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Election Boycott: PVC, Ekiti, Osun Polls - Comparative Analysis

- PVC obviously not your ticket to freedom

Former Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose after being attacked by APC thugs during election in his state

Written by: Comr. Alex C. Okeke
For: IPOB Writers

The essence of this column is both to insult some unscrupulous intellectual dwarfs, who have taken it upon themselves to keep defending the drowning ship called Nigeria in the face of many daunting malfeasances, the very epitome of travesty on Nationhood - the archetype of failure and attenuation of potentials. And to remind them of the undeniably flawed outcomes of their over the vaunted campaign of "Go-Get-Ur-PVC" in their uncalculated thesis of (PVC) as the only assurance of getting Buhari out of power come 2019. These very bands of charlatans and global jokes, took it as a burden upon themselves to ridicule the raging campaign of "NO-Election-In-Biafraland" as championed by the Nnamdi Kanu-IPOB's large cult of activists, the very success of which was visited with the desperation that saw the trounced federal government of Nigeria, reinstating the sitting governor, Williams Obiano, as the governor of Anambra state. This to the federal government of Nigeria was a soft landing to avert the global ridicule such a massive 'BOYCOTT' that visited Anambra would do them in the comity of Nations.

The massive manipulation that visited Ekiti state gubernatorial elections came and left the airwaves as usual, without a word or a little action from the flanks of all the 'PROPONENTS' of GO-GET-UR-PVC! How ridiculous this may sound, considering all the many dramatic and semantics that almost set the Mark Zuckerberg's manipulated airspace and other Internet communication channels ablaze! Any confabulation on the PVC and election BOYCOTT party was always an array of semantical and grammatical cynosure!

Now, the PVC proponents have been proven wrong yet again, with the recent broad-day dupery, which saw the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), sway all votes their way in Osun state! Everywhere is alive with the chant 'it has been rigged' with No one raising a hand to do a thing, in a system that is filled with very dictatorial head and cabals.

There's no doubt the presence of an air and aura of despicable despondency in the land! But, is that the solution to a system that swears by all means possible to sustain mediocrity and repression against the vulnerable populace? Nigerian is a drowned system with drowned citizens!  What you get when a country of the unconcerned is led by the unqualified is this sustenance of ridiculous mass stupidity, illiteracy and imbecility, and docility!  The political frontiers have gone the length of buying the conscience of the very hungry and despair-laden citizens, with the money owned by same citizens! A country drawn on the part of flawed political culture is bound to keep failing. The citizenry have a very laughable political culture, that makes them very easily predictable! The common knowledge among the so-called elites is "Our Money Can Buy Us Victory"

Osun state gubernatorial election has been rigged! What next? Mr 'Go-Get-Ur-PVC, what other plans do you have in the setting of a system sustained in a conspiracy of mediocrity? Where are the PVC campaigners??  The indigenous people of Biafra, (IPOB), which is the mouthpiece of the people of old Eastern Nigeria or Biafra, have at this point won once again! Boycott in Osun would have saved them this burden of lamentation over the rigging of the just stolen mandate of the people! What shall they do? Maybe seek redress as advised by the ruling APC, in same court being manipulated by the criminal ruling class? This is most laughable!

I at times ponder and wonder upon how the setting of the minds of ordinary Nigerians happens? What informs the sense of judgement of a Nigerian is and remains a mystery too hard to decode!  A people with very abysmal and lethargic reactions and idiosyncrasies to things actually affect them directly! A people configured to have No traceable sense of self-pride and collective resistance!  Ow! How blind can be such a Nation? A people ladened with no iota of a sense of sacrifice for genuine course! That is who Nigerians are!

The wailers are grouping in their keyboard companies as I write! They talk down genuine course with No alternative plan! In fact I am left with No option but say 'Sai Baba' because Nigerians obviously have nothing to do in order to reorder their circumstances! The best advice to any conditioned 'One-Nigerianist' is pray for the strength to bear the burden of a Buhari for the next four years knowing that the mock manipulation and test of rigging unveiled so far from Ekiti to Osun state, shall have a national dimensions by next year's general elections should Nigeria tarry, God-Forbid bad thing!

I am left with No choice but tell the PVC campaigners, SORRY!, seeing that they have all been proven to be stupendous 'itibolibos' (illiterates)! Election Boycott by IPOB remains the only remedy to all the maladies bedeviling the evil forest nicknamed Nigeria.  Election 'BOYCOTT to the organized civilian population of the indigenous people of Biafra, shall birth an independence referendum, and to the remnants of what is today called Nigeria, it might birth a massive political Reformation, which shall transcend into:
1) A new political culture
2)A patriotism
3)A new definition to Nationalism
4)A nation of genuine competitors
5)A nation of technocrats that shall compete with Biafrans and the World at large
6)A nation that shall replace the ravening national envy and jealousy against succeeding Biafrans into real self-realization to pursue growth and stability

While Biafrans must have gone free to harness and develop their God-given multi-talents, Nigerians on their own parts shall be striving to match-up and be up and doing like the ever hardworking Biafrans.

A rejoinder to this shall follow shortly as the polity unfolds, keep tabs on

Alex is a genuine Comrade of the peaceful BIAFRAN Restoration Campaign under the great IPOB

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