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Poetic Justice: Biafra, My People Strong And Mighty

Published Friday 12/10/18 at 15:11 by @Uchechi Collins

By Udochukwu Ikenyirimba Marcon

A poem, a poem in honour of Biafran veterans, to honour the immortalized ones, those who are Brave, those who turn not away from battle: the relentless, the fearless, and the resilient!!!

In the face of battle they are heroes! they never back down, I am among them, I fight in their midst, we destroy all horns of unrighteousness, and pull down every tyranny of men, the stronghold of the uncircumcised is penetrated, and its arsenal is destroyed....

Do you think Biafrans have one Nnamdi Kanu? No! Biafrans have millions of Kanu, millions of Ojukwu, heroes upon heroes, myriad upon myriads, thousands upon thousands, who draw the swords of truth.

These are men born in the face of battle, they are weapons, they are blitzkriegs,  they are global arsenal, they fear not the sword of the uncircumcised, real heroes of the ancient time, mighty men of war,  the glory of the house of Isreal is found in them.

Have you not heard , have you not read before, they are called the Mighty men of David, men who descend into the pit to hunt lion and Python,

Josheb-Basshebeth, theTahkemonite, is counted among them,  he raised his spear against eight hundred men, whom he killed in one encounter.

Abishai the brother of Joab son of Zeruiah is counted among them. He raised his spear against three hundred men and killed them, go and read 2samuel 22, you will discover that this mighty man are not a made-up story but are real

Biafrans are like the ones who break through the stronghold of the uncircumcised and draw the living water of justice. Don't you think, that the issue of the zoological republic is a child play? it is mere chess game..

IPOB have sworn, they have vowed, to destroy Nigeria, not only destroy Nigeria, but to Obliterate it from the history book, No one will remember Nigeria, it will become a modern ruin, the past presidency will by no means be remembered neither will there be a current minister ..

Nigeria, Nigeria, a country of lies, empire of injustices, throne of Lucifer, before I open my eye you are gone, you will descend into the abyssal of Bermuda triangle, Nigeria will fly away like the Malaysian air flight of 2014, it will be soon forgotten..

Biafrans are brave, the heroes of Biafra shall ever be honoured under this sun. Have you read , have you not heard about major Ekwedike, a Biafran who was part of the Nigeria Soldier before the war, but when Nigerian Soldier took the war to his people, he swore, over his body, to deal with Nigeria? He fought back even in the midst of shellings and bombing targeted towards him, he killed millions and thousands by his bravity, he ran down to Uzuakoli to chase the Enemy away, the war in Uzuakoli was at the peak of battle, he became the bomb, he fought all side, the enemy trembled, finally he rested, the war became more intense, thousands of Biafrans fought for his body, they said it must not be captured by the uncircumcised ones, because Ekwedike is a hero..

Ask Obasanjo, the Yoruba boy, he will tell you the bravity of Biafrans, this general Obasanjo came to Umuahia to fight, he met fierce Biafrans and started to run, and they shot him at the butt, he was carried away, he must have vowed not to fight Biafrans anymore..

All praise to Ojukwu, he was a man raised up by God to deliver his people, he told them, no nation in the world can defeat Biafra, Nigeria fought and saw, they came and saw, the world equipped them with everything but they could not defeat Biafra...

Ask Professor Wole Soyinka, a Yorubalist, he will tell you that no Nation on earth can defeat Biafra, and he said the Idealogy of Biafrans is indomitable, it is heroic, that is why the world must seek Biafra peace..

We are not afraid of threat, because we are victory monsters, we kill even the gorillas of Amazon, the Australian python is our mere meat, the levethian of the seas is our bread , because we are the giants of all giants, a people strong and mighty..

IPOB is the special ones, the special squad reserved for this time, they move in unity, they break not their rank, BUHARI is too small for them in my opinion, because they terrify all, not one person can stand them.

Have you not watch the video of their protest, I had, take your seat let me tell you their exploit, they pass through the garrison of Army, the joint military check point without weapons, and they trembled not, the military shot at them face to face, and they trembled not, but it is only fear that caused their enemy to run because they had not seen them before...

IPOB are the monsters of victory, they spare not lies, they are very educated, talented, fearless, tactical, one blow to Nigeria, Nigeria will be gone..

Fear is building up, tension is rising, nobody knew what they can do, just because they appears in uniform the military trembled..

Just because IPOB was found in black uniform, there become a general meeting to tackle  them, but they had been existing before now, but I can see the fear on the enemy's eye, he is afraid, the enemy is by all means afraid of IPOB, because she appears very strong, mighty and undefeatable....

IPOB is the greater one, there is none like them, one blow, you are gone, so pay your homage to them...

I respect them for their bravely, I respect them for their indomitableness, when the heat becomes strong, they appear more powerful..

They are now called the champion of Biafra, nobody can stop them, have you not heard how they marched in unity and terrify their enemy...

Wait let me speak, let me tell you about this people, I am not a member of IPOB but I have studied them, I have seen them with my naked eye but words cannot describe how they love their country Biafra, they are mad about it. Tremble all you mortals, for where IPOB IS, there is victory and Salvation..

We are all Biafrans, we are relentless, and we are fearless....

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