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The Irrelevance of Ohaneze, South East Governors on Biafra Restoration

Proscribed ohaneze Ndigbo and South East Governors

By Nana Victor Maxwell Odum

From time Immemorial, the Biafra Restoration has faced huge problems of Sabotage within Biafra land as a whole, and this has compelled IPOB into working assiduously in making sure that all the Saboteurs are fished out and paid back in their own very coin. However, some groups of Saboteurs have decided to make themselves known to Biafra and Biafrans throughout Biafra Land.

Such Groups are Ohanaeze/South East Governors. These bands of Unrepentant Renegades have beyond every reasonable doubts, shown that they are nothing but Enemies of Biafra, Biafrans and Biafra Restoration, not only by their words but also by their actions towards Biafrans and Biafra Restoration which have automatically made them totally irrelevant, useless, null and void to Biafra and Biafrans all over Biafra Land.

Ohanaeze and South East Governors have done little or nothing for the Biafrans but have rather sold the interest of their own people to their Fulani Feudal Lords and Stooges for crumbs on the floor. These Betrayers and Back Stabbers have aided the Hausa/Fulani Empire in the killings of their own kiths and kin and have been working tirelessly in making sure that Biafrans Remain Enslaved in the Contraption called Nigeria. They (Ohanaeze/South East Govs) masterminded the Invasion and the abduction of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu and His Parents in Afara Ukwu Ibeku, Umuahia, Biafra Land.

These Saboteurs known as Ohanaeze/South East Govs think that they control Biafraland and also feel that they are relevant to Biafrans but little do they know that the Biafran Masses have Chosen IPOB Over them, which has rendered them totally irrelevant to Biafra and Biafrans all over Biafra Land. Everyone in their  Rightful Senses knows how formidable IPOB is and also knows that Indigenous People Of Biafra {IPOB} are the owners and also the Controllers of Biafraland as a Whole.

IPOB have proven Beyond reasonable Doubts that they are the true owners and Controllers of Biafra Land with their numerous remarkable deeds throughout Biafra Land and also in the Diaspora which made the Biafrans choose IPOB as the Only Spokesperson of Biafra Related Issues in Biafra Land and all over the World.

IPOB is the only Group that calls the Shot in Biafra Land as a whole, not Ohanaeze nor the South East Governors. For example, IPOB Declared September 14 as Saboteurs Day and there was a Total Compliance By Biafrans all over Biafra Land. This simply means that Ohanaeze/SouthEast Governors have little or no relevance to Biafra and Biafrans, therefore, paving way for IPOB to Proscribe them.

Following the Proscription of Ohanaeze/South East Governors, their little relevance on Biafrans has been totally washed off because such Proscribed Groups can never stand nor speak for IPOB or Biafrans all over Biafraland.

I, therefore, call upon the International Community to try as much as possible to disregard this Proscribed Groups known as Ohanaeze/South East Governors because they have no say in Biafra Related Issues; the Only Group that has the right to speak for Biafrans is the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). I also call on the International Community to Deal directly with IPOB as they are the only relevant and accepted Spokesperson of Biafra and Biafrans all over the World on any Biafra Related Issues.

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