investigate the issuing of the fake certificate to a fake person in a fake country called Nigeria. The culprits should be arrested and internationally prosecuted and should be jailed if found guilty. This remains the only means to redeem WAEC image damaged by her Nigerian officials in Abuja office.

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